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Monday Night Clash & Cruiser Clash

EVENT AIRED: Feb 10, 2020

Monday Night Clash

We open up to Monday Night Clash in Camilas office. We notice an intern standing behind Camila being as still and as quiet as possible. Camila is sitting there in her nice office chair smiling as we pan out to see Bobby Rage and Rick Mad standing at her desk.

Rick Mad: Tell us, why you have us here?

Camila Gonzalez: Well, if you remember, all you ever threatened me with was that you wanted Torture at Turmoil and wanted to drop a bomb on him on January 6th and you said if he showed up and all that other stuff at Revolution 3 you'd honor your full time contract.

Rick Mad: Yeah, and we were victorious, time and time again.

Camila Gonzalez: Oh, I get that, believe me, I understand that completely. I'll stick by my word on that but I was told you're in action at Rush on March 1st.

Rick Mad: Why would Bobby Rage waste his time in a meaningless match with some scrub when we want to destroy Tortu-

Camila Gonzalez: Oh, I meant, you.

Crowd reacts inside the arena watching on the ActionTron.

Camila Gonzalez: You see, both of you are in a match at Rush, it's a handicap match! The team of Bobby Rage and Rick Mad will take on Torture!

Crowd pops.

Rick Mad: Heh-heh-heh. What a fool.

Camila Gonzalez: I didn't make the match, but, that's what he said. So we'll see you guys in a few weeks. You can leave my office now.

Mad taps Rage on the chest standing behind him and they leave the office.

Camila's intern leans to her.

Intern: Wow, Torture is brave for throwing that challenge down.

Camila Gonzalez: Oh, he didn't. I made that up, hun. I just want to see some chaos.

She smiles and leans back in the chair as Monday Night Clash intro starts.

Video hits the airwaves.

Pyro shoots off.






Chris Avery: Lets go to our first match up!

Winner Hand-Picks #1 Contender for Hardcore Championship @ Rush
Alex Scott vs. Corey Black


"Fight Like the Devil" begins, and there is a brief murmuring of fans. As the song picks up, Alex Scott parts the curtain, a look of focus and minor indifference on his face. He shows very little emotion, walking to the ring in his hooded sweatshirt, tights and boots. He hits the ring, uses the ropes the stretch, and then sits on the top turnbuckle, mentally preparing himself to wrestle.

Billy: Alex Scott has had a rough time here the past few matches in AW. He wants to get back on the winning track desperately but this may not be the best match-up for him.

Chris Avery: Yeah, not only is he facing a legend in Corey Black, but he’s facing him in a match where the winner gets to pick Corey’s hardcore title opponent at Rush. It’s a huge hill to climb, Billy!

"On the Top" by Jinjer hits the PA as the lights drop and purple lights illuminate the arena. A few moments later Corey Black emerges from the backstage area wearing a worn looking black leather vest with "ALL HAIL" - a skull with a crown - and "THE LAST KING" on the back of it, also wearing the Action Wrestling Hardcore Championship. The crowd cheers (some boo) along with great (less) appreciation as Corey makes his way to the ring, little interaction with anyone, just focused on the squared circle. Black slides into the ring and lifts his right elbow to the sky as most of the crowd loses their mind. Corey drops his vest and title to the floor and simply waits in the corner, bouncing back and forth, anticipating the coming battle.

Billy: The man, the myth, the legend and our Action Wrestling Hardcore Champion, he is Corey Black!

Chris Avery: Billy, you trying to take Adilene’s job or something?

Billy: No, I’m just pumped to have Corey Black out here in the ring. He’s held the hardcore title for over five MONTHS! He’s only the second man to hold the belt, Chris!

Chris Avery: Yeah, he’s impressive as the hardcore champion, but tonight is just a standard match and Alex Scott looks hungry for a win!

The referee signals for the bell to begin the match.

Corey Black launches out from his corner and takes Alex down with a Yakuza kick. Alex is thrown across the ring with an exploder suplex and Corey charges into the corner with a running knee strike and starts raining stiff elbows on Alex, rocking him on the mat until the referee pulls him off.

Corey Black steps back and roars out at the crowd and yells “THIS IS MY RING!”

Billy: SHITFIRE! Corey Black launched out at the sound of the bell and just pummeled Alex. He looks like he’s ready to throw in the towel already!

Alex finally gets up in the corner, but as he steps out, Corey leaps forward and spears him hard to the mat. Alex is dragged away from the ropes and Corey hooks the leg.

1...2.NO! Alex kicks out right at two.

Chris Avery: Wow! That was basically a near fall already. Alex looks shook, Billy!

Billy: Yeah, he’s in there with a wrestling legend and Corey wants to pick his challenger for the hardcore title at Rush.

Corey Black whips Alex across the ring and goes for a clothesline, but Alex ducks and hits a spinning backfist, catching Corey in the jaw. Corey staggers and Alex hits a basement dropkick, taking Corey down. Alex grabs Corey and hits a snap DDT and taunts Corey. Corey surprises Alex and has him on his shoulders.

Billy: Burning Hammer incoming!

NO! Alex slips off of Corey’s back and hits a spinning heel kick, taking Black down again. Alex is quickly on the top rope and takes Corey down with a diving crossbody and holds for the pin.

1...NO! Corey kicks out right before the two count.

Billy: Looks like this rookie just caught Corey Black by surprise as well!

Chris Avery: Yeah, but Corey Black won’t be shook for long.

Indeed he won’t as Corey Black blocks a grapple attempt by Alex and hits a spinning neckbreaker. Corey has Alex up again and powerbombs him to the mat before scaling the turnbuckles. Corey leaps off with an elbow drop to the chest and goes for the pin.

1...2..NO! Alex Scott gets the shoulder up.

Corey locks in a triangle choke, but Alex Scott worms his way out of the move. Corey hits a running DDT on Alex Scott. He pulls Alex up and hits an orange crush bomb.

Billy: SHITFIRE! What a big move!

Chris Avery: Alex Scott looks out of it!

1...2...NO!! Alex Scott gets the arm up!

Billy: Corey’s ready to end this! He’s going for the royal beheading!

Chris Avery: NO!! Alex rolls out of the way and he’s on top of Corey with a headscissors takedown.

Alex hits a swinging neckbreaker before leaping off the turnbuckles with a shooting star press. Alex locks in a Fujiwara armbar but Corey makes it to the ropes. Alex hits a roundhouse kick and then runs at Corey and executes a codebreaker!

Billy: CODEBREKER TO COREY BLACK! This could be it!

Chris Avery: Alex Scott with the pin!

1...2...NO!! Corey Black gets the shoulder up!

Alex Scott looks like he’s ready to finish it

Chris Avery: Alex is going for his Ki-Krusher finisher, but Corey Black blocks it and lifts Alex Scott up!


Chris Avery: Corey has both legs hooked!!



"On the Top" by Jinjer hits the PA as Corey Black rises to his feet, victorious.

Billy: Awesome win here tonight by Corey Black! Alex Scott wanted the win over a wrestling legend like Corey Black, but it just wasn’t enough!

Chris Avery: Yeah, Alex deserves credit for hanging in there with Corey Black, but always bet on Black!

Corey Black stands in the middle of the ring and is handed his Hardcore Championship and is handed a microphone.

He looks down at the Hardcore Championship.

The rumblings of who he's going to pick.

Billy: I wonder who it is!

Chris Avery: He gets to hand pick his opponent!

He looks out at the sold out crowd behind him.

