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Alpha Pro Wrestling

Monday Night Metal

EVENT AIRED: Feb 10, 2020



February 10th, 2020
Live From: Spokane Arena, Spokane, Washington
Seating capacity: 12,638
Exclusive to NETFLIX



A drone camera takes in a wide shot of the crowd, just over ten thousand strong, on their feet and singing along with Motorhead’s Ace of Spades. Pyro erupts on the stage; orange and blue lights chase down the aisle; and at ringside, already seated, are the voices of Monday Night, Mike Clearwater and Jonah “Remi” St. Remington!

Clearwater: Welcome once again to another red-hot edition of Monday Night Metal!

Remi: You said it, dude! With a lineup like this, I don’t know how we’re gonna top ourselves at Liberty or Death!

Clearwater: I don’t, either, but that’s still two weeks away! Tonight’s show kicks off with a three-way dance between John Blade, fan favorite Road Dawg, and the enigmatic Flop!

Remi: He’s got a goat!

Clearwater: As he has made abundantly clear. Two newcomers, El Muertos and Vince Garza, go head-to-head. El Muertos had strong words early in the week for Garza, and you have to expect this to be a brutal battle!

Remi: No doubt about that, Mikey-bro! Then we jump into tag team action with Jaice Wilds and Zombie McMorris taking on the similarly mismatched team of Jason Ryan and Eli Beazley!

Clearwater: Ryan has made no secret of the fact that he has no intention of cooperating in the ring with his partner. I don’t know about you, but I doubt General Manager Irina Ivanova will look kindly on that.

Remi: I don’t think he cares, dude! Jason Ryan’s been doing everything he can to get under Irina’s skin for the last three weeks! He may have a billion dollars, but he’s got zero fucks to give!

Clearwater: He may feel differently once ZMAC gets his hands on him! Afterward, former Junior Heavyweight Champion Alex Scott will go toe-to-toe with a debuting Morbius!

Remi: And in our co-main event -- it’s already making my pants fit tighter -- BONNIE BLUE VERSUS SMITH JONES! Two of the best in the business facing off with nothing but honor and reputation on the line!

Clearwater: Inappropriate, but not inaccurate. This will be one for the history books! Afterward, the Architects -- Damon Warrens and Lex Collins -- will face the unlikely team of Commissar of Violence, Spartan and North American Champion Lucy Sixx! This is one can’t-miss edition of Metal!


Architects/Two-Toned Mafia Segment

"Take Me To Church" begins playing as we hear the beginning vocals.

A... men!

Take me to church
I'll worship like a dog at the shrine of your lies
I'll tell you my sins and you can sharpen your knife
Offer me that deathless death
Good God, let me give you my life"

As Lucy Sixx and Cecilia Ortiz step out from behind the curtain, a red light fixated on their every movement. Cecilia takes Lucy's hand and leads her to a throne on the stage. Lucy has a seat as Cecilia poses beside the throne.

"My lover's got humor
She's the giggle at a funeral
Knows everybody's disapproval
I should've worshiped her sooner

If the Heavens ever did speak
She is the last true mouthpiece
Every Sunday's getting more bleak
A fresh poison each week

"We were born sick", you heard them say it
My church offers no absolutes
She tells me, "Worship in the bedroom"

The only Heaven I'll be sent to
Is when I'm alone with you
I was born sick, but I love it

Command me to be well
Amen, Amen, Amen"

Lucy stands up and the two women make their way down the ramp and slide into the ring amongst the boos. Lucy gets a microphone from Jessika Kaine as she speaks.

Lucy: Yeah yeah yeah. Boo all you want. The fact is that I am here to stir shit up. I am tired of the Twitter talk. I want Smith Jones to get his yellow bellied ass out here!

“Architects” by Rise Against rocks the speakers as all of the arena lights blast to full white. The entire arena slowly fades to darkness as all of the spotlights flood the stage with white light. Smith Jones appears on stage dressed in a shiny white robe with sparkly silver trim. His robe hangs open so that we can see the Alpha Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship locked safely around his waist. He slowly spins to reveal that the back of his robe is an elegantly embroidered six of hearts done up in silver and white with the hearts being red. He turns to stare across the distance directly into Lucy’s eyes.

Smith Jones: So, lemme get this straight. You are Daddy. I am grandpa. By my math, that means I still reserve the right to slap you silly any day of the week. I like Mondays. Mondays good for you, Sixx?

He allows himself a moment to laugh at himself. He then sighs and speaks on.

Smitty: Look at us three. We are seventy-five percent of the active singles champions here in Alpha Pro. These people shouldn’t boo you; these people shouldn’t cheer me. We’re just wrestlers trying to make a living. We’re just three of the absolute best wrestlers in this company out here sparkling up the joint like the bosses we are. You want me to jump, eh Luce? How high?

Jones begins to very casually, very slowly saunter down the aisle, never losing focus on Lucy’s eyes. He squints.

Smitty: How high are you right now exactly? Tell me in grams. Or kilometres. Whatever. Go!

Jones stops at the bottom of the ramp and awaits Lucy’s reply.

Lucy: High? Are you serious right now? As it pertains to Mondays I do some of my best work on Mondays.. I do better work on pay per view. I was the poster child for the first APW PPV afterall. Try me Smith. Try to outshine me. Fact is you can't. You're a nothing, Smith. I'd call you a failure but even failures have hope. Even a failure matters to some. You matter to no one. Warrens and Collins are just waiting to drive the knife into your back.

Lucy pauses as she looks into the camera.

Lucy: Irina make this match happen!

Smitty: Irina… Hold that thought. If you’re going to talk garbage about Warrens and Collins, the least we can do is give them the chance to…

“Architects” by Rise Against plays as Lex Collins and Damon Warrens appear on stage. Collins looks pissed off, microphone already in hand and he’s speaking before the music even fades out.

Lex: Listen up, you raging thundercunt…

The first words are almost drowned out between the music and the noise of the crowd.

