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EVENT AIRED: Feb 9, 2020

Unleashed #70

Episode #70
Live from the Wicomico Civic Center, Salisbury, MD
The HYBRID Unleashed Logo flashes on the screen and a shot of the outside of the arena panning around is shown. After the arena is shown the camera shifts to the inside of the arena the camera moves to the inside of the arena and a shot of the fans in attendance. Some sporting shirts of their favorite HYBRID stars. The camera pans some of the signs including one for "Kayla Grand Championship quest-0-2" And "SCREW YOU KENZIE!" and finally "Ganja Goddess!"
Before the feed is sent to the ringside area and the announcers Brianna walks through the curtain to cheer from the capacity crowd. She comes to a stop beside a large lottery ball machine sitting on the side of the stage with a microphone in her hand.

Harrison Knoble: Welcome once and all to the seventieth episode of Unleashed!

Thomas Ives: And we are joined by Brianna Summers!

Harrison Knoble: I just wanna know what's in the Machine! What's in the Machine?!


Felice Jagger:

Thomas Ives:What?!

Felice Jagger: I agree with her. Just no.

Brianna Summers: Well ladies and gentlemen, i bet you are all wondering what, exactly, this big old lottery ball roller is for. Well! I've decided that with only one Unleashed left until we have our next live event that we need challengers for Angel Kashes Fusion Championship!


Thomas Ives: We do indeed!


Harrison Knoble: And puts Angels title reign in jeapordy once again.


Felice Jagger: I don't see why she even needs to defend her title! We are blessed to even have her as a champion!

Thomas Ives: Do you even hear yourself Felice?!

Harrison Knoble: I think she drifts in and out.

Brianna Summers: As you all know, the Fusion Title is a Multi-Person title and must be defended agianst multiple opponents. Inside this lottery machine to my right is the names of every Unleashed Superstar who is not either A. Already a Champion or B. Facing a champion already!


Felice Jagger: That's a whole lot of possibilities!


Thomas Ives: She seems to be over Angel having to defend her title.

Harrison Knoble: Well, as we said she does tend to drift in and out.


Brianna Summers: And the first participent is....


Brianna reaches into the little jug and withdraws a ball.


Brianna Summers: ....Is the Demon Knight Zachary Sears!


Thomas Ives: Zachary Sears fresh off his mission with the Children and now into a title shot!

Harrison Knoble: And so far he's got to be the favorite. Angels never faced anything like him before and he was just in a war. You know he's hungry.

Felice Jagger: Hungry and then some.


She reaches in a second time and grabs a second ball.

Brianna Summers: And the second person in the match challenging for the Fusion Title is....The Enigma...CODA!

Thomas Ives: First Zachary Sears and now Coda! Wow!

Harrison Knoble: Kayla and Coda could both be champions!

Felice Jagger: That is a horrible thought.


She reaches in a third and final time removing the final ball.

Brianna Summers: And the final person in the match challenging for the Fusion Title is....Casanova English!

Thomas Ives: The Casanova, The Demon Knight and Coda!

Harrison Knoble: Angel may be in trouble.

Felice Jagger: I...actually agree with you. Angel may be in trouble...


Brianna wished the crowd a happy show and returned back through the curtain.

Match #1: Singles / One Fall
Marissa Hunter Vs Lluvia Cane

Lluvia and Marissa start the match with dueling "Behold the Kingdom" and "Marissa Hunter" chants. Lluvia gives a little twirl while Marissa poses before the two lock up to a cheer from the crowd. The two women jockey for position before Marissa pulls Lluvia into a headlock. Cane backs up into the ropes and then comes off the ropes shoving Marissa off her and into the ropes. Hunter comes off the ropes and throws a clothesline that Lluvia ducks. She continues across the ring, comes off the ropes and smacks a dropkick from Lluvia to the side. Lluvia hits the mat and begins to pop back up when Marissa drops into a snap dropkick that takes the brunette in the face.

Marissa pops up and pulls Lluvia up by the hair. She lifts her into a suplex and floats into a cover getting a one count before Cane kicks out. She gets to her feet and pulls Lluvia up by the hair whipping her into the corner. Hunter comes in after her and hits a diving clothesline that stuns the brunette. Hunter heads back across the ring to the other corner and comes back in for a springing back elbow but Lluvia explodes out of the corner connecting a forearm into the back of the head sending Marissa hard to the mat.

Lluvia leans back on the corner for a few moments holding her chest from the clothesline before coming out and putting the boots to Marissa. After the sixth or seventh kick, Lluvia pulls Marissa up by the hair and whips her into the ropes. Cane turns and hits the ropes meeting the blonde in the center of the ring with a huge spear that sends Marissa to the mat.

Lluvia slowly gets to her feet and moves to the corner where she climbs the turnbuckles. Perching on the top she pauses watching Marissa on her back on the mat. She pushes herself up to her feet and launches herself off with a Swanton that takes Hunter in the chest. Cane slides back across the ring and throws her arm into the cover getting a two count of her own before Marissa kicks out.

Lluvia pulls herself up to a knee panting from the impact of the Truth and Greif. After catching her breath she pulls Marissa up by the hair and Marissa throws an elbow out taking the brunette in the gut. Hunter hits a second elbow and then a third but before she can get to her feet Lluvia throws a forearm down into her shoulders blades bowing Marissa. Lluvia hits a second forearm and then a third before turning and hitting the ropes. Marissa throws a clothesline as she comes off the ropes but Lluvia ducks behind it grab her head and drop her into a neck breaker hard to the mat.

Lluvia drops into the cover and gets a two count before Marissa kicks out. She gets to her feet and whips Marissa into the corner, coming in full speed behind her. Just before Marissa hit the corner she glanced behind her and saw Lluvia coming in. Hunter actually runs up the turnbuckles and throws herself off catching Lluvia with a cutter that drives her into the mat.

Marissa rolls her onto her back and hooks the leg for the three count and the win.

Deacon Edwards: Here is your winner...Marissa Hunter!

Felice Jagger: And of course she just had to go and ruin the Kingdom's special night!

Thomas Ives: Yes she did and just like that Marissa is back in the win column!

Felice Jagger: I don't like it!

Harrison Knoble: Good thing Marissa doesn't care!

Breaking point

Marissa jumps up onto the turnbuckle and raises her arms in victory as Hurricane hits the Pa System. A big smile on the blondes face while Lluvia rolls out to the floor and heads to the best with her head high. She'd get um next time.

Thomas Ives: Look at the pure joy of competition. That is why these fans resonate with Marissa Hunter!

Felice Jagger: I care more about what's coming down now!

Harrison Knoble: Oh, your kidding me?!

As Felice had excitedly said Killer Carter appeared through the curtian, shoving Lluvia Cane out of her way as she sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring. Marissa never sees her, but perhaps the boos tipped her off. When Carter came in to drive a clubbing blow into her spine Marissa jumps up off the turnbuckle causing Carter to slam into it. Hunter comes down behind her and spins the brute around by the arm laying into her with hard right hand after hard right hand.

Thomas Ives: There we go! Get her Marissa!

Felice Jagger: Oh, you had better not let this bubbly little girl get the best of you!

Harrison Knoble: Marissa is taking her to the wood shed!

Marissa stays on her but Carter begins to fight her way out, backing Marissa out of the corner with a few vicious right hands of her own. Hunter ducks under a right hand and hits the ropes, coming off with a forearm to the mouth sending Carter back into the ropes. She turns and hits the ropes again, coming back and driving a clothesline that sends Carter toppling over the ropes. Carter crashes to the floor while Marissa mounts the ropes and leans down over her taunting.

Thomas Ives: Marissa Hunter! Sending a hell of a message tonight!

Felice Jagger: It won't matter! Once Carter gets her hands on the woman it's game over!

Harrison Knoble: Marissa is telling her and the world that she's ready!



A Princess's home

We cut backstage to see HYBRID Fusion Champion, Angel Kash, making her way down the corridor, strutting along with a purpose and with her head held high. Various stagehands watch her as she passes them and she rolls her eyes as she can feel their stares on her.