He looks out at the sold out crowd behind the announcers table.

Billy: Who is he going to pick?

Chris Avery: Who does he want at Rush? It's his Hardcore Championship match!

He puts the microphone to his lips.


He throws down the microphone and looks directly into the hard camera with the intensity of 10 erupting volcanoes.

The crowd fucking POPS.

Billy: WHOOAAAA!!!



We fade out into a commercial.
Rion Hearts Segment

The camera pans onto a tiny wooden stall, one that looks like something a child would use to sell homemade lemonade for 50 cents a pop. Oddly enough, this stall isn't located outside, but instead on the premises of the backstage area.

And manning said stall? Action Wrestling debutante, Rion Hearts! Her small stature barely allowing her to see over the stall. From back over at the commentary table, Billy and Chris Avery commentate over what they're seeing on the titantron.

Billy: Hey, that's Rion Hearts! We saw her make her debut not long ago!

Chris Avery: What's she up to?

Back at the scene, we see Rion with a slightly taller woman, who looks significantly less thrilled to be part of this whole operation.

Erron Faux: Rion, it's been twenty minutes. I don't think anyone wants to donate their... saliva to you.

Rion looks at her, confused.

Rion Hearts: I don't get it. I prepared everything so nicely. Look at how neat and organized my vials are!

The camera pans over to the rows of vials Rion has set up on the stall. Next to it, a laminated poster sheet taped onto the stall reads: "Donate saliva here! For a good cause!"

Rion Hearts: Do you think it was my poster? I didn't get all the right colors I wanted. I was kinda in a hurry.

Erron looks at her in dismay.

Erron Faux: No. People just don't want to spit in a tube for a random stranger they've never met before.

Silence, as Rion ponders this thought. Finally, she nods.

Rion Hearts: I suppose you're right. Oh well! Back to the drawing board. We'll try again next week, right?

A sigh from Erron.

Erron Faux: ...sure.

The two leave the camera shot, leaving behind the hastily made stand. The shot switches back to Billy and Chris Avery, who exchange a look of confusion.

Chris Avery: That... was weird.

Billy: You can say that again.

Chris Avery: What do they need saliva for?

Billy: I don't wanna know. Get us to the next match already!

Muru vs. Rion Hearts vs. Vic Flores

In My Zone plays as Vic Flores makes his way to the ring. Vic pauses outside the ring for a moment before leaping up onto the apron and springboards into the middle of the ring.

Adilene Floyd: On his way to the ring, from Temecula, California... weighing 195 pounds... VIC FLORES!

Chris Avery: New blood arrives in Action Wrestling tonight in this triple threat showcase, Billy!

Billy: All three of these show a ton of potential, Chris!

Chris Avery: One half of Coast to Coast, Vic Flores is flying solo tonight!

Sunday Best hits. Crowd cheers. Hearts appears, hands behind her back, smiling sweetly while she walks down to the ring. She tags the hands of fans on one side of the ramp, and then the other.

Adilene Floyd: Introducing now, standing 5 feet 5 inches tall… RION “THE SECOND” HEARTS!

She arrives at the corner of the ring and walks up the steel steps, tip-toeing along the apron and then stepping between the top and middle ropes. She bows for the fans, smiling and waving as her music fades out.

Chris Avery: Not much is known about Rion Hearts, but she looks like she belongs, Billy! The fans are certainly behind her!

Billy: And she's a beaut, Chris! That's all I need to know!

Chris Avery: Can you be any more misogynistic?

Billy: I don't know what that means but I'll take that as a challenge!

Up on the tron a picture of the earth is seen. The earth then explodes as pyro and explosions fill the arena. The entrance ramp is filled with smoke as "Handshakes To Fist Fights" by Devour The Day begins to play. Muru then walks out through the smoke and makes his way down the ramp. Along the way to the ring he slaps the hands of a few fans and then he slides into the ring. Once in the ring he gets to his feet and raises his hands to the air as the crowd cheers

Adilene Floyd: And finally, hailing from Detroit, Michigan... weighing 225 pounds... MURU!!!

Chris Avery: He certainly had the flashiest entrance of the three tonight!

Billy: When my talking days are over I want to be the guy who controls the smoke button! I want to set some fires!

Chris Avery: You're a pyromanic now?

Billy: I don't know what that means but I'll take that as a challenge!

Chris Avery's audible sigh is immediately followed by the dinging of the timekeeper's bell. Flores and Muru stand on opposite ends of the ring, mouthing words at each other, while Hearts stands back and observes the dick-measuring contest going on in. The two are nose to nose, neither backing down. The referee doesn't have a chance to mediate as Muru sends a boot into Vic's gut. He wrenches Vic's arm and slams an elbow on the back of his shoulder. Flores falls to a knee, as Muru pulls Vic's arm around his own neck, choking him. He falls backwards, pulling Vic back with his knee digging into Vic's spine. Muru climbs to his feet quickly, a barrage of mudhole stomps on Vic's face and body. He turns to Rion Hearts, who comes flying in with tilt-a-whirl headscissors! Muru bounces up and Rion sends him back down with a standing dropkick! She continues the attack, wailing on him a few kicks before bouncing off the ropes. But she runs right into Vic Flores, who drops her down with a lariat that nearly takes her head off her shoulders!

Chris Avery: Fast-paced action to start the match, but that came to a crashing halt!

Billy: That pretty little head nearly decap... caper... capertater?

Chris Avery: Did you take your stupid pill today, Billy?

Rion rolls out of the ring to recover. Flores turns his attention back to Muru, dropping him with a DDT. He holds onto his neck and wrenches in a guillotine choke, but doesn't have it tight enough as Muru scrambles out and pummels Flores with an elbow to the face. Muru rolls out of the hold and climbs to his feet, stalking Vic. But he aproaches a little too carelessly, getting tripped up with a drop toe hold. Vic quickly looks for the opportunity, and catches Muru with an enziguri, sending him toppling out of the ring! Vic gets to his feet and raises his arms to the crowd... not realizing the fan reaction is for something else entirely!

Chris Avery: Look out!


Rion Hearts flies through the air, a corkscrew connecting perfectly! She hops on and makes a cover!



...but Vic kicks out! Rion is undeterred, waiting for Vic to get to his feet. She runs, looking for a spear, but Vic sidesteps her and her momentum drives her shoulder first into the turnbuckle! Rion grabs her pained arm but Vic is quick on the trigger, slamming Rion's face into the padded corner. He wraps his arms around her waist, looking for a german suplex, but she grabs a hold of the top rope! He tries to lift her several times, but doesn't notice Muru is up on the apron. Muru uses the top rope to springboard dropkick, Rion ducking at the last second, and Muru's feet connecting with Flores' face! The crowd pops a bit as Muru climbs on top for a cover!



...but Rion breaks it up with a leg drop across the back of Muru's neck!

Rion pulls Muru up and drives a knee into his ribs, dropping him down with a jump swinging neckbreaker! Muru rolls out of the ring to regain his composure, and Rion doesn't waste any time, falling to the canvas with a baseball slide kick connecting to his face! Rion stays in the ring and pulls Vic up, but Vic responds with a european uppercut. A snap suplex is followed by a jumping fist drop, and then a cover!



...but Muru pulls Vic out of the ring! The two begin exchanging right hands on the outside. Muru picks Vic up and drops him chest first on the barricade! He then climbs up on the barricade and tries to land a leg drop with him draped over the barricade, but Vic moves and Muru crashes down on the mat! Vic lands a stiff spine kick and rolls Muru back into the ring. Rion is lying in wait, a drop toe hold followed by a standing moonsault! Vic doesn't notice that she has hooked the legs!