Lex: wanna talk baseless nonsense? Maybe find someone else to fix in the crosshairs. Some useless fodder who hasn’t paid his dues, ‘cause right here? We’re the real deal!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction to that declaration as Collins and Warrens make their way down to join Jones.

Lex: I know what y’all think of me. Hear the whispers behind my back. Wanderer. Listless asshole who splits when it gets tough but see, I’ve known Smitty for YEARS. Got a hell of a concussion at his hands. Didn’t much care for the guy at first, if I’m bein’ honest here. Respected the shit outta his work ethic, though. Admired it… fuckin’ EMULATED it, really. You wanna say he’s nobody? He’s nothing? Then why the fuck’re YOU chasin’ him like a schoolgirl with a hell of a crush?

Warrens looks at Sixx with at first disinterest, but that soon becomes a look of exhaustion presumably with her nonsense.

Damon: Lucy… Lucy… Lucy….. You got some ‘splainin’ to do Lucy… Do you genuinely think that your words hold any ounce of truth to them? You try to spin this false narrative of Smith Jones needing to watch his back when it comes to two people who are more supportive of him than anyone else in this business…. As someone who has known Smith for...what nine years now? As someone who… nine years ago stood beside Smitty against mediocre imbeciles not unlike yourself…. You genuinely think I’M the person Smitty needs to concern himself with? Truly?

Damon pauses before he shakes his head with a laugh. The crowd seeming split on how to react to an admittedly awful person, but one who is aligned with the world champion.

Damon: I can however confirm one thing… the person Smitty needs to be concerned about… is definitely not you. You know I listened to the rant you went on about me Lucy… I’ve “never faced the likes of you”, “have I even seen what you’re capable of”... Well Lucy I have seen what you’re capable of… and I’m not impressed. See wrestlers like you… you’re dime a dozen. Some young punk with a dream who thinks that with a couple months of training they can come in and flip the wrestling world up-side down.

As Damon describes the scenario he paces a little bit.

Damon: You forget to pay respect to those before you. You tout yourself as dangerous because you can use a weapon… I’ve faced the likes of you time and time again… and I’ve with little effort ended dream after dream… yours is just one amongst a line of hundreds…

Smitty: Damon. Lex. You flatter me too much. I’m sure you both know that there is no way I would be aligning myself with either of you if not for all of the work you’ve done over the years. Time and again you both lace up and show up every chance you get. You’ve both been building this business up for years. Both of you are highly influential, highly talented workers and I respect the hell out of you both.

As Lex and Damon now flank Jones, he gets up onto the ring apron with Damon on his left and Lex on his right. All three stand now on the apron starting at Lucy and Cecilia.

Smitty: You want an Alpha World Title Match against me, Luce? My answer is…

"Sgori (Burn)" hits the speakers to a big reaction from the crowd! Irina Ivanova steps out onto the stage, dressed in an olive-hued, Soviet-inspired jumpsuit; cut just low enough to reveal a peek of red lace beneath. Her iron gaze takes in the scene before her as she lifts a microphone to her lips.

Irina Ivanova: ENOUGH! This petty squabbling is unbecoming of my World Champion! You, Comrade Smith Jones, I hold to a higher standard; because that is what you represent -- the highest of standards! The Alpha Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. The title so prestigious, so illustrious, that it draws the best of the best from other companies. Bigger companies, I might add. And you -- want to throw a shot at this...
нераскаявшийся мусор?

Lucy Sixx scowls; the crowd boos. None of them know what Irina just said, but judging by her tone, it wasn't complimentary. The Red Angel lifts a hand to silence them.

Irina: All right, all right -- since you're the World Champion, and since there is very little danger of Miss Sixx actually divesting you of that position -- then if this is what you want, Comrade Jones, then I will not stand in your way. HOWEVER -- there's still the matter of that belt she's already wearing around her waist. If she lacks the respect to carry that belt with honor, then she should relinquish it to someone who will. So, да. Yes. Accept her challenge, if you will, Comrade Jones -- but Lucy Sixx will NOT hold two belts of such prestige. My condition is simple. If Lucy Sixx wants the APW World Title, then she must give up or lose the North American Championship.

With that, the General Manager lowers the mic and walks to the back, leaving all five of them staring at her in shock as we cut to commercial.


El Muertos vs Vince Garza

Jessica Kaine: The following contest is scheduled for one fall… Coming to the ring first… making his Alpha Pro Wrestling debut… fighting out of Mexico City, Mexico and weighing in at two hundred and fourteen pounds… he is EL MUERTOS!!

The arena blacks out as ‘A Toda Madre’ by Thell Barrio plays, the guitar riffs for eights seconds before the drum hits, white strobe lighting flashes frantically in time with the beat. A spotlight finds El Muertos walking amongst the fans wearing a black stetson, black leather belt and holster. His hand firmly holding the grip of a golden revolver sat in the holster as he pushes his way through the crowd.

Once El Muertos makes his way to ring side the house lights fade up. Jumping up to the apron he looks around slowly letting the fans in attendance get a look at his face. El Muertos yanks his hat off as he climbs through the ropes and poses in the centre of the ring. As soon as the music cuts out in one swift motion El Muertos throws the hat into the air, draws the revolver and fires three shots at the stetson, catching the hat as hit falls back down to the apron.

Jessica Kaine: His opponent… also on Alpha Pro Wrestling debut...fighting out of Kansas City, Missouri… weighing in at two hundred and sixty three pounds...VINCE GARZA!!

(I go to sleep with my demons
creep in my head every night
they come to shred all my dreams
and I bled on my bed
why is this my life?)

Fight the Fury’s “My Demons” plays over the arena’s speakers as Vince Garza steps out onto the stage. The fans go quiet, unsure of how to react to the intimidating man with the strange look. Vince gazes out into the crowd, taking in all the confused stares directed at him.