Angel Kash: Yeah, I know I’m gorgeous but none of you uggos can possibly handle me!

She finally reaches her locker room and grabs the handle and pushes the door open and she is greeted with a room full of white roses. She slowly closes the door behind her as her mouth is agape as she looks around at all of the beautiful flowers surrounding her.

Angel Kash: White roses… my favorite…

Scanning the room, she then notices a gift wrapped gold box on her dressing table. She saunters over to it and opens it up and at first, she finds a note and picks it up to read it.

Angel Kash: For my Angel.

Angel smiles as she opens up the rest of the package and pulls out a gold dress, similar to the one that was ruined when Killer Carter and Marissa Hunter were having their scrap a few shows ago.

Angel Kash: Oh Sammuel… you sure know how to make me happy.

She places it over her body and admires herself in the full length mirror as we cut elsewhere, obviously oblivious to the events of earlier in the night.


The Cornbread Mafia Vs Bloody Fairytale
Match #2: Tag / One Fall
The bell sounds and Fire and Ice both rush Shawn Worley, sending him through the ropes as Fire hits a forearm smash and Ice hits a running knee to the midsection. Shawn tumbles through the ropes and goes to the floor. Cameron Worley runs over and knocks Ice down with a clothesline but Fire starts to throw punches on him in retaliation. Cameron fires back and the two trade shots, Fire, Cameron, Fire, Cameron, Fire, Cameron, Fire, Cameron, Fire, Cameron, Fire, Cameron, Fire, Cameron, Fire, Cameron. Ice gets to all fours behind him and Fire hits one last shot that knocks Cameron down as Ice trips him. Fire jumps up onto her partner and hits the Fire Starter (Shooting Star Press) onto Cameron.


Fire holds for the cover.

Shawn dives in to break up the pin.

Ice hooks Cameron up into the Icicle(Cattle Mutilation) while Fire starts to stop away on Shawn. The referee starts to warn both teams about not getting one member out of the ring. Fire shoves Shawn into the corner and then runs over for a basement dropkick on Cameron. Ice releases her hold and Fire gest to her feet. Ice stands up and they drag Cameron up, shooting him off the ropes. On the rebound they catch him for an Ice drop toehold and a Fire leg drop. Ice rolls out of the ring and Fire covers.

Cameron gets a shoulder up.

Ice steps into the ring and the two members of Bloody Fairytale drag Cameron up again. Just as before, they whip him off to the ropes. On the rebound, Ice gets a drop toehold, this time landing Cameron across the bottom rope. Fire follows with a reverse meteora. Ice rolls out and Fire covers.

Shawn makes the save.

Ice jumps into a springboard and goes for a clothesline. Shawn catches her, turns and hits the Blowout (Emerald Flowsion.) He drags her up as Fire starts for the corner. Shawn runs to the opposite ropes and comes back for the To’e Up From The Flo’e Up jawbreaker lariat. Ice goes down hard. Cameron staggers to his feet as Shawn jumps up to the top and stops Fire from being able to come off. She tries to fight with Shawn until Cameron jumps up and the Worley Brothers bring her down with Southern Pride (Spanish Fly)


Shawn rolls off while Cameron remains in place for the cover.




Thomas Ives: I can't believe it! The Mafia pull one out!

Felice Jagger: NO NO NO NO! I've had enough of these redneck idiots!

Harrison Knoble: What does this mean for BloodyFairytale if they win the titles? Do Cornbread get a shot?!


A Little Reunion Between Friends

Standing outside of the Wicomico Civic Center, Zachary Sears and Gael Marquez Lorca are indulging in a smoke break together. Despite the Salisbury weather being in the high 30’s, the Shotgun looks comfortable in his ring attire. The black leather jacket hangs from his shoulders and drapes around his bare upper body. In his right hand is his smartphone which is displaying a study of Morgan Payne’s most recent matches in and out of HYBRID Wrestling. He takes a drag from his cigarette before exhaling to the side.

Zachary Sears: She’s fast… und she’s definitely improved since her training misadventures vith zhis… Connor MacNamara. I believe zhere is another man. Van Owen?

From his lips flow a cloud of smoke. Gael raises his shoulder to display a noticeable ‘I-don’t-know.’ He tilts his head just a little past Zachary with a squint. Out from the darkness steps a small grouping of people. One of them rushes forward, hugging Zachary with enough force to almost knock him down. A familiar mane of red is the first tip-off as Melissa Reed peers up. A few steps away is none other than King J. He, too, is smoking, but he has the cigarette clenched between his teeth.

King J: Pre-match research?

Zachary Sears: Ja.

Once he’s able to gather himself, he looks to Melissa and smiles.

Zachary Sears: You seem to be in better spirits, mein Freund.

Melissa seems to almost flicker from real emotion to a subtle smirk. Something mysterious while giving his cheek a kiss. Gael reaches over in order to tickle Melissa’s sides in order to peel her off of his boyfriend. He hoists the beauty up. He whispers something into her ear causes the two to engage a very quiet conversation. The twenty-seven-year-old German man chuckles softly before he regards King J and… his Queen? The Aerial Reaper approaches the group as well, grinning all the while.

Aerial Reaper: Ya look well, boyo. How’ve ya been?

Zachary Sears: A little better vith each day. Right now, I’m trying to figure out zhis new… Morgan Payne. She’s my opponent tonight.

King J: Finally a normal ground to stand upon. Rather nice, eh? Rather nice, rather boring. Morgan Payne, eh? Worried or excited?

Quite the small bundle of questions. Zachary contemplates them for a brief moment.

Zachary Sears: Not exactly worried. More like… cautious. She bested me, Xaria, und many others in the battle royal for the championship briefcase. Morgan has become quite a threat in any division and any company she’s apart of.

An inquisitive look crosses the Reaper’s face before she smiles and wraps an arm around King J’s.

Aerial Reaper: Of course, of course! She’s one of th’ Kingdom and among th’ select few within th’ Collective. Better to be prepared.

Zachary Sears: Exactly, und…

He regards King J once again.

Zachary Sears: After everything I’ve been through in the last nine months, I like ze normal ground I’m standing on. I’ll take ‘nice and boring’ over zhat.

Casually, Zachary takes a drag of his cigarette. King J merely exhales out a cloud of smoke to almost block their view of one another. He nearly freezes in place before blinking to awaken himself.

King J: Over that, indeed. Don’t we all deserve and desire normal over… that? It’s why I retired from my old stripes… If you do need anything, though, we are only a phone call away.

Cheerful laughter booms from the duo as Gael wraps an arm around Zachary. Melissa takes her place next to Wendygo who remains rather quiet; very meek. Zachary looks to each Jester with a simple nod.

Zachary Sears: Danke. Ve appreciate it. Actually…

He looks towards Gael and a gentle smile crosses his face. Another drag, another exhale of smoke away from the others, and he allows the ring on his left ring finger to shimmer.

Zachary Sears: Ve don’t have an official date yet, but ve know our vedding shall be in ze Fall. Anything from the gift registry… or be creative. Just no crazy pranks.

King J: No pranks when it comes to such a day of celebration. I usually leave well enough alone outside of the ring…

Similiar to Melissa’s, King J displays a mysterious smirk— rather playful from the man. He tipped his head to the side in order to crack his neck.

King J: Congratulations, by the way. Well earned happiness in store for the both of you. Ehem, now if you’ll excuse us. I do have a few matches to watch. They’ve caught my eye.

With that, the Jester begins his way back inside of the building with the three in tow. Melissa gives one final wink and blows a kiss to her cherished friends. Zachary and Gael look to one another with raised eyebrows.

Gael Marquez Lorca: Huh… That was a little… odd, wasn’t it?

Zachary Sears: Maybe a little… I vill not question his methods. Let’s finish our cigarettes und get back inside, ja?

With a genuine smile, Zachary takes another drag of his cigarette. He and Gael watch the Jesters of Chaos go, seemingly content with everything.