Vic breaks it up!

Vic throws Rion to the corner.

Vic picks up Muru but Muru shoves Vic over the top rope!

Muru stumbles backwards and Rion Hearts hits the ZIG ZAG!

Billy: Pocket Dimension!

Chris Avery: Its over!

Rion pins Muru!



That'll do it! Rion Hearts is victorious and stands up to celebrate!

Rion Hearts gets a big win and we cut to a commercial.
Teo Blaze Shows Up

We go back to the parking garage, where a small rental pulls up. The door opens, and stepping out of the back to a welcome crowd reaction is Teo Blaze! Teo noticeably smiles as he takes in the cheers from the crowd.

Chris Avery: Teo Blaze ready to return to competition. He wasn’t cleared last week, and I understand the doctors were reluctant to clear him this week.

Billy: Well, considering what Corey Bull did to him at Revolution, that's hardly surpri--SHITFIRE!!!

Corey Bull blasts into the screen, grabbing Teo by the collar of his shirt and slamming him against the door of the car. Bull presses his weight against the door, pinning Teo in place. People can be heard yelling for help. A tense moment passes as the two lock eyes, but in an eerily calm voice Bull begins to speak.

Bull: You think you're fucking funny, don't you Teo? Light tube in your hands gets you a little payback, huh??

Corey shoves Teo even more against the car, rocking it on its axels.

Bull: You know...I can play with them too. And I bet I’m much more inventive and destructive.

Teo is visibly shaken from the pressure of the door in him, but shows no fear despite the big man. The weight on his chest is substantial however, and he wheezes out a response.

Teo: Corey...I think you're jumping to conclusions. I wasn’t even cleared to compete last week, so I stayed home.

Bull: Clever, but not clever enough. We all saw that you were stalking yourself, now you extended that lie to cover for your own atrocities to others. Even I won’t sink that low.

Teo turns towards the cameraman, looking at him with a smile.

Teo: Come on Bull...let's be adults here. It sounds like you have less of a case, and more of a hunch. We're both on camera, and you have nothing but suspicion...Are you really going to risk your career without any proof of these wild accusations?

The Cheshire grinning death mask shakes slightly from what can be called a chuckle, but not a pleasant one.

Bull: My career? Bit over dramatic don’t you think, Phantom of the opera?

Teo’s face takes on a slightly angry look.

Teo: I did not attack you Bull. You attacked me, remember? And furthermore, I’m sure management is not going to be happy about any repeated unprovoked assaults, especially if you don't have any actual proof that-

Bull slams into the door and presses forward. Teo is cringing, in obvious pain, but doesn’t let up the stare down. Referees and security start to appear.

Bull: (BEEP) management! That bitch Camilla hasn’t done anything for me. She keeps me away from titles. Maybe if I break you Teo, she won’t be able to ignore me. I broke Lissie, you can bet on that.

Refs and security pull Bull back, but he turns and starts shoving them away as he leaves. Medical personnel check on Teo as we cut to Chris and Billy.

Chris Avery: It looks like they've got them separated. Teo still has a match later tonight, but Bull can't be happy about that exchange.

Billy: Oh come on, think, Chris! If Teo didn't attack Bull last week, then who did?

Chris Avery: That doesn't give Bull any right to put his hands on another competitor!

Billy: We're going to have to agree to disagree there, partner. We'll be right back.

Dagvald Riddik vs. Orville Buenavista

As the slashing sound of cymbals slice their way through the arena, they herald the piercing eruption of thunder which strikes the stage, causing the lights to flicker for a brief moment. When all is clear and the guitars of pagan anthem In Horror by Bloodhorse begins throbbing throughout the venue, one man stands at the epicenter of the physical embodiment of a god’s wrath. Cloaked from head to toe in traditional Viking battle armor, wielding a bloody battle axe and self-forged iron shield, he stares imposingly straight at the ring as the music picks up.

On the big screen, the lyrics to the song are superimposed in fractured fonts over paintings and scribes of Viking victories in the days of glory. The invasion of England… I AM OF THE EARTH. The discovery of Vinland… AND I FEEL THE SKY. Raids deep into modern day Russia… ONCE ACCEPTED YOUR GODS. Clashes with the crusading Catholics from Saxony… AND I DON’T KNOW WHY.

Dagvald marches in lockstep, shield and battle axe held ready to eviscerate all who would stand before him. Now, computer-animated worlds of destruction showing the fate which awaits all civilization are flashing on the RioTrion. The fallen steel skeleton of the Eiffel Tower… MAN NOT MOUNTAIN WILL FALL. The overgrown carcass of 10 Downing Street… THIS DARKNESS FEEDS THE LIGHT. The burning ruins of the Reichstag… IT DON’T MATTER AT ALL. The crater where the White House once stood… IF I LIVE OR DIE.

Dagvald reaches the ring and walks up the steel steps, climbs up the turnbuckles and perches upon the top rope. He poses as he hoists his axe high in the air, shield before his chest, and stands tall over the inferior peasantry of the audience. A massive Norse Eagle banner unfurls with a bang over the center of the ring. Dagvald hops down and poses again in front of it. The final lyrics to the song thunder through the arena as flames erupt from every ringpost. IT DON’T MATTER AT ALL, IF I LIVE OR DIE.

Billy: Dagvald Riddik made his long awaited wrestling return last week, his first match in Action Wrestling, and he was terrifying to say the least.

Chris Avery: He'll be a big force here. Mark my words.

His music dies out, but instead of going to his corner he walks to the side of the ring near the announce table and demands a microphone. A ringside assistant nervously hands one to him, which is snatched away quickly.

Billy: The so-called NeoNordicist has something on his mind tonight. This’ll be the first time our Action Wrestling audience is subjected to his ramblings.

Chris Avery: So that’s how it’s pronounced…

Dag: This axe I have tonight is not my normal ringside accessory. It is the very weapon used by Ødelagte when he tried to take my life. I carry it with me tonight as a symbol of what I have survived, and what I am capable of. When I reflect back on my past, and look ahead to my opponent tonight, the numbers simply do not add up. In no world is Orville a threat to me.

Dag treads to lean against the ropes facing the hard cam, weapon slung across his shoulder.

Dag: I am descended from a line of warriors the brutality of which the world has not since borne witness to. You, in the audience, certainly have no grasp of that which I am capable of. I cannot hold this against you, for you are not accountable to the mistakes of others. How could you know the breadth of my power when it is squandered against the likes of Patti Rose and Orville Beunavista? This is an issue easily rectifiable, however. I was able to restrain myself against Patti, but tonight I shall make an example out of you, Orville.

He turns and faces the ramp, walks over to the ropes and points his axe at the stage.

Dag: Tonight, you will experience brutality beyond what your domesticated brain can fathom. Civilization has weakened you, and you will suffer the consequences tonight. You will have no one but upper management to thank for being the sacrificial lamb. And once I’m done with you, I’ll already be moving on to my next target. A bigger target, a greater enemy, a worthy opponent. There is only one man who could be a challenge to my recklessness in this company.

Billy: Who could Dag be referring to? Is he about to call out someone for a match in the near future?

Dag: That’s why I’m hand picking my opponent for next week’s Clash myself, right here, right now!

Dag smirks wide and soaks up the anxious anticipation of the crowd. He looks around in delight as the attention is all on him.