Garza begins his slow walk to the ring. He stops halfway down the ramp when he notices a young fan holding out an arm to him. Vince stares at the child’s arm for a moment before gently touching his own hand to theirs. The child smiles and Vince nods to them before continuing his way to the ring.

He climbs up onto the apron and wipes his feet as a sign of respect before entering through the ropes. He stands in the center of the ring and gazes out into the crowd before turning to the entrance way and preparing for his opponent.


The two men stare each other down, before Muertos offers Garza a test of strength. Garza hesitates before engaging, once both hands are locked in battle, Muertos kicks Garza in the stomach and FLATTENS him with a clothesline. Garza quickly rebounds to his feet and ducks under a clothesline from Muertos, Garza runs the ropes and knocks his opponent to the mat with a POWERFUL running shoulderblock. Garza jumps over Muertos and bounces off the opposite ropes and knocks Muertos back down with another shoulderblock. This time Vinny - that sounds like the name of cat - stop and lifts his opponent off the mat. As he is lifting Muertos up - Muertos UNLEASHES a BRUTAL uppercut that staggers Garza. Muertos presses home the advantage by shoving Garza into the ropes and then whipping him to far ropes as Garza comes back and Muertos hip tosses him over onto the mat with AGGRESSION and follows up in the one movement into Garza. He quickly covers.



Garza gets his shoulder up and rolls out of the way and onto his knees. Muertos stalks after his prey but his met by a headbutt to the midsection by Garza. That hard plastic mask takes the wind from the sails of the Dead Man. Garza drags himself to his feet using the head of Muertos to support him. Vince grabs El Muertos and DRIVES his head into the mat into the mat with a the 1916 DDT. Muertos bounces with the ferocity of the spike. Garza starts stomping WILDLY onto the head of Muertos who is forced to cover his head and roll to the ropes for protection. Garza SURGES forward and pulls Murtos out of the ropes and lifts him to his feet and sends him into the corner. He follow up with a spear that CRUSHES Muertos against the turnbuckle. Muertos staggers out of the corner and collapses onto the mat. Garza rolls him onto his back and covers.



Muertos kicks out of the pinfall attempt. Garza gets angry and slaps the mat. He pulls Muertos to his feet and lifts him to the positions for DEAD MAN’S BALLET. NO! Muertos backdrops out of it. Both both catch their breath, and Muertos is first to his feet, with Garza mere moments behind him. Garza comes forward and is knocked down by a dropkick. Muertos scrambles the ropes and Garza comes back again - ESCOPETA - Garza is take down by the second rope diving swing neckbreaker of El Muertos. Muertos seizes the momentum and BANG! Dia de Muertos! He puts Garza down with his finisher.




Jessica Kaine: Your winner… via pinfall… EL MUERTOS!!!


John Blade vs Road Dawg vs Flop

John Blade’s music begins to play as he walks out on stage. He talks to the camera man and bounces a little. He holds up his “Never Give Up” logo flag and tosses it to the fans. He salutes and runs straight down towards the ring. He bounces off the ropes side to side and he holds up his “Hustle, Loyalty, and Respect” shirt. He takes off his hat and tosses his shirt to the fans and hands his Chain to the ref to begin to fight.

A hard rock cover of Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere” hits the speakers and the roar of a bike announces the arrival of Road Dawg. He coasts down the ramp and laps the ring a couple of times, revving the engine for the fans, before he dismounts and climbs into the ring.

"Telling Ghosts" by Puscifer begins to play over the PA system. Flop walks out on the stage, with Derrick the Goat. He stares into the crowd as the opening lyrics pollute the airwaves.

The more you take, the more you need
The more you suck, the more you bleed
The dead know better, so listen to the letter
The more you suck, the more you bleed

Flop and Derrick make their way to the ring, as the song continues to play. Flop takes Derrick around to the commentary table, where he leashes Derrick to the barrier right next to the table. Flop then rolls under the bottom rope as his theme music finishes playing.


The three men eye each other up for a few seconds, before Road Dawg just hauls off and throws a big overhand right at John Blade! He turns to Flop, and levels a punch at him, too, but is taken off his feet by a charging Blade! Blade with a flurry of mounted punches while Flop nonchalantly climbs the nearest turnbuckle.

Enraged, Road Dawg shoves John Blade off him and gets back to his feet. The two men trade punches, wearing each other down. Blade gets the upper hand and puts Dawg on the canvas with a big suplex! At that precise moment, Flop launches himself off the turnbuckle and takes down John Blade with a flying crossbody!

Road Dawg is back up first, and he grabs Flop in a massive bear hug! Blade is up next and he grabs both men, lifting them up, looking for a double suplex -- but Road Dawg releases Flop and fights his way free! Road Dawg with a DDT to John Blade!

He makes a quick cover, but Flop breaks it up! Dawg turns on Flop and puts him in a sleeper hold. In those massive arms, it doesn’t take long for Flop to start losing consciousness. An alarmed Derrick drops the tub of popcorn he’d stolen from a fan at ringside, straining at his leash. The referee checks on Flop, lifting his arm up… it drops! The official lifts it again… again, it drops! Just as the ref goes for the third one, John Blade comes barreling in out of nowhere and bulldogs Road Dawg and Flop down to the canvas! Blade ignores Flop and picks up Dawg, putting him in position for a cutter, but a recovered Flop comes in with a kick to the knee of Blade! Flop going for a swinging neckbreaker, but Blade catches him and turns it into a modified side slam! Blade follows up with a fist drop!

Blade with the cover!



Road Dawg breaks it up! Road Dawg with a snapmare attempt! John Blade avoids it! He grabs Dawg and pulls him in for a short-arm clothesline! He goes to follow up, but stops when Flop grabs him by the arm. Flop tries for an Irish whip, and Blade reverses it with ease, sending Flop crashing into the corner! Blade chases after him with a corner splash -- but Flop moves out of the way! Flop capitalizes with a running knee -- but this time Blade moves out of the way!

Meanwhile, Derrick the Goat has seized Remi’s notes and is contentedly munching on them while he watches the action inside the ring.

