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We are preparing to launch the beta test of the new eFed Rankings here on eWmania. For this effort, we are requiring that the fed head/owner(s) of the efeds included provide their consent as rankings are subjective.

We will lump feds into different categories such as Roleplay/Weekly, Angle/bi-weekly, and so on to rank individually. We will also have an overall ranking that includes all feds.

Each fed will then be tracked, and their placement determined by a point system currently in development. While we do not have the exact system complete yet, it will be something along the lines of:

Show Released on Show Date: +X Points
Show Released Late: - X points per day
All participants roleplayed for show: + X Points
No shows: -X points per no show
News Update posted on fed site/forum: +X Points

On a predetermined day these will be calculated and a new list will be released in order of rank. We will also present eFed of the Month and such, which will add additional points.

To opt in to this, please provide the following information to

Your Name:
Role in fed (Owner/GM/Etc):
Way to Contact you:
Fed Name:
Fed URL:
Fed Twitter (If Applicable):
Fed Discord (If Applicable):
Length of time fed open:
Type of fed (Roleplay, Angle, Hybrid, Etc):
Fed Show Day(s):
Show Frequency (Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc):
Other important information we should know:

That's it! Once we have a good number of initial feds, we will begin.

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The Efed Podcast Episide 15 is Now Live on eWmania

Posted by eWm on Feb 17, 2020

Episode 15 of The Efed Podcast can now be streamed through the audio player right here on eWmania! While we want you to listen to it casually through us, make sure you're also hitting their other sites and liking/subscribing/following. Show your support for The Efed Podcast!

Also on YouTube, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, Android, and Google Play!

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