Dag: I want, no, I demand to be given a match against none other than

Suddenly and unexpectedly, The Eve of War by Jeff Wayne, Orville’s entrance music, blasts through the speakers, completely drowning out the name of the wrestler Dag wants to challenge! Orville obliviously dances onto the stage, having paid no attention to what was going on in the ring. He is simply excited for his second match in Action Wrestling. Absolutely enraged, Dag hurls the microphone out of the ring, nailing a blue haired liberal arts degree thot in the front row right on her heavily make up-caked nose. He scrambles over the top rope and launches into a full sprint at Orville, axe still in hand.

Chris Avery: Oh my goodness he’s charging his opponent with an ace before the match even began!

Orville is too busy high fiving fans to notice until the very last second. Dag brings his blood soaked axe thundering down over the head of Orville, who only just scrapes out of the way by millimeters, losing some material off the back of his trademark dungarees.

Billy: SHITFIRE! Dag only accidentally avoided murder charges! This man is insane! Somebody stop his axe wielding rampage before this gets really bad!

Chris Avery: I’m afraid things can only get worse!

Dag recoils from the missed swing and buries the blunt end of the axe into Orville’s back, doubling him over. Dag kicks his knee and sends him crashing to the ground. The raging Viking looks at his fallen prey with an indefinable, incalculable fury. He kicks Orville one more time, before slowly raising his axe skyward, malevolently loving every second before the impending final blow.

Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Linoge come rushing out from behind the stage and charging to save his brother!

Chris Avery: The ominous looking Linoge couldn’t watch from the sidelines as Dag threatened to murder his brother! He’s gonna try and save him!

Dag, rather than face down the bizarrely imposing Linoge, heaves up the scraps of Orville and fireman carries him to the ring before Linoge can catch up. He slides his opponent, now stirring and looking for revenge, under the rope, and slips in between the second and third rope. He signals frantically for the referee to ring the bell and get the match underway.

Chris Avery: The bell is rung! This match has now officially begun, meaning Linoge is powerless to help his brother without getting him disqualified and handing a free victory to his would be murderer! Oh, that’s just sinister!

Buenavista rushes right at Dagvald Riddik but is immediately caught by the Steenalyzer.


He goes for the pin.




Adilene Floyd: The winner of this match, "NeoNordicist" Dagvald Riddik!

Chris Avery: Oh dang. Was that meant to happen?

Billy: That was a burial. I suspect Orville would've preferred the axe to the head!

Chris Avery: The top superstars will be looking over their shoulders with Riddik looming large.

Sam Kidsgrove Segment

The scene cuts to outside where Sam Kidsgrove is currently arguing with about 23 security guards at the entrance.


Chris Avery: Doesn’t look like they’re letting him in the building though Billy!


Chris Avery: I don’t know and I’ve never seen that Will Hunting movie, but Camilla is out there so we can get some answers.


Chris Avery: We’ll talk later


Camila: What are you doing here?

Kidsgrove: What does it look like? I told you I was coming here today, I told you I have some unfinished business with that damn Nightingale.

Camila: And I told you that you’re not under contract. I told you that you were not allowed here - especially after last week where you went to the ring! You were lucky it was a live show and I couldn’t just walk out there and drag you out. Do you understand the insurance liability that an active politician that hasn’t been invited can just get into our ring?

Kidsgrove: Look Camilla, this guy has put my partner and two of my closest friends in hospital. Damn Matt might never be able to see again and you want me to just leave it so you can keep your insurance liability clean? Fuck off.

Camila: Sign a contract then you can do whatever you want! Well within reason at least. Aren’t you supposed to be at home, running a country anyway? Just go home!

Kidsgrove: We’re in recess. Besides, I can’t just let this go!

Camila: Well you’re going to have to do it somewhere else, because you are not coming in here. Until you get an actual signed contract on my desk you are banned from all Action Wrestling buildings. Do you understand me?

Kidsgrove stares a hole through Camilla and assesses the situation. He clenches his jaw and nods in acknowledgement, backing off from the situation. He picks up his phone.

Kidsgrove: Yeah it’s me. Sign the document and send it over to my American address. I’ll pick it up later. Yeah the Action one. Cool, thanks.

He smiles at Camilla before walking away. The camera focuses on her face, she’s very determined.


Chris Avery: His agent I think.


James Nightingale vs. Zombie McMorris

“I Hope You Suffer” by AFI begins its slow burn introduction as the arena falls into darkness.

Three eerie synthesised chords are heard and on each one, a blinding flash of light appears. Following the third flash of light, a figure in the darkness in the centre of the entrance stage appears, his appearance now revealed by strobe lighting, it is James Nightingale.

(I got two letters from you...)

Nightingale remains still on the stage, his eyes focused intensely on his opponent in the ring. He slowly unbuttons his trench coat without breaking eye contact, revealing “The Angel of Death” in blood stained writing on his chest. He continues to stand on the stage.

(I hope you do
I hope you suffer...)

He cranks his neck from right to left, and begins his intimidating march to the ring, his intense soulless eyes locking onto his opponent's. He stops for a moment when he reaches the edge of the ring before continuing his menacing walk around the outside, still fixated on the eyes waiting for him from within it. He arrives to the apron closest to the hard camera, tilts his head and climbs up before finally pulling his intense gaze away from his opponent.

Adilene Floyd: From The King City, England, weighing in at 200 pounds, this is “The Angel of Death”..... James Nightingale!

As his introduction is being made he slowly removes his mask and drops it to the floor, revealing a sadistic smile. He performs a throat slash gesture and finally throws his arms into the air forming a crucifix shape as his name is called. He slowly turns around and stares at his opponent intensely once again.

He steps between the ropes into the ring without breaking eye contact and immediately walks face to face with his opponent looking straight into their eyes, violating their personal space as the sadistic smile returns to his face, cranking his neck once more. The referee steps in between them.

Nightingale retreats to his corner, not breaking eye contact and slowly removes the rest of his entrance attire. He begins to loosen himself up, pulling violently on the ropes. He paces back and forth ready for the fight ahead.

Billy: James came pretty close a couple of weeks ago to defeating Corey Black for the hardcore title, but like all of Corey’s other challengers so far, he failed.

Chris Avery: Yeah, but the bigger story is this feud going on with Sam Kidsgrove. Yeah that story has been a wild ride for both men and I don’t think it’s going to end well! Luckily for Nightingale, Kidsgrove has been banned from the arena so he can just concentrate on defeating ZMac here tonight!

"Killed By Death" hits the PA system as the arena begins to fill with smoke. The Guitar and drums kick in and play up as the crowd search for ZMAC. Them vocals smash the speakers as the spot light is shows ZMAC whose stand out in the middle section of the area.

Fans: If you squeeze me lizard, I’ll put my snake in you. I’m a romantic adventure and a reptile too.

He stands there with his back turned to the ring with his arms out in a ‘T’ pose. He turns to face the crowd as he takes a few steps down the aisle way.

Fans: Easy! Easy!

He pumps the crowd up as they go rabid for the Coked UP Mad Man who reaches into his pulls out a vial of cocaine and snorts it.

Fans: The only time I’m gone be easy is when I’m.. KILED BY DEATH! KILLED BY DEATH!

Adilene Floyd: Making his way to the ring.. from the Big Easy.. He stands six feet, six inches tall and weighs in at two hundred and twenty pounds… He is the Coked Up Mad Man.. ZZZOOMMMBIE… MCMORRR-IISSS!