Road Dawg drops John Blade with a pumphandle slam while Flop leans against the turnbuckle, catching his breath. Dawg drops for the cover.



Flop breaks it up with a springboard elbow drop! Flop pulls John Blade to a vertical base and drills him with a European uppercut! Before he can follow up, Road Dawg jumps in with a huge forearm that sends Flop staggering! Blade grabs Dawg and puts him down with a backbreaker! He pulls Dawg back up and nails him with a powerbomb! Flop exits the ring for a quick consultation with Derrick.

Then another!

And one more! Triple Threat!

Blade locks in the STFU! The official checks on Road Dawg, who appears to be completely out of it! The arm is raised once! It drops!

A second time; it drops again!

The official lifts up Road Dawg’s arm one more time…

...and it falls!


Jessica Kaine: The winner of this match -- JOHN BLADE!!!

Blade’s music hits again to a pop from the crowd, as Flop leads Derrick away from ringside, stopping to point ominously at Blade before making his way to the back.


"Breezy" Eli Beazley Segment

The show moves to the locker room area and we get a shot of 'Breezy' Eli Beazley standing next to Troy Butler. A few cheers can be heard coming from the crowd. The mandatory moment of awkwardness takes place where Troy has to make sure the feed has switched and the cameras are rolling.

Troy Butler: "Folks, I am here with Eli Beazley. He will be taking part in a huge tag team match tonight. Eli, your partner threatened to sue you after this match. How concerned are you about a lawsuit from Jason Ryan and his manager Ira Stevenson?"

We get a head shake and a laugh from Eli before he answers the question.

Eli Beazley: "Worried? I don't worry about much. That's the Breezy way. I mean, just last week I thought I had testicular cancer for three days. I didn't worry about that. So why would I be worried about Jason Ryan and a lawsuit?

Troy Butler: "There is a lot to unpack there... But Ira Stevenson made it clear that Jason Ryan would not be helping you in the match tonight. I believe he said that if you try to tag him in he will 'go after your father and snap his spine.' Your thoughts?

The smile fades slowly from Eli's face.

Eli Beazley: "First of all, my father is a damn saint! Leave him out of this. Second, Jason Ryan is a joke. Troy, no one is scared of Jason Ryan. He runs his mouths. He pounds his chest. He talks a mean game. But at the end of the day every wrestler in APW knows that he is a fake tough guy. Jason Ryan is like that little kid in the neighborhood who threatens to sue you if you don't get off his property. He's the bully we all knew in high school. The one that would hide behind his bigger friends and talk shit. But that kid always ended up getting ass kicked and transferring to a different school. Jason Ryan is Dudley Dursley."

Troy Butler: "Is that a Harry Potter reference?"

Eli Beazley: "You're damn right it is. Hufflepuff 4 Life!"

Eli walks off camera leaving a very confused Troy Butler behind.

Troy Butler: "Ladies and gentlemen... Eli Beazley."


Morbius vs Alex Scott

Jessica Kaine: Coming to the ring first… Morbius!

Morbius walks to the ring.

Jessica Kaine: His opponent… the former Alpha Pro Wrestling Junior Heavyweight Champion… fighting out of Anaheim, California… weighing in at two hundred pounds… he is the Gift...The Answer… The All Day Superstar… HE IS ALEX SCOTT!!

"Fight Like the Devil" begins, and there is a brief murmuring of fans. As the song picks up, Alex Scott parts the curtain, a look of focus and minor indifference on his face. He shows very little emotion, walking to the ring in his hooded sweatshirt, tights and boots. He hits the ring, uses the ropes the stretch, and then sits on the top turnbuckle, mentally preparing himself to wrestle.


Morbius charges Scott and Scott nails him with a spinning back fist. Scott grabs Morbius of the mat and puts him DOWN with the Answer! Scott quickly covers.






Jessica Kaine: Your winner in a time of twenty two seconds… ALEX SCOTT!!

Jaice Wilds/Zombie McMorris vs Jason Ryan/"Breezy" Eli Beazley

St Remi: We've had a hell of a night so far, ladies and gents! But before we head into our co-main events, we have an exciting tag team contest between two wrestling legends and… well, a dysfunctional team, at best.

Mike Clearwater: Jason Ryan has been talking a lot on social media as of late, however his drive to put his money where his mouth is lacks greatly. Jaice Wilds and ZMac have both retorted to much of Jason's nonsense, but Ryan is less than eager to actually step into the ring with either.

Remi: He even posted on social media that he wouldn't even be involved in the match tonight!! He plans on sitting next to us and adding commentary!

Clearwater: Well… we'll see what happens, I guess.

Jessica Kaine: Ladies and gentlemen! The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall!!

"American Darkness" hits the PA system as ZMAC runs out onto the stage with high intensity, pulling the crowd in and hyping them up.

Jessica Kaine: Introducing first! He is your Alpha Pro Wrestling Hardcore Champion! The Immortal American, ZOOOOOMBIIIIEEEE McMORRRRRRRRIIIIISSSSSSSSS!!!

He runs to the ring, sliding in and takes to the top rope as the fans tell it like it is.

Remi: As per usual, the Coked-Up Madman is high as shit and ready to rumble!

Clearwater: And his partner is always down for a battle… these guys are going to look great in that ring together!!

Jessica Kaine: And his tag team partner!

The opening chords of “UltraNUMB” by Blu Stahli fills the arena as the lights go dark. Several flashes of blue and green lights illuminate various parts of the arena and entrance ramp to the beat of the song, all stopping with a cascade falling at the top center as Blue Stahli screams…


At this point, the fans begin roaring as Jaice Wilds is spotted on a platform a few feet above the ramp. He raises his arms into an X, taking a moment to watch the crowd respond in kind before…

3! 2! 1!

Wilds flips forward off the platform, landing superhero style on the ramp below. He looks up, removing the hood from his face and tossing his shades into the crowd. He starts down the ramp, taking some time to slap random fives and bump fists.