Griffin Hawkins Vs Ricky Ray Robertson
Match #3: Single / One Fall

Ricky Ray and Griffin start the match with the Outlaw jawing at Hawkins trying to tell him that he and his partner had picked the wrong pony. Ricky continues to read Griffin the riot act until finally the rocker just snaps and lashes out with a right hand. Griffin hits a second right and then a third, each one rocking Ricky back toward the ropes. Griff leans into him and whips him across the ring only to eat a huge shoulder charge from the big Outlaw. Griffin hits the mat but pops back up only to eat another shoulder charge from Ricky Ray.

Ricky comes off the ropes as Hawkins gets to his feet but Griffin drops into a drop toe hold sending Ricky face-first into the mat. Griffin glances back at Ricky getting to his feet and takes off toward the ropes. Hawkins comes off the ropes and jumps into a leg lariat that takes Robertson clean in the face. Popping back up Griffin hits the ropes and connects with another leg lariat, each of them taking a bit out of the giant. Griffin breaks into a dance before dropping a leg drop across Ricky's throat. He hooks the leg and gets a two count before Robertson kicks out.

Griffin pushes himself to his feet and pulls Ricky up by the hair. When he gets to his feet Ricky lashes out with a right hand that hits with a resounding smack. He hits with a second right and a third, each one rocking Griffin a little more. Ricky turns and hits the ropes, ducking under a right hand from Griffin and when Griff turns nearly turns him inside out with a big boot straight to the mouth.

Ricky drops into the cover and gets a two count before Griff manages to kick out. Ricky gets up to a knee then to his feet pulling Griff up with him by the hair. He walks Hawkins into the corner and stuffs him down into a powerbomb position. Robertson lifts Griff with ease but Hawkins manages to slip out and land behind him. Griff blasts by him into the ropes and tries for a springboard off the ropes but Ricky explodes forward. Ricky hits Griffin like a mack truck sending him over the ropes to crash into the apron and floor.

Ricky climbs over the ropes and drops to the floor pulling Griffin up by the hair. He takes him by the hair and the back of the trunks whipping him spine first into the barricade and ring apron one after another. Ricky pulls Griffin up by the hair and lifts him into a powerbomb position again aiming to send him spine first into the ring steps but again Griffin wiggles out and when he lands behind him shoves the brute sending him face-first into the ring post.

Ricky comes off the ring post and Griffin lashes out a superkick that misses by inches as Ricky falls from the ring post shot. The kick hits the ring post and Griffin hits the floor beside Ricky Ray. The two stay on the floor for a time and the referee begins his ten count. At the seven of the ten count Griffin rolls himself back into the ring holding his leg and just before ten Ricky makes it back in as well.

Both Ricky and Griff get to their feet and exchange right hands. Ricky begins to get the best of the exchange when Griff ducks around beneath it and Ricky turns straight into the Shot in the Dark that hits like a gunshot. The Outlaw goes down and Griffin drops into the cover getting the three count and the win.

Deacon Edwards: Ladies and gentlemen, here is your winner… Griffin HAWKINS!

Thomas Ives: A huge victory for Griffin and the Rockhearts!

Felice Jagger: They picked the wrong ones to mess with and the Outlaws are gonna show them that personally.

Thomas Ives: I don't think that Griffin is worried.

Harrison Knoble: I don't think he is either.

A little payback...

Hawkins climbs the turnbuckle and raises his arms in victory, however as he is celebrating, he doesn’t notice Shotgun and Slider hopping the barricade and they begin to beat down on Stacy Jones who had been in her tag team partner’s corner for his match.

Harrison Knoble: What the Hell?! The Bulldog Express are beating down Stacy!

Felice Jagger: Serves her right for being out there for a match she wasn’t a part of!

Thomas Ives: Oh come on, Felice! She didn’t get involved in the match and she was out to support her partner just in case these two showed up!

The two whip Jones into the steel steps and the sound causes Hawkins to turn around and as soon as he sees what has happened, he jumps off the turnbuckle but is tackled to the mat by Ricky Ray.

Harrison Knoble: This isn’t right!

Felice Jagger: It wasn’t right that the Express were looked over, Harrison.

Thomas Ives: It’s not the fault of the Rock Hearts though!

Shotgun and Slider roll into the ring and a three on one beatdown ensues on a defenceless Hawkins.

Harrison Knoble: This is an absolute mugging, how is three on one fair?

Felice Jagger: Just accept it, Harrison. Once The Outlaws are finished with the Rock Hearts, there won’t be a number one contenders match and Brianna will have no choice but to award the Express their deserved title shot.

Thomas Ives: These two don’t deserve a damn thing if they’re gonna do it this way… they have to earn it!

The beatdown continues for a few more minutes until suddenly, the fans begin to cheer wildly and when Ricky Ray turns away from Hawkins, Jones comes diving off the turnbuckle with the R.W.Y.A (Diving corkscrew stunner) from out of nowhere!

Harrison Knoble: Remember Who You Are connects!

The Unbreakable One springs back to her feet and begins throwing lefts and rights at both Shotgun and Slider as they two fight back with clubbing blows of their own.

Felice Jagger: Stacy is still out-numbered here!

As if Hawkins had heard her, the Jukebox Hero is now back to his feet and joins in on the fight to even the odds for his tag team partner.

Thomas Ives: You were saying?

As the four competitors slug it out with one another, Slider and Shotgun attempt a double clothesline on their adversaries, however Jones and Hawkins duck the shots and Jones hits Slider with the Bat-Hammer (Jumping roundhouse kick) while Hawkins nails Shotgun with the Shot In The Dark (Superkick) that sends both men over the top rope and crashing to the floor as the fans cheer wildly.

Harrison Knoble: And the Rock Hearts gain some measure of revenge for the assault they suffered a few weeks back!

Felice Jagger: And it doesn’t look like they’re finished!

The two look down at Robertson who is slowly getting to his feet in between the two, Hawkins and Jones glance at one another and nod before Jones hits the ropes and comes back as they hit The Hangin’ Judge with the Sheer Heart Attack (Legsweep/Flying Fish Hook combination)!

Thomas Ives: And Ricky Ray suffers the Sheer Heart Attack!

“Children Of The Grave” by Black Sabbath blasts out of the PA system as Hawkins and Jones climb opposite turnbuckles and pump up the crowd who cheer for them wildly as Shotgun and Slider quickly reach into the ring and grab their manager and drag him out of the ring to safety.

Harrison Knoble: And The Rock Hearts send a message loud and clear to The Bulldog Express that they mean business!

Felice Jagger: These fans can cheer all they want and the Rock Hearts may have gotten the upper hand tonight, but when they meet to crown the next number one contenders, The Bulldog Express will reign supreme.

Thomas Ives: We’ll have to wait and see if you’re right, Felice.

Hawkins and Jones dare the three men to get back into the ring with them while Shotgun and Slider yell back at them while also helping Robertson up the ramp as we cut to commercial.

Zachary Sears Vs Morgan Payne
Match #4: Single / One Fall

The referee calls for the bell and the match is underway as Zachary Sears and Morgan Payne circle one another before locking up in the center of the ring. Sears is quick to utilize his height and weight advantage and locks Payne into a side headlock before flipping her down to the mat with a judo hip toss and keeps the headlock cinched in.

Morgan manages to wrap her legs around Zachary’s neck, forcing him to break the hold and the two are quickly back to their feet and lock up again and this time, it’s Payne who locks in the side headlock and follows up with a judo hip toss of her own while keeping the headlock applied.

Sears does the same thing Morgan did to break the hold and once back to their feet, they go to lock up for a third time, however Payne delivers a stiff European uppercut followed by a Superkick and then she finishes off her string of moves with a Curb Stomp before going for a pin which gets a two count.

Zachary slowly gets to his feet and Morgan wraps her arms around his waist to deliver a German Suplex, however Sears manages to block the attempt and performs a standing switch before delivering a German of his own and keeps his hands locked around her waist, picking her up and then delivering a second German, still maintaining control before he finishes the trifecta of German Suplexes and bridges with a pin that gets a two count.