Fans: I’m a lone wolf ligger but I ain’t no pretty boy!

Fans swarm him as he takes beer after beer and chugs them; getting some all over his face and chest. ZMAC is in a sea of “Dove Killah Certified OG’s” as the fans lift him up and body surf him down to the crowd barrier.


He jumps the barrier and slides into the ring. ZMAC takes to the adjacent turnbuckle and taunts the crowd before taking off his jacket and throwing it to the towards the time keeper. The Honey Badger has arrived.

Chris Avery: Speaking of the hardcore title match at Revolution, ZMac was also in that match against James and Corey, but ZMac was the one that ate the pin unfortunately.

Billy: To be fair, it’s hard to kick out of a Burning Hammer. Few men have been able to do it! ZMac definitely wants some revenge here tonight against James Nightingale!

The referee signals for the bell to begin the match.

ZMac floors James with an axe handle. James is back up but goes down to a big boot from ZMac. ZMac sends James across the ring and catches him with a powerslam and proceeds to taunt James. James rolls over and gets to a kneeling position in the corner. As he goes to stand up, ZMac charges in and spears him. ZMac hits some machine gun strikes, raining blows down upon James until the referee makes him back off.

Billy: ZMac is in the referee’s face right now. He’s not happy about the referee stopping his strikes on James Nightingale.

Chris Avery: Yeah, James looks a little worn down early in this match!

ZMac shoves the referee aside and goes after James again, but James answers back this time with a headbutt followed by a dropkick, taking ZMac off of his feet. ZMac grins as he gets back to his feet again but receives a belly-to-belly suplex. James locks in a knee bar, but ZMac makes it to the ropes. ZMac is whipped across the ring and James hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker and goes for the pin.

1...NO! ZMac kicks out with some authority right before the 2 count.

Billy: ZMac looks a little surprised by the offense there by James. He thought he almost had him!

Chris Avery: Yeah, but James is clearly not going down without a fight, Billy!

ZMac and Nightingale are both on their feet, but ZMac ducks a clothesline attempt and runs off the ropes and hits a running high knee on Nightingale. James is pulled to his feet and ZMac executes an inverted suplex. ZMac quickly scales the turnbuckles and hits a fist drop on James.

ZMac pulls James to his feet and drops him with a sitout powerbomb. ZMac holds onto one of James’ legs and rolls him over and up into a single leg boston crab!

Billy: ZMac has that crab locked in! He’s wrenching for all that he can!

Chris Avery: Nightingale is fighting it though! He’s pulling the pair over to the ropes!

James just makes it to the ropes, forcing ZMac to release the hold. ZMac stands up and walks away, stalking James. He runs as James is up on his hands and knees…


Chris Avery: ZMac goes for the pin!

1….2….NO!!! James just gets the shoulder up!

ZMac isn’t done yet and he pulls James to his feet, signaling this match is over as he gets him in powerbomb position. James is lifted up but he hammers away at ZMac’s head and finally grabs hold of it as ZMac releases him and hits a facebuster on the way down!

Billy: SHITFIRE! James Nightingale just got out of the Axe Wound and turned it into a facebuster!

Chris Avery: What a great move there by James. Everyone thought he was done!

ZMac staggers up, dazed. James hits a forearm smash. He pulls ZMac up and sends him across the ring and catches him for a ring shaking spinebuster! James grabs ZMac from behind as he gets up and hits a stalling german suplex. James has a crossface locked in on ZMac who is screaming out.

Billy: James is trying to rip ZMac’s head off!

Chris Avery: ZMac’s lost body parts before! I’m sure even his head can grow back!

ZMac uses his strength and possible remnants from a recent coke binge to pull the pair over to the ropes, forcing James to release the hold.

ZMac lays there for a minute, catching his breath, before getting to his feet. James runs off the ropes and nails ZMac from behind with a roaring elbow!!


Chris Avery: ZMac looks knocked out from that blow! James has the leg hooked!

1...2...NO!! ZMac just gets the shoulder up!

Billy: Wow that was close!
James quickly grabs ZMac and puts him in piledriver position!!

Chris Avery: NOOO! Back body drop by ZMac!

ZMac quickly grabs James and executes a gutwrench spiking powerbomb!!


Chris Avery: ZMac hooks the leg!



"Killed By Death" hits the PA system as ZMac gets to his feet, victorious.

Billy: Great win here tonight by ZMac! James Nightingale brought everything he had but it wasn’t enough to put down ZMac!
Chris Avery: Yeah they both went to war here tonight and ZMac was the one that emerged victorious!
Nightingale rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as ZMac swings his baseball bat in barbwire in a circle sticking out from his crotch as if it's .. well you know.
James Nightingale Segment

We return from a commercial to find James Nightingale walking down a corridor following his match with Zombie McMorris. He is approached by Camila Gonzalez

Camila Gonzalez: James can I quickly talk to you?

Nightingale: If this is about that pussy Kidsgrove I don’t need you to prevent him from entering the arena, I’m not scared of him and he has no chance of winning a straight fight with me, understand!

Camila Gonzalez: Actually James I wanted to inform you of something our social media team has just picked up from a BBC News report. We sent that film crew to The King City Hospital yeah? Because apparently it’s on fire.

Nightingale: What! What!! I don’t believe you!

He barges past her and runs to a lounge area where a couple of low level employees are watching a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles trailer. He headbutts the one with the controller, and the other flees the scene. He frantically changes the channel and finally finds BBC News, discovering that his place of solitude is a blazing inferno.


Nightingale runs for his life through the corridors and out into the car park. He jumps into his rental car and speeds away from the arena. He has no regard for speed limits, running multiple red lights as he tries to get to the airport to return home.

Suddenly a dark figure sits up in the back seat…

Kidsgrove: Hello James. Where are we going?

Nightingale suddenly looks round and notices who it is.

Nightingale: YOU MOTHER FU….

Kidsgrove leaps forward and grabs Nightingale in a choke hold, whilst the car is still speeding down the road.

Traffic camera footage shows the car swerve from left to right before sharply veering to the left and finally crashing through the window of a local Walmart!

We return to the arena where we see a shocked Billy and Chris Avery watching their monitors.


Chris Avery: The rivalry between Kidsgrove and Nightingale has just escalated to another level.


Chris Avery: I have just been informed that emergency services are on their way, we will update you as soon as we receive any news. We are going to go to a commercial whilst we figure out what has just happened here.

Clash fades to a commercial.

If Adler Wins - They Get Tag Title Shots in 2 Weeks
Olive Adler vs. Anicka Swan

Adilene Floyd: The following contest is scheduled for one fall.

The opening hook of "Dear Maria, Count Me In" by All Time Low hits the speakers and a hush comes over the audience. For a brief moment at least, before the main riff kicks in and Olive Adler emerges from behind the curtain, sneering. The crowd erupts into a storm of jeers as she covers her mouth with her left arm, showing off whatever slogan that's been scrawled onto her tape job this week. She makes her way down the ramp as the first verse begins, singing along to herself.

Adilene Floyd: And making her way to the ring at this time, hailing from Rye, New York. Weighing in tonight at a hundred, forty-two pounds, she is "The Shrike," Olivia Adler!

Olive pulls herself away from trading barbs with a fan at ringside to smile for the camera as her name is called and makes her way to the ring steps. Racing up them, she then ascends the turnbuckles and poses, eyes closed and arms outstretched, as another wave of boos washes over her. When she opens her eyes once more, she drops into the ring, strutting to her corner.