You want it full frontal, over-stimulation
So say a benediction, For a new addiction
In voyeuristic overdrive
(Here comes the countdown)

Jessica Kaine: Ladies and gentlemen, making his way to the ring!!

This is the new flesh

Jessica Kaine: From Puerto Vehlo, Brazil; weighing in at one hundred and eighty-four pounds!

This is the open door

Jessica Kaine: He is the Final General and YOUR Xtreme Aerialist!!

We've got everything you wanted…


Wilds stops at the bottom of the ramp, taking in a deep breath and signing the rosarie before launching forward, corkscrewing himself to fly between the top and middle ring ropes and rolling to his feet once inside the ring. He looks to each side of the ring, the fans on their feet as he heads for a turnbuckle.

You want it all right now (ULTRAnumb)
Right now
(Three, two, one)
Violated, So degraded
The show has just begun
(Three, two, one)
Dominated, By all you hated
This will make you ULTRAnumb
(Three, two, one)

Wilds nods to the crowd, throwing up the X as the fans chant "X-Treme!" to their hero. He drops to the mat, running up to each remaining turnbuckle and repeating the taunt as the crowd continues to roar in approval. He stops for a moment, nodding in respect to the Honey Badger… who just don't give a fuck.

Clearwater: An uneasy alliance tonight, to be sure. But if they can get on the same page between the bells, there may not be a tandem out there half as dangerous.

Jessica Kaine: Introducing their opponents! First…

“Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen hits the loudspeakers. The fans pop as “Breezy” Eli Beazley hits the stage. He briefly dances to his music and then makes his way to the ring. Eli highfives several fans. He stops to take a selfie with a fan and even pauses for a quick interaction with a young fan in the front row.

Jessica Kaine: From San Diego, California, he is "Breezy" ELIIIIIIIII BEEEEEEAAAAAAAZLEEEEYY!!

Eli makes his way up to the ring apron and hits a few more dance moves. Finally, Eli hops over the top rope and spins around in the ring with his arms held out engulfing himself in the cheers from the audience. When we get to the chorus of the song , Eli hops up on second rope and leads the crowd in a few ‘Don’t Stop Me Now’s". He hops down, offering a hand of respect to his opponents. ZMac just shakes his head in disgust, but Wilds extends his own hand and shakes it.

Jessica Kaine: And his partner for this match!

Clearwater: Technically…

The lights turn off, minus a single spotlight that follows Jason to the ring. Fog throughout the arena. Jason walks down to the ring, pacing around it.

Jessica Kaine: From Helena, Montana, this is Jason Ryan!!

Jason starts up the ring steps, giving Eli hope… then laughs, stepping down and walking over to the announce table. He pulls up a seat and grabs a headset as Beazley hangs his head in defeat.

Remi: That's pretty cold, Jason. I mean, who just abandons his partner like this before the match even starts?

Ryan: I'm sorry, who the hell are you? I'm Jason fucking Ryan. I face who I want, when I want. And if I don't want to involve myself in a match with a bunch of old coots who frankly aren't worth my time, I'll show up to fulfill my contractual obligations- but don't expect me to get in the ring with that… filth.

Clearwater: Dude. You realize ZMac and Jaice are legends, right? I mean, a win tonight could launch you right where you want to be…

Ryan: Did I fucking ask your opinion? No, I did not. Shut up. Management will realize soon enough that nobody else draws like Jason Ryan, and they'll give me what I deserve.

Remi: A pink slip?

Ryan: Funny, bitch. Real funny.

The bell rings to start the match, Eli taking a breath as he turns to face what is essentially a handicap match. Wilds starts to step up, but ZMac shoves past him to shoot a kick to Eli's left knee. Wilds shrugs in mild annoyance as he heads for his corner, Beazley dropping to a knee. McMorris immediately starts firing fist after fist into Eli's head, Breezy trying to block but unable to fully stop the onslaught.

Remi: ZMac with that viole…

Ryan: This old meth-head with a series of baby punches that I would have easily countered and dropped his ass already. But Beazley is a little bitch, so baby punches probably make him shit his Depends.

Clearwater: You really are a shit human being, you know that?

Ryan: Again! Who the hell asked you, Eric?!

Clearwater: My name is M…

Ryan: Don't care!!

Zombie grabs Eli up, throwing him across the ring. Beazley rebounds, Zombie with a back body drop… but Eli barely manages to land on his feet! Eli is in shock, as he looks to the crowd and raises his hands in victory… only to have ZMac hit him with a hard lariat from behind. ZMac shakes his head, laughing.

Remi: Eli with a save, but celebr…

Ryan: Amateur hour. Fucking amateur hour. Who the hell throws a victory party over landing that? What a moron. I would have turned around and kicked the shit out of Green Teletubby.

Clearwater: THEN WHY DON'T YOU DO IT?!

Ryan: Do you not listen? These guys aren't worth my time!

ZMac drops an elbow to Eli's forehead, Beazley falling back a step. McMorris grabs up the 5'11 (and ¾)" Breezy, charging at the corner and dropping the poor man into a buckle bomb. Beazley stumbles out of the corner, meeting a jumping high knee from ZMac!! Eli drops, McMorris with the cover!!



Kick-up at 2 ½!!

Remi: Eli Beazley showing some li…

Ryan: Yeah, yeah. Extend your punishment a little more, you delusional bastard. For fuck's sake; you're getting your ass handed to you by a hobo. What's your problem?

Clearwater: At least Breezy is in there competing!!

Ryan: If you're so worried about him, why don't YOU go help him?

Remi: If I wasn't retired…

Ryan: What? You'd take a beating from this filthy hermit?

Wilds extends his hand for a tag, but Honey Badger… well, you know. Zombie pulls Eli into a side headlock, locking in each of Beazley's arms.

Remi: He's putting it away early w…

Ryan: Looks like a DDT. Simple, yet effective. I could duck out of one of these, but Beanie is worn out…

Clearwater: Omigawd, will you leave??