Both competitors slowly get back up to their feet and begin slugging it out, delivering European uppercuts to one another back and forth with the fans cheering every time Sears delivers one and booing whenever Payne does. Eventually, Zachary is able to get the upper hand and delivers a quick succession of three European uppercuts which sends Morgan staggering back.

Bouncing off the ropes, Sears attempts the Indignation (Running European uppercut), however Payne manages to avoid it. Getting to her feet, Morgan measures Zachary who is slow getting to his feet and when he does, as soon as he turns around, she delivers a stiff Liver Shot punch that really takes it out of Sears before Payne picks him up onto her shoulders and drops him with Downtown After Dark (Burning Hammer) and goes for the pin and gets the three count.

Deacon Edwards: Here is your winner! Morgan… Payne!

The referee raises Morgan’s arm and she swiftly pulls herself free from his grasp and smirks out at the booing fans with her arms raised in victory.

Harrison Knoble: Impressive win there for Morgan Payne.

Felice Jagger: She’s certainly a force to be reckoned with that’s for sure, that liver shot punch is nasty.

Thomas Ives: It was definitely a great win for her, but credit to Zachary for giving her one Hell of a fight.

Little sister no more...

Killswitch Engage’s “Unleashed” hits and the crowd boos loudly as Kayla Richards steps out with Coda on one side and Tasmin Richards on the other. Kayla laughs and says something to Coda as Coda nods slowly. They make their way down to the ring and Kayla points at something sending Tasmin to get a pair of microphone.

Felice Jagger: There’s the queen and soon to be Grand Champion!. Get up and give her a standing ovation Thomas! see Harrison gets it.

Thomas Ives: I’m fine thank you, I’m very comfortable sitting here.

Harrison Knoble: I was just adjusting my belt….

The music dies down and Kayla paces back and forth.

Kayla Richards: Before Ashley Kenyon comes out here with my championship...oh I mean...her championship...let me just remind you all that I am the number one contender for the Grand Championship and that Morgan Payne didn’t get what she wanted, won’t get what she wanted and that little bitch won’t get close to the title once I beat Ashley Kenyon….and also...Kenzie Rydell….keep fighting the good fight girl…

Kayla lowers the mic and laughs hysterically as the crowd boos again.

Thomas Ives: Wow...classy

Harrison Knoble: I mean..she has a point…

Felice Jagger: Thats right Kayla..tell it how it is.

Slash's "World On Fire" starts up and the lights start dancing about. Ten seconds in, the main riff starts and Ashley Kenyon walks through the curtain, glaring lasers through the people in the ring. She holds the Grand Championship belt high for all to see and then walks to the ring with purpose, never looking away from those inside the ring. She steps into the ring, walks right up to Kayla and holds the belt aloft again as the crowd cheers wildly at the prospect of watching these two go at it. Kayla smirks, holding the second microphone and Ashley goes to take it. Kayla drops it, feigning apology for it as she glances back to Coda, snickering again. Ashley leans down and picks it up, still never taking her eyes off Kayla.

Ashley Kenyon: Was that supposed to be a punk alarm or are you really as stoned off your ass as you been actin’ tonight?

Kayla Richards: A punk alarm? If I wanted to pull anybodies punk card Kenyon I’d take two steps forward and backhand you like a red headed step child at a family reunion. But that’s not why I’m here or why I wanted you out here.

Kayla pauses for a moment and smiles as Coda and Tasmin stay on either side of her.

Kayla Richards: I wanted to show you some respect as a champion, I wanted to give you a heads up and inform you that, in our match for the Grand Championship. I am going to have Coda by my side. See she is going to watch my back while I get into that ring, and beat claim my destiny. A destiny which was denied me last year when Stacy Jones fluked her way to a title defence. And you Ashley...well I would like to thank you in advance and offer my condolences for your title loss….

Ashley Kenyon: So, you don’t think you can win by yourself… I thought you were the Dreamkiller, what kind of mealy-mouthed, ass-backwards bullshit is this?

Her eyes narrow as she stares at Kayla in stunned disbelief.

Ashley Kenyon: You’re supposed to be the best of the best, you’re supposed to be the woman who was going to walk into this company and shake it to its fuckin’ core and yet…

She waves an incredulous hand at Coda.

Ashley Kenyon: Because Stacy kicked your ass, you need back-up standing there to make sure you back up the shit you’re spewing?

Kayla Richards: Kicked my ass? Really? Stacy didn’t kick my ass Ashley. That bitch escaped me. And then ignored me, because she knew if she opened her mouth and mentioned my name, if she acknowledged me, then Hybrid’s promotion machine would start rolling and she would have had to face me again. And as for shaking Hybrid to the core?

She pauses with a small smile stepping forward.

Kayla Richards: I beat Dean Matthews with a two by four. I walked into that match with Stacy and broke her to the point where she is terrifed of mentioning my name like I’m the fucking candyman. I beat Declan Black and became the Evolution champion, I made Adrien Cochrane seem interesting for five minutes…..Ashley, I don’t just hype myself up...I am the fucking hype…

She smiles and looks over at Coda before looking back at Ashley.

Kayla Richards: And it’s very simple….I am going to become the grand champion, I am going to take that title from you….because you have nothing…

Ashley Kenyon: I beat Dean Matthews’s ass when he was still called Hemlen. I did it for this title more than once and I did it so badly with a chair they suspended my ass for it! I did with a crowbar during a match and I’ve knocked his sister out a couple of times just because she pissed me off! I beat him, Seras Smith and Stacy all at the same time to win this the first time. I have nothing?

She holds up the Grand Championship belt.

Ashley Kenyon: Sweetheart, I have everything because I’ve won this championship three times and you ain’t even done it once! I won it the first chance I got, while you got beat because you don’t know the difference between confidence and being so far up your own ass that your hair was turning brown from the trip! When it comes to hype, you’re right. You are the hype… the hype that you ain’t lived up to yet! All I heard before you got here was Kayla Richards is the shit! Kayla Richards is the Dreamkiller! Kayla Richards is gonna take this company by storm and make everybody forget anything that came before her! And yet… here we are, you trying to talk yourself into believing you aren’t completely full of shit and me holding the championship up to remind everybody I built this fucking place and ain’t nobody put me out the door yet!

Kayla just laughs and shakes her head.

Kayla Richards: You act as if you have a choice Ashley. And the thing is, I like you, I actually respect you. But….I want that title and I’m not going to let my personal feelings impact this...and that is why not only will you be contending with me...but you’ll have to contend with her…

Kayla points at Coda.

Kayla Richards: And you have no one to watch your back….

Kayla lowers the mic with a smirk as she stands face to face with Ashley before looking at the Grand Championship, but then a voice pops up behind Kayla.

Tasmin Richards: Actually...she does…

The crowd roars as Kayla turns to find Tasmin with a mic in her hand she steps forward and in between Ashley and Kayla.

Tasmin Richards: You’re going to have Coda in your corner, and I think it’s only fair Ashley has someone in!...

Tasmin stands beside Ashley as Kayla starts losing her mind, Coda steps around and grabs Kayla pulling her back away from Tasmin and Ashley as Kayla starts to turn red. Ashley smirks, shrugging almost playfully.

Ashley Kenyon: Knew I was forgetting something important… so, yeah, I guess y’all know my partner… don’t you?

Coda holds Kayla back as Tasmin and Ashley turn to leave, Kayla moves around Coda and goes after Ashley, Tasmin turns to see this just in time and leaps in the air hitting a dropkick right onto Kaylas chest sending her down, Ashley turns to see Kayla on her ass and she smiles at Tasmin, they both move from the ring and Kayla gets helped up by Coda as she then storms around ringside fuming.

Stacy Jones Vs Jasmine Matthews
Match #5: Single / One fall
Standing in the center of the ring, Deacon Edwards announces the following contest is scheduled for one fall. He introduces Jasmine Matthews first; her fan reception is a very negative one safe for the hardcore Kingdom fans who cheer her on. She enters the ring with such sexual sass. Then Deacon introduces Stacy Jones; her fan reception is far more positive than her opponents. She enters the ring with style and hand gestures of devil horns. The ring announcer takes his leave before the referee makes a move.