Adilene Floyd: And her opponent from Wolf Compound, South Jersey...Anicka Swan!!

The arena goes black as night as purple lights begin to shine down on the arena floor below as the crowd begins to go wild as "Whore" by In This Moment comes blaring out of the PA system. Purple smoke began to roll from beneath the stage as the haze began to fill the air.

I'm the girl you've been thinking about
The one thing you can't live without
I'm the girl you've been waiting for
I'll have you down on your knees
I'll have you begging for more

She stepped out of the back to a huge pop from the crowd. Anicka Swan looked as ready as ever, she was dressed in a pair of wrestling tights that came down to her knees, dark purple in color and a purple bustier with diamonds encrusted in the material. Her long black hair was in two ponytails that stood out on each side of her head with her make up dark and bitchy. She walked out stood at the top of the ramp way as behind her three different colors of purple pyros rained down behind her giving the fans their photo op.

You don't know how hard I fought to survive
Waking up alone when I was left to die
You don't know about this life I've led
All these roads I've walked
All these tears I've bled

Anicka looked over her shoulder as her purple pyros turned red and the Devil's Redhead stepped from the back. VooDoo was dressed the same as her protege except for all in black. Her long red hair was pulled back in a tight braid, a slight smile on her lips that spoke of untold pleasures.

So how can this be?
You're praying to me
As I look in your eyes
I know just what that means
I can be, I can be your everything

Anicka Swan started for the ring, with FemDom manager, VooDoo beside her letting her lead. All around them the fans began to cheer, the look on Ani’s face let you know that she meant business in the ring, just like she meant business when she was fucking. Guys and girls alike reached out to touch her as she walked passed.

Billy: We’re back and it’s time for our next match. Olive Adler challenging Anicka Swan.

Chris Avery: With the added stipulation should Olive win here tonight, The Adler Twins would earn a tag team title shot in two weeks.

Ding ding.

Adler and Swan charge each other and begin throwing punches. Adler is backed into the ropes as Swan attempts a clean break. Adler gouges her eyes. Adler follows up with a Pronating Wrist Lock and connects with repeated kicks to the sternum, followed by a Pronating Wristlock into a sit-out Armbreaker. Adler wrenches back on the arm. Swan maneuvers into the ropes, forcing a break.

Swan catches Adler coming towards her and tosses her through the ropes to the floor. Swan slides out of the ring. Swan drops Adler with a clothesline then stomps the gut of Adler. Swan picks Adler up and slams her face into the ring steps then repeatedly drives Adler back first into the steps. Swan slides into the ring to break the count. Swan lifts Adler up. Adler connects with a quick right hand followed by a rolling elbow dropping Swan. Adler grinds her boot on the forehead of Swan. Adler taunts the crowd as Candice complains to the ref.

Billy: Honestly don’t know what Candice Wolf is complaining about.

Chris Avery: Just doing her job, Billy.

Adler tosses Swan back into the ring. Adler delivers a stiff kick to the ribs of Swan then locks in an Abdominal stretch. Adler grinds her elbow into the rib cage of Swan. Swan maneuvers and hip tosses Adler to the mat. Adler is up quickly. Swan and Adler lockup. Adler whips Swan into the ropes. Swan catches Adler with a sunset flip and gets a one count. Adler ducks the clothesline attempt and nails a Frankensteiner for a two count. Adler gets to her feet and argues with the referee that it was a three. The ref raises two fingers. Adler turns and Swan nails her with a spear. Swan covers for a two.

Billy: Thought Anicka had Adler there.

Swan connects with a DDT for a two count. Swan moves quickly and whips Adler into the corner and follows her in and hits a clothesline. Swan hits her Paradise City Bronco Buster then hits the Nightmare moonsault double foot stomp. Swan lifts Adler up and places Adler's head between her legs. Swan smirks then lifts Adler up and connects with the Blackout. Swan covers.




Ding ding.

Adilene Floyd: Here is your winner, Anicka Swan!!

Candice enters the ring to celebrate with Anicka as Olive rolls out of the ring!

Billy: Huge win for Anicka here tonight!

Chris Avery: Yes, but it is disappointing for Olive Adler! The Adler Twins will have to wait a little longer to challenge for the tag team titles.

The Adlers throw a fit on the outside but it's Olive who is more frustrated than anything. Anicka and Candice keep celebrating in the ring.

We fade to a commercial.

Red, White, and Bruised Segment

Clash goes from the arena to backstage to Nate Burleson.

Nate: Please welcome my guests at this time: Red, White, and Bruised.

Nikola and Karlie step into the interview area.

Nate: Last week Karlie you were unsuccessful in the main event. What are your thoughts on that?

Karlie: You're right Nate. Last week I lost a match that meant absolutely nothing. There was nothing legitimate on the line in that match. So why should I care that Adelaide Ainsworth won a nothing match? And I why should I care about being in a dump like Omaha Nebraska? And why should I care about a company who rewards their favorites and every flavor of the month and constantly wastes real talent like Nikola and myself?

Nikola: Nate, Karlie and I resurrected a tag team division that was dead. And everyone said our title reign was a joke. Folks around here thinks it's entertaining to constantly run their mouth about Karlie and her life away from wrestling. And they make light of my MMA career. But do any of them step up to willingly fight Karlie or myself?

Karlie: Save your breath Nikola. This idiot doesn’t care. He’s like everyone else around here. Another overbearing asshole who thinks he’s above you and me. But I can see where Nate here would be jealous of us. Guy had a lengthy NFL career and won nothing. He got cut by the Browns. That must have sucked. Hey Nate, getting cut by the freaking Browns??

Nikola: Karlie and I have come to a mutual agreement. Unless we are booked in meaningful matches, we don’t want to be booked on this crap show.

Karlie: Once again, Nate, its been your pleasure.

Stepan Malikov vs. Kevin Bishop

"Have I got a deal for you" yells a voice over the speakers. As hang it up begins playing there is a heavy mix of boos and cheers as Stepan Malikov struts out grinning a wide smile with a lit cigarette in his mouth, as he reaches the center he points to his shirt as he shouts "50 Bucks a pop". He takes a long drag from his cigarette and begins his slow walk to the ring, singing along to his theme music.

Adilene Floyd: Coming to the ring, from Omer, Michigan, weighing in at two hundred and twenty pounds, he is The Number One Salesman This Side of the Border, Stepan Malikov!

As he reaches the apron he starts an auction for his shirt, as the front row shouts there bids he laughs, before finally ending the auction, signing the shirt with a magic marker as for a young fan as--

Kevin Bishop jumps the barrier and rakes the marker over Stepan’s eyes! The young fan ( a teenage child accompanied by his shocked parents) reaches out for the shirt but it’s ripped away from his grasp by Bishop!

Billy: Shitfire! Bishop outta nowhere!

Chris Avery: Oh come on!

With Stepan blindsided Bishop picks up Malikov’s shirt from the ramp and rips it in two (Hogan style) in front of the child’s face! The young fan begins to cry as Bishop sneers, a brief flash of sadistic emotion fading away as Bishop grabs Stepan by the scruff of his neck and leads him towards the ring.

Billy: Bishop has never been more sadistic or more loathsome than he is now. It’s like creeping death has poisoned his soul!

Chris Avery: The man truly is a plague, Billy! We should issue surgical masks for the entire SmallTown Bank Arena here tonight!

Stepan and Bishop exchange hard rights and lefts beside the ring post before Bishop launches Stepan into the steel steps with a sudden irish whip. Bishop quickly wraps Stepan’s arm around the ring post before delivering a Yakuza kick to Stepan’s prone elbow!