Ryan: I. Will do. What I. Want. To do.

Remi and Clearwater share an exasperated sigh. Meanwhile, Breezy manages to struggle free before the World Tour '69 incapacitates him. ZMac is barely impressed for a split second, but quickly spins around for a kick. Eli leans back, narrowly avoiding contact; then drops ZMac with a snap dragon suplex!!


Clearwater: Get it, Eli!

Ryan: Ugh. Don't you have snacks around here?? Where are the vendors? PEANUTS! POPCORN! SOMEBODY…

Eli slowly crawls to his corner as ZMac shakes off the sudden offense, nodding as he looks to Beazley. Eli reaches up to his corner… But, alas, nobody home. He slowly turns, pulling himself up in the corner as ZMac stands, a sick grin. He shoots like a bat outta hell across the ring, looking for a big body splash… Eli over the top rope! McMorris tastes the turnbuckle… Beazley with a springboard cutter!! ZMac drops, trying to shake it off as Beazley rolls to a seated position. The crowd starts to get behind Eli, if only in respect for his resiliency. Hell, Wilds nods in approval and claps a bit. Eli pulls himself up, stalking McMorris as the Immortal American stirs. Eli charges across the ring, rebounds, ZMac is standing and turns…

Remi: SPEAR!!!

Clearwater: Eli showing some life as he fig…

Ryan: FINALLY!! Yeah, I'll take… cotton candy, some popcorn… And throw in some cracker jacks. Turns out Jheri Curls might actually live for a few more minutes.

Clearwater: Your partner is starting to turn things around, Jason. And you're not going to go tag in and capitalize?

Ryan: I'm sorry. Is John Smith in there with my World Title? No? Then I'm not going anywhere.

Beazley looks to the crowd, then to ZMac. He holds three fingers up high, then points to Zombie as he starts up. Zombie to his feet… dropkick!! ZMac stumbles back, Eli steps up… dropkick!! ZMac to a knee… dropkick!!

Remi: Triple Shot!! Eli's trying to put this away while he…

Ryan: What do we have to drink out here?? What… coffee? Keep it classy, Tommy. What have you got, Swampwater? A glass of water. Fuck… BEER! I NEED A BEER… not yours, plebeian. I don't know where you've been.

Eli Beazley ascends the top turnbuckle, feeling the energy. ZMac starts coming to as Breezy leaps, looking for the Swanton Bomb… ZMac rolls out of the way!! Eli rolls to a knee, turning around… FALCON PUNCH!!!

Remi: Eli Beazley is out cold!! He was doing so well!!

Clearwater: His tenacity cannot be denied, Remi, but ZMac just has that experience to p…

Ryan: Hey, old fart!! Should have kept going! Everyone knows you don't stand still when someone dodges an attack… idiot.

ZMac positions himself above Eli. Wilds looks down to the announce table, a bit uneasy. ZMac picks up Eli, pulling the lonely man into a gutwrench. Eli is on McMorris' shoulder, suddenly coming to grips with the danger He's in. He struggles, managing to drop free of ZMac's grip. Zombie stumbles back a step or two, suddenly feeling a hand on his back. He turns, Wilds jumping in off the tag. ZMac looks at him with rage, then turns and attacks Eli with the DOVE KILLAH!!! McMorris stands, getting into his partner's face. Jaice holds his arms up in defense, shaking his head and trying to speak to ZMac…

Remi: Is he…

Clearwater: I think he is.

Ryan: What are you two babbling on abo…

Jason looks up, realizing that Wilds is pointing at the announce table. ZMac turns, suddenly going from being pissed off to sickly happy. He nods, tapping Wilds on the shoulder as the two slide out perpendicular sides of the ring. They start to either side of the announce table; Wilds motioning to Remi and Clearwater to maybe clear out. Jason stands, looking to either side of the table as ZMac and Wilds close in on him.

Ryan: You two back away!! I'm too good… don't you touch me… fuck you! Leave me…

ZMac pulls Ryan close, nailing a sick headbutt. Wilds clears the table off, climbing up. ZMac throws Ryan onto the table, climbing up himself. Jason starts to his feet, looking up to see a grinning Wilds. Jason throws some insults at the Final General, who shrugs… PELE KICK!! Wilds rolls off the table as Ryan falls back to Zombie… POWERBOMB THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!! Jason lies in a heap in a broken pile of table, Wilds shakes Remi's hand as he looks back into the ring. Somehow, the ref missed this whole shebang because... Eli?... and Wilds motions to ZMac. McMorris, while not one to take orders, stands and drags Jason Ryan's carcass from the wreckage. Wilds slides into the ring, checking on Beazley. ZMac drapes Jason's near lifeless body over the top rope, Wilds assisting Eli to his feet. Beazley is entirely confused for a moment, but suddenly realizes what's happening. He looks at his partner, hesitating for a second… then remembers how he was left alone, and quickly smacks Jason across the face. Ryan stirs, Eli sliding out of the ring and flipping Jason the bird. Wilds runs to his corner, tagging in ZMac. As Ryan steadies himself on the second turnbuckle, he is distracted yelling at his own partner to see Wilds running up, hopping to the top rope, torquing his body and grabbing Jason on descent, nailing a sick modified Canadian destroyer!! Wilds rolls out, ZMac looking at what's left of the social media loudmouth. He drops down, locking in a sleeper hold. Ryan slowly comes to, struggling against ZMac for a moment before eventually running out of steam. The referee grabs Ryan's hand… drops once.


Another hand raise… another drop!

Clearwater: This could be over!! Eli is conflicted just outside the ring… But Wilds is whispering something in his ear… they're shaking hands??

The referee raises Jason's hand once more… short drop… it stops and holds… fades… hits the mat.


"American Darkness" hits the PA as ZMac holds the submission for a bit longer, Wilds grabbing his Hardcore Title and rushing the ring. He dangles the HC strap in front of McMorris, who immediately releases Ryan to collect his property. Wilds hands it over willingly, holding his hands up to ward off an attack. ZMac looks Wilds up and down, a nod.