Before he can even signal for the bell and the match to officially begin, Jasmine viciously attacks Stacy who is trying her damndest to fight back. The referee backs off and calls for the bell, allowing Jasmine and Stacy to beat the ever-living hell out of each other. There’s no love lost here, that’s for sure! Once Jasmine launches Stacy towards the ropes, she floors with a discus clothesline and looks to double footstomp her stomach, but Stacy rolls out of the way. This time, Stacy Irish whips Jasmine to the ropes, and initially, she looks for a clothesline. However, Jasmine ducks underneath the attempt. Stacy continues with her momentum, performing a handspring off the ropes followed by a back elbow that catches Jasmine in the jaw. Jasmine is knocked onto the mat, but she dodges the baseball slide and quickly mounts Stacy with “Bared Teeth” (Series of Knee Strikes to the side of the head and face)!

Jones tries to block some of the shots, but Matthews’s power over her is overwhelming. The last knee strike seems to knock some balance out of Jones. With a smirk, Matthews collects her in a pin attempt and the referee counts. However, Jones kicks out at two. Matthews simply gathers herself and pulls Jones to her feet, keeping her from losing her balance. She then takes off for the ropes and hits Jones with “Kneel, Peasant” (Clothesline/Legsweep Combo)! Once again, she goes for another pin attempt, but Jones still kicks out at two. Matthews scowls a little before she rises to her feet. She sends Jones towards the ropes with an Irish whip and looks to finish her off early with “Ice Cold” (Skipping Mafia Kick), but Jones ducks out of the way! Not only that, she actually comes back with “The Bat-Hammer” (Jumping Corkscrew Roundhouse Kick)! The fans cheer aloud as it is a tribute to the late Aerynn Maguire and her love of Batman.

Even though Jasmine kicks out before three, Stacy keeps the momentum on her side. She starts to come back with a European uppercut quickly followed by a hurricanrana, rolling Jasmine up for another pin attempt. Alas, Jasmine gets her shoulder up before the three. This doesn’t discourage Stacy in the slightest, gathering herself and heading out onto the ring apron. Jasmine begins to stir and bring herself up to her feet, but she doesn’t realize what’s coming. Stacy nails her with her “Unbreakable Cutter” (Slingshot Corkscrew Cutter) and quickly goes for another pin attempt, but it’s a nearfall! While the fans are supportive of Stacy, they suddenly shift to boos and this draws Stacy and the referee’s attention.

From the entrance stage, Ricky Ray Robinson of The Outlaws begins to make his way down the ramp, shouting and hollering in defiance of the boos. Jones is not surprised that he’s out here, moving towards the ropes closest to his place on the outside. The two of them begin a verbal exchange, all the while Matthews begins to recover from the offensive assault. She sees what’s going on and a wicked grin crosses her face. Jones is completely attentive on Robinson, yelling at him to leave. Like a snake, Matthews strikes like lightning and seizes Jones in “The Constrictor” (Dragon Sleeper Chokehold)! Robinson laughs from the outside while the fans boo disapprovingly. The referee turns around quickly and watches Jones struggle in the submission hold made legendary by David “Snake” Matthews long ago. His daughter screams in Jones’s ear with a maddening glee, and after an excruciating minute, Jones begins to fade. She tries to fight one more time, but she refuses to tap out. Instead, the Unbreakable One passes out to the Fanged Rose’s clutches!

Deacon Edwards: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match via submission… “The Fanged Rose” JASMINE MATTHEWS!

Felice Jagger: YAAAAAAS QUEEN! What a win! That’s our Queen of the Kingdom, boys!

Thomas Ives: Jesus Christ, Felice! You’ll cheer for anyone against Stacy Jones -- who was distracted by Ricky Ray!

Harrison Knoble: Distraction or not, Mrs. Lawson-Jones kept her eyes off of Miss Matthews for too long. That’s a critical mistake she may regret.

Felice Jagger: Three words, Harrison: Behold the Kingdom!

Harrison Knoble: Indeed… Unleashed #70 continues, folks!

McGriddles and Nudity

The camera finds itself backstage where workers are milling about. Several members of the lighting and sound crew are running cable, Johnny Maverick is eating a Chicken Mcgriddle naked with his IJM Title over his lap, sanitation staff is cleaning up garbage and...wait...The camera moves back to Johnny who is thankfully just barely covered up by his title belt. Johnny doesn’t seem to notice the camera on him, content to just sit there and eat his delicious syrup-infused sandwich with a pair of wireless headphones in his ears. He seems to be singing the song ‘Electric Feel’ by MGMT in wildly off-key falsetto. It isn’t until backstage interviewer Maya Morrisson arrives that he takes notice of his surroundings, seemingly snapping back to reality and taking off his headphones.

Johnny Maverick: Oh uh....hey Maya. Hey camera guy. Do you guys want a Chicken McGriddle? I bought like 20 of them. I think I might have a problem.

Maya blinks a few times before turning on her professional integrity.

Maya Morrisson: I’m here backstage with Hybrid Unleashed star Johnny Maverick and I just had to ask… what is this all about, Johnny?

Johnny seems a little confused at the question but shrugs and decides to answer it honestly.

Johnny Maverick: Well the Mcgriddle was introduced as a menu item in the early 2000s and I’ve always enjoyed the syrup-infused pancake buns but I’ve always been partial to chicken as a breakfast menu item and-

Maya Morrisson: Not what I meant, Johnny. I was trying to ask-

Johnny Maverick: What I’m doing here despite not being booked? Well, I figured it shows initiative to be here with my gear ready just in case there’s a spot I can fill. I mean, I know it wasn’t exactly on the best of terms, but the in-ring career of Lucifer ended and the last thing he did as an active competitor is getting beat by me. I need to ride that momentum. Michael Rivers was a hell of a fighter. I feel like it’s a bit of a let-down to him if I don’t take that and run with it.

Maya Morrisson: Okay. That’s great Johnny, but I was going to ask you-

Johnny Maverick: Oh you think I’m here to attack Kenzie or something. Well, trust me I am absolutely not going to do that. As much as she is a scummy idiot for the things she has done, I am content to just let her watch all of her bad decisions crumble around her and crush her. I’ve been around long enough to know how this works… but if she wants to get cute and try and start something after all the talks we’ve had? I am nowhere near as nice as Adam and Adrien. I won’t make challenges and wait around for you to show your ass. Anyone wants to try and play a game of ‘hero vs villain’ with me gets locked in the Perfect Armbar til I hear a ‘pop’. Sure, it’ll heal, but every time a rainstorm is coming in and your shoulder feels a little tender from arthritis, you will have the thought ‘I probably shouldn't have fucked with Johnny Maverick’. Anyway…we all good here?

Johnny stands up from his seated position and the camera very quickly shifts its position so we only see Johnny from the waist up. Johnny picks up a McDonald’s bag and takes out a Chicken Mcgriddle, offering it to Maya. Maya...loses her temper and her journalistic integrity a bit.

Maya Morrisson No, we are not all good here! WHY ARE YOU NAKED!? Are you making a statement!? Is this just to get attention!?

There is a bit of a pause as Maya takes a moment to catch her breath and recompose herself, but any composure she gains immediately drains from her when Johnny answers.

Johnny Maverick: ...Nah, I just like being naked.

Before Maya can say anything else, she has a Chicken Mcgriddle tossed to her and she catches it as Johnny waves goodbye and turns to walk off-screen, giving the audience a clear shot of his exposed butt as he walks away whistling a happy little tune. Maya shakes her head as she frustratedly opens up the small wrapped breakfast sandwich and takes a bite… the expression on her face reading ‘okay, that’s actually pretty good’ before the camera fades out.

Ashley Kenyon & Tasmin Richards Vs Kayla Richards & Coda
Match #5: Tag / One fall

The bell sounds and Tasmin steps out to the apron on her side, Kayla doing the same on hers. Ashley nods to Tasmin, her back turns to the middle of the ring. Coda moves across the ring and then jumps into a knee strike to the back. Ashley stumbles forward into her own corner, landing so that her hands grab the middle rops on either side of the corner. Coda gives her another shot from behind that bounces Ashley face first off the middle turnbuckle, snapping her back into Coda’s waiting arms with blood trickling from Ashley lip. Coda hooks Ashley for a bridging German suplex, executing it with a stiff snap that lands Ashley on her shoulders hard.