Crowd: Ohhhhhhhhh!

Stepan crumples to the mat clutching his arm in agony as Bishop soaks up the boos from the jeering Nebraska crowd. Kevin’s loving the heat as he spins triumphantly on the spot, eventually turning his attention to elderly gridiron legend Johnny Rodgers, who’s sitting in the front row!

Kevin shouts an audible, “The Cornhuskers Suck!”

Billy: That’s Johnny Rodgers, Chris! The first wide receiver to win the Heisman Trophy in 1972!

Bishop waves an incensed Rodgers on, who’s getting (slowly) out of his seat. Kevin waits for Rodgers to stand, then spits in the man’s face!

Billy: Shitfire!

Chris Avery: Kevin, NO!

Billy: Bishop has just defiled a sixty eight year old man! The former wide receiver just received a mouth full of phlegm from Kevin Bishop! This is disgraceful, Chris. Absolutely disgraceful!


The sixty-eight year old Johnny Rodgers swings at Bishop, Bishop backs off from the Nebraskan legend as--

Stepan is up, ramming Kevin’s head into the ring post, opening Bishop up!


Stepan rolls a bleeding and shocked Bishop into the ring as the match finally starts!


Chris Avery: Finally!

Stepan quick to take advantage as he stomps on Bishop’s back, then delivers a running chop block that connects with the support of the crowd!

Crowd: Let’s go, Stepan, lets go, clap, clap!

Stepan off the ropes as he plants both feet directly into Kevin’s skull with a pitch perfect springboard dropkick!

Chris Avery: Bishop is bleeding and reeling, Billy!

Billy: Can Stepan do it? Could we be on for an upset?

Stepan lifts a crimson Bishop up by his hair, signaling to the crowd that he’s going for the straitjacket German suplex, but he showboats too long as Kevin is able to rake Stepan’s eyes before following that up with some swift MMA style kicks to Malikov’s thighs and lower abs.

Chris Avery: As despicable as Kevin has become, he’s still a master tactician in the ring.

Billy: And now he’s going to work on Stepan’s arm!

Kevin zeros in on Stepan’s arm, the same one that “The Plague” wrapped around the ring post earlier. Arm drag into some brutal clubbing blows. Then foot stomps on the elbow. Kevin drops his knee on the joint as Stepan is reaching for the ropes. Kevin shows no mercy as he drags Stepan back into the center of the ring as he looks to apply a kimura, but Stepan struggles and rolls out of the ring.

A somewhat incensed Bishop takes a moment to wipe a mask of caked blood from his stinging eyes as--

Stepan seizes his moment, he leaps back up onto the ring apron and then springboards off the top rope, planting Kevin into the mat with a DDT!

Chris Avery: Stepan has turned the tide!

Stepan climbs the ring post as he attempts to attack Kevin from the high rent district. Kevin spies this and leaps to his feet, looking to catch Malikov off guard as Kevin goes for --

Billy: Dark Age Destroyer!

Kevin hooks his arms around the neck of Stepan, about to drill his opponent back down into the canvass with a top rope codebreaker. But Stepan resists, shoving Kevin away then leaping, connecting with a diving knee drop. Quick cover--


Kick out by Kevin. Both men back to their feet. Kevin with a lariat attempt, ducked by Malikov. Spinning back kick by Stepan who irish whips Kevin into the ring post, follows this up with a bicycle kick, bulldog combination. Cover by Stepan but Kevin is having none of it, kick out at two as Kevin sees red (literally) hard rights and lefts as he gets to his feet and irish whips Stepan into the ropes. Kevin lifts Stepan off his feet with a flapjack then transitions that move seamlessly into a boston crab!

Billy: The cast out! Kevin has it locked in!

The referee slides in, checks on Stepan.

Kevin leans back, his face a crimson hell as he SCREAMS!

Kevin Bishop: Tap you fuck...TAPPPPPPP!!!!

Chris Avery: We’d like to apologise to our fans on the CBS network for the profanity.

Billy: Shitfire! Bishop has lost his damn mind!

Stepan is struggling, hands searching for the ropes, his eyes begin to roll as the pain overtakes him. The referee slides in and checks on Stepan. Raises his arm…

Once, twice…

Stepan is unconscious. The bell rings.



Kevin Bishop cannons out of the ring and gets back to exchanging insults with Johnny Rodgers as the referee checks on Stepan.

Chris Avery: Stepan showed real bravery out there tonight.

Billy: But the win goes to the plague. Simply a man now without remorse.

Kevin threatens Johnny Rodgers with a Boston crab.

Chris Avery: Or compassion.

homas Snow Wasn't .. Snowed In.. After All.

Thomas Snow is seen walking down a hallway somewhere in the SmallTown Bank Arena. He suddenly hears someone yelling.

“Flop, kill!”

Investigating, Thomas turns a corner to find Derrick Vayden hunched over a road case. Getting a closer look, he notices a small orange tabby kitten pouncing on a stuffed black and white goat.

Thomas: Uh… Hey, Derrick.

Derrick: Hm? Oh, hey Tom. What’s up?

Thomas: What uh… What’re you doing?

Derrick: Oh, nothing important.

Thomas: Okay… Well, anyways, I was wondering if I could talk to you about something.

Derrick: Shoot.

Thomas: I was wondering if you had any advice for me now that I’m in the cruiserweight division?

Derrick: Y’know, my career took off after I moved to the cruisers. Just get in there and take that shit over. Don’t let anyone push you around, get it?

Thomas nods and peers over Vayden’s shoulder, getting a look as Flop the kitten tears at the plush goat with its murder mittens until stuffing begins to leak out.

Derrick: Shouldn’t be too hard. The level of competition there ain’t too high. You’re gonna be just fine.

Thomas: All right, thanks. I’ll let you get back to your… project?

Derrick: Okay, cool. Good luck, my guy.

Thomas waves as he turns and continues his walk down the hallway. Over his shoulder, he hears…

Derrick: Good boy, Flop! Murder Derrick the Goat! Tear his throat out!

He stares down at the floor as he walks, lost in thought. Distracted, he doesn’t look up until he ends up running into someone.

Thomas: Oh, I’m sorry. I-

The man Thomas ran into turns around to reveal himself as Ace Sky. Thomas is stunned as the resemblance between the two men is uncanny, almost as if they’re an exact copy of one another.

Thomas slowly raises his right hand, Ace does the same at the same time. Both men turn around so their backs are to each other. They turn around and yell “boo!” simultaneously.

Suddenly Vayden calls from behind them.

Derrick: Yo, Thomas, Almost forgot- Whaaaaat the fuck.

Vayden stops in his tracks as he stares at the doppelgangers. He turns to the kitten sitting on his shoulder as if asking if it was seeing what he was seeing.

Derrick: You know what? Nevermind. You two carry on…

Derrick turns and walks in the other direction. Snow and Sky face each other again.

Thomas: Well… it was nice meeting you but I… I gotta go.

Snow turns and attempts to walk, only to be stopped by the cruiserweight champion, QDT standing in his path. He stares daggers into Thomas, a hateful look on his face. Thomas returns the glare before his eyes wander down to the title belt hanging off of the champion’s shoulder.

Quixote tracks Snow’s gaze and smirks when his eyes land onto his championship. He pats the belt with pride before bumping Thomas’ shoulder as he passes.