Jessica Kaine: Here are your winners! Jaice Wilds, and the APW Hardcore Champion, Zombie McMorris!!!

ZMac rolls out of the ring, starting up the ramp. Wilds calls the ref over, motioning to Eli. Beazley rolls in, the ref shrugs as Wilds nods to Breezy. Eli reaches down, helping his partner to his feet. Jason is dazed, still unsure of what happened… until he gets a good look at Eli's face, then starts screaming. Eli backs up a step, pointing past Jason. Ryan turns… XTREME DREAM!! Ryan is out cold AGAIN!! Wilds motions to Eli, who looks at the corner. Wilds rallies the crowd behind Beazley, who ascends the turnbuckles…


Clearwater: Wilds, with a heart of gold, helps Eli get a little retribution against the man who abandoned him!

Remi: Wait, what…

1!! 2!! 3!!

"Don't Stop Me Now" hits the PA as Eli climbs off Jason, Wilds grabbing Eli's hand and raising it in victory. The crowd is roaring as the two turn, sharing a respectful nod. Eli rolls out of the ring and jumps into the crowd, who seem to be entirely behind him. Wilds bends down, flipping the bird at an unconscious Jason Ryan as he mouths "I Told You". He nods to the referee, sliding out of the ring himself.

Remi: Eli Beazley came into this match as the perennial underdog! His partner abandoned him, he was against two of the most talented men on the APW roster… But he had heart!!

Clearwater: And now, thanks in part to Wilds, he's over as hell with these fans!! Jason Ryan, however… I don't think he's earning respect or fans anytime soon…

Remi: We have to cut to a quick slide, but we'll be right back to the first of our co-main events shortly!!

The Guru of Glee Segment

We see a man, smiling from ear to ear smelling some flowers. He looks at the camera.

Man: Oh hey there. My name is Cray Mitchell and I am the Guru of Glee.

His voice is happy. He keeps on.

Cray Mitchell: Now, I am here to give the APW scene a dose of my own happiness. I am here to make APW a place of glee and not one of hate like it has been.

He walks along the flowers as he winks at the camera.

Cray Mitchell: Can you all feel that? It is penetrating you in ways you never once imagined.

He walks along the greenery.

Cray Mitchell: Never before have you felt intense sensations like this. Never before have you wanted to let It all out. Show me your happiness. I will be seeing you all soon!

The scene fades as he walks inside.


Bonnie Blue vs Smith Jones

White fog rolls across the stage as the opening riff of “Blood” filters through the speakers. The AlphaTron flickers to life with a black-and-white image of Bonnie Blue, her face streaked bloody, as she launches herself in slow motion at Odin Balfore. A burning effect wipes away the image, and a full-color video package begins to play. The arena thunders with a roar of disapproval, punctuated with scattered cheers; as Bonnie Blue steps from behind the curtain and stalks to the edge of the stage to lift her arms high overhead. The tempo picks up, and the Hardcore Queen struts down the ramp, trading high-fives and fist bumps with the fans who want them; taunting the rest with an arrogant sneer on crimson lips. At ringside, she walks up the steps and swaggers across the ring to climb the turnbuckles, posing with one foot on the top rope as she taunts the fans.

"Architects" by Rise Against rocks the speakers as all of the lights in the arena blast to full white. The lights start to slowly fade to darkness as every spotlight in the joint floods the entranceway with bright white light. Smith Jones comes out onto the stage dressed in a shiny white robe with sparkly silver trim. His robe hangs open to show the APW World Championship locked safely around Smith's waist. Jones stops at the top of the ramp and looks out across the crowd as many of them chant "Ar-chi-tects! Ar-chi-tects! Ar-chi-tects!"

Ring Announcer Jessica Kaine: Coming down the aisle... representing The Architects... from Toronto, Ontario, Canada... weighing in at two hundred twenty-nine pounds... he is the Alpha Pro Wrestling World Heavyweight Champion... there is only one... SMITH JONES!!!

Smith strides confidently down to ringside. He mounts the steel ring steps and wipes his feet respectfully on the ring apron before parting the ropes and taking centre. He removes the belt and holds it aloft with his right hand to a potent mix of cheers and jeers. He grins. Jones entrusts the title to ringside and shrugs off his robe before stretching up for the match. Smith sports that signature stone scowl that says everything is not going to be okay for his opponent.


Bonnie doesn’t even hesitate, taking the fight right to Jones as soon as the bell rings. Jones intercepts her and puts her on the mat with a basic headlock takedown. He follows up, looking for an early cobra clutch, but Blue has it scouted and backs him off with a series of quick elbows. The Hardcore Queen on her feet again and rocks the World Champ with a savage forearm! She hits the ropes and comes back with a stunner -- but Jones is ready for her and catches her with a backbreaker instead! Early cover!



And a kickout from the Time Witch! Bonnie Blue back on the offense with a knee strike, hits the ropes again, springboards off -- into a handspring hurricanrana! She follows up with a moonsault! Now Bonnie with the cover!



Smith with the shoulder up and he just shoves Blue away! Blue to the ropes as Smitty gets back to his feet! He tries to catch her, but gets an elbow dropped on him instead! Bonnie going back to the ropes! She flies again -- and gets caught in midair! Smith slams her down to the mat! He pulls her back up and lifts her again, setting her up for a suplex… Bonnie fights her way out of it and drops down behind Smith Jones! He turns to face her, and Blue retaliates with a cutter!

On the ropes again, Blue waits for just the right moment -- and leaps off with a diving knee bulldog! And a cover!


Jones kicks out with authority! Back to a vertical base, and it looks like Smith has his second wind as he stalks Bonnie Blue! Bonnie charges in, and gets knocked back with a chop block! He follows up with a European uppercut; then another! He reels her in and sets her up -- slingshot brainbuster! SPILLED MILK!