Ashley kicks out.

Without meaning to, Ashley’s kick out lands her near the ropes. She staggers up and Tasmin blind tags her on the back. Ashley fucks Coda coming in and Tasmin catches Coda as she passes Ashley for a Belly to belly throw that lands Coda upside down against the turnbuckles. Ashey steps to the apron and Tasmin comes over, tagging Ashley back in. Tasmin drops an elbow on Coda and Ashley runs across the ring. Tasmin slips out to the floor and Ashley rebounds back to run into a stalling basement dropkick. Coda rolls over and lands in the perfect place. Tasmin climbs back up and makes the tag before slingshotting herself into a swanton bomb. Tasmin jumps back on for the cover.

Coda kicks out.

Tasmin goes to make the tag but Coda pulls her back into a roll up before the tag can be made.

Tasmin kicks out.

Coda gets to one knee as they both rise and delivers a wicked elbow smash to the midsection. Tasmin staggers back, gritting her teeth and Code delivers a rising roundhouse kick to the face. Tasmin goes down hard and Coda covers.

Tasmin kicks out.

Coda makes the tag to Kayla and pulls Tasmin to her feet. Kayla steps into the ring and blasts her sister in the face with a roaring elbow. Coda steps out to ther apron and Kayla covers Tasmin.

Tasmin kicks out and Kayla punches the mat. She slaps her sister in the face and then makes the tag to Coda. Tasmin rolls Coda coming in with an inside cradle.

Coda kicks out.

Tasmin goes for an O’connor roll.

Coda kicks out and Kayla kicks Tasmin in the face by the ropes. Tasmin staggers back and Coda grabs her in a full nelson. Coda turns and allows Kayla to tag herself in. As Kayla goes to run across the ring, looking for Tasmin’s own Air Richards, Ashley comes in and nails Kayla with the Kiss Off. Coda loses her grip on Tasmin and Ashley rushes over, taking Coda over the top with a clothesline that sends both of them to the floor.


The referee starts to count both Richards Sisters down. As he makes it to eight, both Tasmin and Kayla start to get back up. Kayla grabs the ropes and pulls herself up, staggering drunkenly. Tasmin catches her on her second step for the Tazzie Devil.




Deacon Edwards: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner of the match via pinfall...Ashley Kenyon and Tasmin....RICHARDS!

Felice Jagger: WHAT HAS SHE DONE?! NO! NO! NO!

Thomas Ives: Holy shit! Tasmin has a official pinfall victory over her sister!

Harrison Knoble: And a heck of a victory it is!

Felice Jagger: NO! BAD TASMIN!

Harrison Knoble: Good Tasmin.

Hikaru’s Haven: Kenzie Rydell

Inside of the ring, Deacon Edwards stands with a microphone in hand and a smile on his face. The audience knows what’s coming and then the ring announcer of Unleashed speaks up.

Deacon Edwards: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the co-hosts of ‘Hikaru’s Haven’... Hikaru Yamamoto and Trenton Page!

Instantaneously, the lights go out. From the PA system, the resonation of song lyrics kick-starts the entrance music, rainbow colors dancing around in the dark.
“I still hear your voice when you sleep next to me
I still feel your touch in my dreams (In my dreams…)
Forgive me my weakness, but I don't know why
Without you, it's hard to survive!”

The beat of “Everytime We Touch (Cascada Remix)” by Nightcore drops hard. A white spotlight shines on the entrance stage, revealing the happily engaged couple, Hikaru Yamamoto and Trenton Page. At this point, pink confetti that’s designed like cherry blossoms falls from the ceiling. The fans cheer for them, and in return, the couple smile and wave at them. The two of them begin to spotlight dance their way down the ramp, tagging some of the fans along the way. Trenton jumps onto the ring apron, while Hikaru ascends the steel steps. She blushes at the cheers and wolf whistles, surprised at the positive reception from the live audience. Once she steps onto the ring apron, Trenton parts the middle and bottom ropes for his fiancée. Hikaru smiles and enters the ring through the opening; Trenton follows after her in between the middle and top ropes. In the center of the ring is part of the traditional set that’s on her interviewing show: a coffee table, three chairs that form a triangle around it, the bonsai tree, and the Japanese tea set. Standing together in the ring, Hikaru and Trenton dance to the music a little more before the lights come back on.

Harrison Knoble: It’s a pleasure to see Mr. Page and Ms. Yamamoto out here with the fans. The last time ‘Hikaru’s Haven’ was hosted in the ring, it was the session with Mr. Adrien Cochrane and Ms. Kayla Richards.

Felice Jagger: I STILL don’t know how the hell a huge dork like Trenton scored a beautiful singer and model like Hikaru!

Thomas Ives: I think somebody’s jealous!

Felice Jagger: Shut up, Thomas! They’re about to talk.

For simplicity, Hikaru is wearing a wireless headset that’s connected to the microphone system. After bowing to the audience, she turns her headset on and speaks up.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Koni’chiwa! Good evening, ladies and gentlemen of Salisbury, Maryland.

Naturally, there’s a pop from the crowd. She smiles and proceeds.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Welcome to ‘Hikaru’s Haven’ exclusively on HYBRID Wrestling. Watashi no name Yamamoto Hikaru.

She takes another bow, which is met by gracious cheers from the fans. Then Trenton bows and raises his microphone to his lips.

Trenton Page: And I’m Trenton Page. Tonight, we’re celebrating the big seven-oh! Seventy episodes of HYBRID Wrestling: Unleashed in the span of four years. It’s thanks to every single one of you in the audience tonight as well as the millions, perhaps billions of fans all around the world. On behalf of my fiancée, thank you very much. Arigato!

This draws loud cheers from the fans as they also applaud the amazing feat in a professional wrestling company. Trenton looks to Hikaru, who smiles at him and speaks up again.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Unleashed #70 is also the final Unleashed before the first pay-per-view of 2020, Proving Grounds! In two weeks, HYBRID Wrestling will present a collection of matches with three championships on the line -- Duality, Pinnacle, and Grand.

Trenton Page: That’s right, Karu-chan. The Duality Champions, the Guardians--

There’s a collective shout from some of the fans: “Of the Galaxy!” Trenton chuckles softly, clearly understanding the reference.

Trenton Page: Bethany Kenyon and Joshua Goldstein will be defending against Bloody Fairytale. The Pinnacle Champion, Sativa Nevaeh, will be defending against fellow Kingdom member Morgan Payne. Then finally, the Grand Champion Ashley Kenyon will be defending against Kayla Richards.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Hai! But before we continue on about Proving Grounds, we do have a guest to host tonight. A lot of controversy surrounds her and her most recent decisions. She accepted the open invitation to be on the show. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our special guest… Mizu Kenjī Raideru!

As soon as the venue's lights start to strobe between chartreuse green and neon pink, "Legends" by Sleeping With Sirens wails over the arena speakers. This inspires the crowd to stand to their feet and boo with all their might before anyone even comes through the curtain. The anticipation grows over time until its released the moment Kenzie Rydell dances onto the stage with a twinkle in her eyes and a smile on her face. Palpable hatred and disgust buzz through the charged air when Hikaru’s Haven’s guest spins with a punch and happily points to her left with both hands in one fluid motion to trigger a sparkler rocket at the side of the stage. Her hands recoil back and point in the opposite direction to fire off the second sparkler rocket to the audience's dismay. Now she hits a double pirouette with her arms raised high and points down at her sides when she plants her heels. Both of the fireworks shoot off at the same time on her command, the camera at a low angle to show her condescending grin.