Thomas sighs and shakes his head. He walks until he comes to his locker room. Further down the hall, he hears the distinct voice of Flop.

Flop: Yeah, good job, Derrick! Hashtag Dick Bite City!

Thomas: ...Nope.

Snow walks into the locker room and quickly closes the door behind him as Clash cuts to commercial.


“The IllumiDaddy” Wesley vs. Teo Blaze

The arena goes quiet as “Power” by Kanye West starts to play and a chorus of boos rings out throughout the crowd. Golden lights strobe to the beat of the song until Wesley walks out onto the stage, a snarky, shit eating grin plastered on his handsome face. He walks down the ramp, relishing in the rain of boos from the hot ass crowd.

Adilene Floyd: On his way to the ring, from Atlanta, Georgia...he is “The IllumiDaddy”...WESLEEEEEEY!!!

He struts down the ramp as the crowd hurls bitter insults towards him. He shrugs them off as he walks up the steps, climbing in between the top and middle rope. He paces the ring before stepping into the middle turnbuckle and leering towards the peasants in the crowd.

Billy: Last week, Wesley turned on Ariel and cost them the match against MadClan and I still can’t get over this, Chris!

Chris Avery: Yeah, me either, but we’re about to see Wesley in his first match in his first solo match since turning on Ariel Shadows. It’s going to be a doozy of a first match!

All at once, a long guitar riff screams throughout the arena as the audience explodes in an appreciative show of recognition. Images of bright flames illuminate the entrance ramp as Motley Crue's "Kickstart my Heart" echoes all throughout the building. The high energy song whips the crowd into a frenzy of anticipation, and just as the music reaches it's height-

Teo Blaze leaps onto the ramp! He lands with a flourish, holding his hands out to the crowd with an ear to ear smile across his face, his eyes covered by his signature red sunglasses. He turns towards the fans and gestures them to cheer louder, which only amplifies the already roaring sound. He nods appreciatively and begins walking towards the ramp, slapping high fives on any outstretched hands he comes across. He reaches the entrance ramp, and seems to consider for a moment before leaping up and grabbing the top rope! With a quick burst of energy, he flips nimbly over the rope into a forward roll, landing in a pose out of an action movie. He stands up, smiling, and walks towards the corner, slowly cupping his hands to his ear to listen to the cheers. Finally, and with a dramatic gesture, he removes his glasses, tossing them into the front row as he turns back to prepare for his match.

Chris Avery: A couple of weeks ago, Teo beat Kevin Bishop in a great match at Revolution 3.

Billy: Yeah, but tonight he faces another dangerous man in Wesley. The IllumiDaddy is one of the most unpredictable stars on our roster so Teo will have his hands full here tonight.

The referee signals for the bell to begin the match.

Teo runs at Wesley and ducks a clothesline and hits a lariat of his own. Both men are back up but Teo takes Wesley down again with a flying crossbody. A slingblade later from Teo and Wesley rolls out of the ring to collect himself. Teo taunts him in the ring, telling him to bring it. Wesley slides back in, but goes down to an enziguri as he goes to stand up. Teo executes a snap DDT and goes for the first pin of the match.

1..NO! Teo barely gets a 1.5 count on Wesley who kicks out.

Billy: Great quick pin attempt there by Teo, but it’s going to take more than that to put Wesley away.

Chris Avery: Yeah, Teo may be a big veteran in the sport and a former world champion, but Wesley is no stranger to gold here in AW and is a dangerous opponent.

Wesley proves this right with a sitout jawbreaker out of nowhere. Teo is right back up but is tossed across the ring by a release butterfly suplex. Teo charges at Wesley and goes down to a backdrop suplex. Wesley backs Teo up in the corner and hits repeated forearms to the face until the referee pulls him off. Wesley charges in and hits a huge knee to the face of Teo and Teo rolls out onto the apron.

Wesley headbutts Teo in the midsection. Wesly pulls down on the ropes and looks out at the crowd.

Billy: No! Don’t do it!

Wesley leaps over and hits a sunset flip powerbomb on Teo, laying him out at ringside.



Chris Avery: Quit screaming fatass! Damn! Yeah, that looked brutal though. Teo looks knocked out. Wesley grins as he surveys his unconscious opponent. He finally pulls him to his feet and rolls him into the ring. Wesley crawls in after and hooks Teo’s leg in a cocky manner.

1...2...NO!! Teo gets the arm up. Wesley can’t believe it.

Billy: WOW! I thought Teo was unconscious but the crowd is rallying behind him right now.

Wesley taunts Teo as he gives him a couple of slaps across the face, dragging him across the ring. He finally whips Teo across the ring, and Teo comes back with a flying forearm smash! The crowd pops as Wesley goes down. Teo is back on his feet and hits a running shooting star press. He follows it up with a standing moonsault and goes for the pin.

1...2..NO! Wesley gets the shoulder up.

Teo grabs Wesley and hits a running canadian destroyer. Teo runs over and executes a lionsault and goes for the pin again.

1...2...NO! Wesley gets the shoulder up again.

Teo stalks Wesley and hits a springboard cutter as he gets to his feet.

Billy: PSYCHOGUN TO WESLEY! This could be it!

Chris Avery: Teo has the leg hooked for a third pin attempt in a row!

1...2...NO!! Wesley just gets the shoulder up a third time!

Billy: Wesley will just not go away! He doesn’t want one of his first singles matches since his breakup with Ariel Shadows to end in a loss!

Chris Avery: Yeah and a win against a guy like Teo would be big!

Teo stands up and goes for a standing senton, but Wesley gets his knees up and Teo hits them hard. Wesley uses the ropes to pull himself up and connects with a sitout dropkick to the face when Teo finally sits up. Teo is pulled to his feet and receives a dragon suplex from Wesley. Wesley hits a springboard back elbow, taking Teo down again before climbing to the second turnbuckle and executing a moonsault. He holds for the pin.

Billy: Wesley just turned this match around and goes for the pin!

1….2….NO!! Teo just barely gets the shoulder up.

Wesley isn’t happy with the near fall and executes a spinwheel on Teo!!


Billy: Wesley drops down and hooks the leg!

1...2...NO!! Teo just gets the shoulder up again!

Chris Avery: Neither one of these men want to give the other the win here tonight.

Billy: Both have something to prove and they’ll kill each other to do it!

Wesley’s got Teo in suplex position and yells out that this match is over!!


Billy: The leg is hooked!





“Power” by Kanye West starts to play as Wesley gets to his feet, victorious.

Billy: What a great win here tonight for Wesley! He walks away looking dominant against Teo.
Chris Avery: Yeah, Teo wasn’t a pushover and came close to winning the match himself, but Wesley was just a man on a mission tonight, Billy!
Wesley rolls out of the ring and heads to the back as Teo is pulling himself up.

Chris Avery: Obviously, the threatening attack from Bull earlier halted Teo's momentum!
The crowd buzzes as Bull jumps the railing and slides into the ring. He just tackles Teo with a shoulder tackle and Teo backflips in the ring!

Billy: OH COME ON!!

Bull reaches down and picks up Teo by the throat and lifts him dead ass into the air and Chokeslams him down and as soon as Teo hits the mat, Bull pulls Teo right back up into the air and chokeslams him a second time!

Chris Avery: COME ON BULL!!

Teo is out and Bull still isn't letting go and just pulls Teo right back up and chokeslams him a third time!

Billy: What the hell?!

Officials come out and Bull looks at his damage and just walks away. They slide in the ring and check on Teo.

We fade to a commercial.