Hikaru and Trenton look to one another with some uncertainty. They’re far from Kenzie fans, especially after what she’s done in HYBRID Wrestling. Trenton takes a deep breath, folds his arms across his chest, and exhales slowly. Kenzie steadily military steps down the aisle, dancing with her upper body while the audience jeers and insults her with signs throughout the building. Once she nears the ring, she halts her march and turns sharply towards the steel steps. With each step, she reaches the top of the stairs and climbs the turnbuckle. The reaction's volume grows as she stands above everyone else on the ground with perfect posture. She blows a kiss and gracefully lands a spinning jump into the ring, pirouetting again with her arms above her head. As she marches towards the coffee table at the center of the ring, Trenton hesitantly gives Kenzie a microphone. He looks to his fiancée, who nods and walks up next to her guest. She takes the teapot in her hands and bows her head.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Arigato… Thank you for accepting the invitation to my show, Mizu Raideru. Would you like some tea? Tonight’s flavor is rose.

Kenzie Rydell: Yes, please! I’d love some. Thank you very much!

The oldest Rydell sister answers happily with a slight bounce, the crowd booing at her glee. Hikaru first serves their guest a cup of tea, then she turns to her beloved, who kindly shakes his head and takes up a water bottle. He sits down, though his eyes are slightly narrowed on Kenzie. That’s when Hikaru serves herself a cup of tea before she sets the teapot down on the table. After taking her seat, she retrieves her cup and takes a sip.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Ano… this is your first time on ‘Hikaru’s Haven’. As I always ask my new guests, please tell us your origin story and what inspired you to become a professional wrestler.

The guest thinks carefully about it with a finger underneath her chin, eyes darting up and to the left like the living embodiment of the thoughtful emoji.

Kenzie Rydell: When I was growing up, we moved so often! Dad was in the military, after all. So we kept getting relocated to different stations throughout the country. And see, it’s tough restarting again and again each time. You adapt to it all, though. You get used to knowing you’ll lose friends. No matter what was happening in our lives or where on the planet we happened to be at the time, we were able to watch television as a family, though! We watched lots of things like talent shows and sitcoms, but…

She pauses to choose her next words carefully.

Kenzie Rydell: One day when I was still in middle school, I channel surfed and realized that wrestling wasn’t all just brute, burly men fighting each other like animals! No! It was much more than that! It’s a talent show, too. It’s a comic book come to life; an anime like Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, or Sailor Moon where men and women fight through an endless tournament arc with athleticism, flair, and heart with the promise of prestigious championships on the line! With long-running stories and all that history in each bout, destinies collide and bodies are put to their absolute limit while the crowd of fans lets their voices be heard! I knew that’s where I wanted to be. In the ring. I wanted to feel what it felt like to leave all doubts behind and be a part of something bigger than myself. Like Dad did! Except this wasn’t the military. This was wrestling.

Seemingly, Hikaru nods with understanding and takes another sip of her tea. Meanwhile, a ringside official has given Trenton another mic. Fortunately, Hikaru turns her headset off whenever she’s not talking, so there’s no risk of feedback. Trenton raises the mic and parts his lips to say something.

Trenton Page: You talk about resetting, adapting, and losing friends… But even after you’ve found a place to call your own, your decisions, YOUR actions, have caused you to lose some of your closest friends. Adrien Cochrane…

The fans burst into LOUD cheers for the mention of the Dropkick King! It’s almost overwhelming, but Kenzie seems to ignore it when she takes a long sip of her tea.

Trenton Page: Adam Sanders…

Another burst of cheers resonate from the fans, though it’s not as loud as Adrien’s pop. Trenton smiles at them before he cuts to the point.

Trenton Page: Hell, the Guardians AND the Reckoning. You’ve turned your back on every single one of them the second you viciously attacked and betrayed Adrien, then ambushed Adam later on. This may be a repetitive question, but this time? The spotlight is literally on you. Why, Kenzie?

To emphasize, a spotlight does shine on her. Even the fans begin to boo and chant “Why, Kenzie? Why?!” After that, a few Johnny Maverick fans transition the chant to “Kenzie eats shit! Kenzie looks unphased by their words, a happy smile on her face after she takes another sip sitting in her seat.

Kenzie Rydell: I learned what it felt like to lose friends since as far back as I can remember. I know what it’s like to be forced to adapt to a whole new set of situations and that’s what I’ve done, Trenton. You and everyone else might want to frame what I did as a despicable act like it was all done with malicious hatred, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! I took a leap of faith. I invested in myself. I smiled the whole time. Not because I reveled in Adrien’s suffering! No. I wished him well on Twitter immediately after it happened. He’s done so much for me, and that can’t be understated. No, I smiled because I was proud I’ve awakened. I smiled because I knew I was finally living up to my potential and following the advice so many people have given me over the years. I no longer cared about what other people thought. I no longer stood in my own path. I no longer felt the weight of other people’s expectations. For the first time in my career, I felt confident and I haven’t felt self-conscious since.

This answer completely disgusts Trenton, his hands clenching into fists, the microphone quivering in his hand. Right before he raises the mic to interrupt Kenzie, Hikaru places a hand on his back and slowly shakes her head. What she says to him is inaudible because her headset is off for the time being. Trenton hisses before he straightens himself out on the seat, allowing Kenzie to conclude her answer.

Kenzie Rydell: To answer your question… The alternative would have meant betraying myself. And that’s not healthy at all!

With a glare, Trenton twists the cap off of the water bottle and takes a couple of swigs. Hikaru sighs softly before she turns her headset back on and speaks for them.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Mizu Raideru… As Evie-chan’s best friend, I know for a fact that you caused so much grief in the Cochrane family. Your attack resulted in bruised ribs and, more critically, a grade-three concussion. Adrien was unable to be a father to his own sons because of the pain and suffering you inflicted on him… both physically and mentally. Surely you could have forged your own path in another way? A better way? He was your mentor and your father figure… Don’t you feel some kind of remorse? Regret...?

Kenzie seems to listen carefully, sipping the tea and setting it down. With her shoulders relaxed and her body language calm, she smiles condescendingly to show her newfound arrogance.

Kenzie Rydell: No regrets! If I’ve done it earlier while she was pregnant, God forbid, the emotional trauma might have compromised Alex’s fetal development somehow. Everalda is a great mom and I’m sure the whole Cochrane family has a stronger bond because of it. Why? If you were in my shoes, what would you have done?

Trenton Page: I wouldn’t have attacked my mentor and given him a grade-three concussion in the first place!

There’s an audible gasp from Hikaru since she forgot to turn off her headset. The fans are completely supportive of Trenton’s protest, however, and they cheer him on.

Trenton Page: I would have NEVER considered betraying Eric and Hiashi. They’ve done so much for me, more than I think I’ll ever be able to repay them for, and they’ve taught me everything I know in the wrestling industry.

Kenzie Rydell: You’re Hikaru’s sidekick, Trenton. You never considered investing in yourself somehow? You’re content with all this?

The crowd boos Kenzie’s retort heavily! Trenton’s eyes narrow angrily and his fists clench tightly, the microphone quivering more and more in his grasp. He rises from his seat and grits his teeth. Meanwhile, Kenzie continues to sit in her seat beside the bonsai tree, lower than Trenton’s powerful frame yet still smiling all the while.

Trenton Page: Don’t you DARE make that kind of comparison! Karu-chan is my fiancée, mirai no Waifu, and we are equals in our relationship. I would NEVER do anything to hurt her. Why? Because I’m not an evil and cowardly little bitch like you!

Hikaru Yamamoto: Tren-sama, please…!

But the Japanese Lotus’s words are overtaken by the cheers and the “ohhh’s!” of the fans. Kenzie looks pleased with herself, though! She turns to Hikaru instead.

Kenzie Rydell: Do you know what this bonsai tree symbolizes, Hikaru?

She’s a little surprised when she’s addressed, but Hikaru does answer Kenzie.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Bonsai symbolises peace, harmony and balance. It is symbolic of the minimalist approach of Zen Buddhism and teaches us to remove clutter from our lives.

Kenzie nods, happy. It was the answer she wanted.

Kenzie Rydell: And to achieve that balance, that harmony… You need to prune the branches and pinch the buds, right? It’s hard work.

Honestly, Hikaru nods her head. Trenton looks to his beloved, exhales slowly, and takes his seat next to her.

Kenzie Rydell: You do all this to restrict the bonsai tree, to keep it indoors and at a small, neat stature when it’s capable of growing to a substantial size with the right amount of care and love. In the interest of removing clutter, you’ve restricted it from its potential and that’s what I’ve felt like I’ve been doing my entire life…

The fans are stirring, some with confusion, others with curiosity.

Kenzie Rydell: Bonsai trees are beautiful. There will always be more bonsai trees in the world when there’s another Hikaru out there to take care of it, but I decided to let my tree grow instead. I decided to give it the nutrients, the fertilizer, and the sunlight that it takes to thrive outdoors in the real world. Is that so wrong?

It sounds like the opposite of how to care for a bonsai tree. A frown crosses Hikaru’s face and she softly bites her lower lip.

Kenzie Rydell: Maybe harmony isn’t all that matters if self-growth is its opposite, huh Hikaru?

From his seat, Trenton narrows his eyes and slowly grits his teeth with a building rage. He does, however, manage to compose himself, though he refuses to say anything for the time being. Hikaru leans over and kisses her fiancé’s cheek, whispering a quiet “thank you” before she continues on for the interview.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Mizu Raideru… I wish I could understand. Perhaps I never will, but that is a part of life. We are not meant to understand everything. Let’s proceed with the interview, hai? Ano… what are your goals and aspirations here in HYBRID Wrestling?

Kenzie Rydell: Right now? The HYBRID Evolution Championship, but I have a lot of other goals too! I want to be mentioned by name in the biweekly Unleashed match card synopsis. I want to be in the main event of an Unleashed show, then a Pay-Per-View sometime in the future, and then consistently. I want to ride this momentum to the top and solidify myself as the one to watch in this promotion, and I don’t think that’s too lofty of a goal at all, do you?

Hikaru Yamamoto: Ie… it’s not.

Taking a deep breath, Hikaru exhales before she enjoys a sip of her rose tea. She glances over to see Trenton take a couple more swigs of his Fiji water. He still doesn’t seem emotionally okay enough to ask another question, so she continues.

Hikaru Yamamoto: I do not know what all goes on in the other company you work for. Portland Pro Wrestling, hai? But from the research I’ve done, I imagine you are frustrated at the lack of championship wins for your resumé. Is that another reason why you targeted Adrien-san as you did? Because he is a man of multiple championships… and yet you have so few?

Kenzie sighs, yet she doesn’t get angry at the mention of her title history.

Kenzie Rydell: You’re right. He’s proven time in and time out that he has what it takes to stand at the top of his division. He's earned four top championships and dozens of other accolades all because he has an ingredient I lacked: self-belief. Now that I'm sure of myself too, I'm demonized but that's okay! I'll have accolades on top of accolades to keep me happy in due time.

Kenzie grins at the jeers she receives.

Kenzie Rydell: Mr. Donavan didn’t book me tonight because of what I did at Ascension. He called it repercussions. but I know that when I do get booked, I’ll continue my winning streak here in Unleashed.

Hikaru looks to Trenton, who seems to have calmed some. In the midst of Kenzie’s response, he actually poured himself a cup of rose tea and savored a drink of it. He lifts the microphone in his right hand and speaks up.

Trenton Page: Well, you are booked for Unleashed: Proving Grounds. In two weeks, you will be facing off against Adam Sanders in a protégé versus protégé match. Some would call it a grudge match. Others… the Battle of the Exes. How are you going into Proving Grounds with the reality that you’re facing your ex-boyfriend and fellow Adrien protégé?

Kenzie Rydell: If you're trying to ask if I'll let the feelings I had for him cloud my judgment, no. He"s walking into this with a cause he believes in, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get the W. If I have to knock him unconscious and send him to the hospital with missing teeth to get it done, that's what I'll do for my self-growth.

The shipped couple named #Trenkaru look to one another before enjoying some tea. Once Hikaru sets her empty cup down, she rises to her feet and politely bows.

Hikaru Yamamoto: Arigato, Mizu Raideru… Arigato, mi’naa. Thank you, everyone, for joining us on tonight’s session. On behalf of Tren-sama, I am Yamamoto Hikaru. Please enjoy the rest of Unleashed!

Now that she’s a little more at ease, Hikaru smiles as “Everytime We Touch (Cascada Remix)” by Nightcore resonates from the PA system. Trenton rises to stand beside her and set the microphone down on the coffee table. Kenzie sipped the last of her tea and left the ring with a smile, though the fans boo her with disgust.


Adrien Cochrane Vs Timothy Hunt
Main Event: Single / One Fall
Tim and Adrien start the match coming to the center of the ring and exchanging in a friendly handshake and a bit of fanfare which popped the crowd and got it firmly behind the two men. The two men lock up and Tim easily gets the better of the exchange forcing Adrien back into the ropes. Before he presses his advantage however Tim does the sportsman thing and released Adrien backing back up to the center of the ring.

Adrien comes back to the center of the ring and again they lock up. A second time Tim backs Adrien into the ropes but this time Adrien manages to turn it around and uses the ropes to whip the bigger, stronger Hunt across the ring. Cochrane ducks under a clothesline attempt and comes to a sudden stop as Tim turns around, catching him in the face with a beautiful dropkick.

Adrien pulls Tim up by the hair and while he's stunned shows why he is the Dropkick King by hitting another dropkick to the face sending Tim back to the mat. Cochrane steps over Tim and moves into the corner climbing the turnbuckles with ease. He makes his way to the top rope and comes off with a Swanton, but the flight one eight two doesn't connect as Tim gets his knees up leaving Adrien to crash into his knees spine first. Adrien rolls off holding his back and Tim slowly makes his way to his feet.

Cochrane slowly gets to his feet and turns straight into Hunt's arms who lifts him effortlessly driving him into the mat with a huge spinebuster. Tim floats into the cover and gets a two count before Adrien kicks out. Tim gets to his feet and pulls Adrien up by the hair but Adrien manages to slip out behind his back. Cochrane lands of his feet and when Tim turns connects with a Lighting Strikes superkick that takes Tim square in the jaw with a loud, thunder-like, crack. Adrien falls back panting to catch his breath.

He gets to his feet and pulls Tim up by the hair, laying into him with hard forearms to the jaw. Cochrane hits three hard forearms to the jaw before Tim responds with one of his own. The fans get to their feet as the two men exchange right hands in the center of the ring. Tim gets the better of the exchange and lands a second right hand then a third before turning and hitting the ropes. He comes off the ropes hoping for something big but Adrien meets him with another dropkick that catches Hunt square in the mouth sending him crashing to the mat.

Adrien crawls into the cover and gets a two count again before Tim kicks out. Panting Adrien gets to his feet and pulls Tim up by the hair but Tim lashes out with a desperate right hand that catches Adrien in the jaw sending him staggering away. Cochrane turns around walking straight into the arms of Timothy who lifts him into position for the King Strikes. Adrien wiggles trying to get free but is unable to get free before Tim spikes him into the mat.

Adrien can get away just enough that Tim can't hit all of it but enough. Hunt rolls Cochrane to his back and hooks the leg, with the fans losing their minds completely when Adrien kicks out just before the three count. Tim looks beside himself but gets a sudden grin on his face at the realization that one of his final matches ended up being like this.

Hunt gets to his feet and raises his arms, the fans rising to cheer and scream for the former Grand Champion. He stalks Adrien as he gets shakily to his feet and when Adrien turns he lifts him for a second King Strikes but this time Adrien manages to wiggle away and as he comes down grabs Tim by the head dropping into a cutter. The fans explode as the two men hit the mat and Adrien throws an arm over Tim's chest nearly limply getting the three count and the win.

Felice Jagger: Adrien pulls off the win in a match I couldn't give a shit about!

Harrison Knoble: Oh, will you stop being such an ass?!

Thomas Ives: I don't think she can, but a hell of a final showing by Timothy Hunt. One match left.

Felice Jagger: The Dragon! We'll see you in two weeks folks! Have a good night!

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