But he’s not done yet! Now it’s Smith’s turn to go up! Blue is flat on the canvas and barely moving. Jones climbs the turnbuckle as the crowd goes crazy, chanting his name! Smith checks Bonnie’s position, then leaps off with a rolling Senton splash -- BUT BLUE GETS HER KNEES UP! Smith flops onto the canvas as Bonnie Blue struggles to rise.

On her feet again, Blue latches onto Smith’s wrist and hauls him up, then whips him against the ropes! He grabs the rope to stop the rebound, but Bonnie is prepared and follows up with a big superkick that spills him to the outside! Blue slips through the ropes and perches on the apron, waving off the official as he tries to urge her back into the ring. She waits as Jones gets up again, then dives from the apron, taking them both to the ringside mats!

Blue recovers quickly and hauls Jones up with her, looking to run him into the ringpost, but Jones plants his feet and reverses! Bonnie Blue crashes into the post instead! Jones pulls Bonnie up and shoves her back in under the ropes, then hops onto the ring apron and starts climbing in himself. Bonnie up, and goes for a shoulder block, trying to knock him down again; but Jones maintains his grip on the ropes and shoves her back.

In the ring once more, Jones backs Bonnie up with a couple of rapid-fire knees. With Blue trapped in the corner, he goes for a Yakuza kick -- Bonnie evades! A knee strike of her own puts Jones on the mat, and Bonnie pushes her advantage, wrenching both arms behind him in a chickenwing!

Jones powers out before she can lock it in, however, and retaliates with a back elbow! Quickly, Smith Jones grabs Bonnie Blue and lifts her up for a vertical suplex, sending her crashing down to the mat! He picks her up again, this time for a belly-to-belly suplex, that sends her into the turnbuckles! TAKE IT HOME!

Groggy, Bonnie Blue staggers out of the corner, trying to shake off the cobwebs. She goes after Jones, looking to take him down with a Russian legsweep, but Jones is ready for her! He counters with a POINT OF CONTROVERSY!

Bonnie goes down and Jones pins her with an O’Connor roll!






Jessica Kaine: The winner of this match -- YOUR APW World Heavyweight Champion, SMITH JONES!!!!


Main Event
Spartan/Lucy Sixx vs The Architects

The arena blacks out and the opening guitar riffs of “Destroyer” by Parkway Drive begins to echo over the ambient noise of the excited crowd, as the drum beats kick into effect the the lights flash with each beat. As Winston McCall screams “Destroyer”, the lights in the arena flash back on with full effect.

We speak in lies, we speak in tongues
We’ll see our damage done
We live in dreams, we rest in peace
Content to sleep in our chains
Seven trumpets sound their discourse, nine circles of our devise
Messages writ within our columns of fire
No life blooms from the ashes of ire

Spartan walks out onto the ramp. He is dressed in casual attire, black shorts, black singlet, backwards cap, black kicks. He stands on the stage and embraces the noise of the crowd before he starts making his way down the ramp to the ring.

But our hearts beat faster, and our heads hang low
Still we kneel for the masters
Filthy pigs all in a row

Black the sun
Hide us from what we have become
Black the sun
Hide us from the monsters we’ve become

Spartan reaches the ring and jumps onto the apron in a single vault.


Spartan springboards himself over the top rope and into the middle of the ring.

The lights in the arena go out as "Love Bites" begins blaring throughout the arena. Lucy Sixx steps out from behind the curtain. She stops at the top of the ramp to head bang a bit before walking briskly to the ring. She slides in and poses for the fans with her North American title held high, before reluctantly handing it off to the official.

“Architects” by Rise Against rocks the arena! Orange and red lights spotlights fade up slowly, like the sun rising to reveal a fire in the sky, illuminating two silhouettes. Damon Warrens and Lex Collins stand with their heads bowed. Collins wears a Brutal Apparel hoodie. Warrens is adorned in long white tights covered in blood splatters, white wrestling boots, white knee pads, white wrist tape, a black belt, black muscle shirt with "New Era" across the front. White elbow pads, and a long white trench coat with black buckles and straps resembling a straight jacket which also has blood splatters across it. Finally he wears a white expressionless mask with creepy white contact lenses. Warrens has a kendo stick slung over his shoulder. They keep their heads bowed during the ring announcement.

Jessica Kaine: Coming down the aisle… at a total combined weight of four hundred twenty pounds… Damon Warrens and Lex Collins... The Architects!!!

They both raise their arms, thrusting them directly into the path of the spotlights as the crowd erupts into cheers! The Architects stride confidently down to ringside as the crowd loses their minds! Midway down the ramp, Lex stops and shrugs out of his Brutal Apparel hoodie, awarding it to a lucky fan in the crowd. Warrens yells at the fans on the other side of the ramp, shaking his kendo stick at them. Lex pauses for a few selfies with fans before hopping up on the apron. Grinning at the crowd, he presses his right fist over his heart to a huge pop before turning and springing over the rope as Warrens rolls in under the bottom. They meet mid-ring. They fist bump one another before crossing to opposite sides of the ring and standing on different middle turnbuckles. Lex thrusts his arms in the air while Damon points his kendo stick at the fans in the front row and yells at them. They return to the middle of the ring, stretching up for the match ahead.


After a quick debate, Lex slips between the ropes and Damon Warrens strides confidently to the middle of the ring, smirking down at Lucy Sixx, who gazes up at him, hands on her hips and a dispassionate expression on her face. Without warning, she hauls back and decks him with a devastating left! Sixx stays on Warrens with a quick series of forearms until he blocks and counters with a knee that doubles Lucy over! He follows up with a big gutwrench suplex!

Before he can make the cover, Spartan is in the ring, going to his partner’s aid! Spartan grabs Damon and shoves him back, giving Sixx a little breathing room. Lucy gets back to her feet, and takes full advantage of Damon’s distraction, hitting the ropes for a springboard hurricanrana! The official gets involved, warning Spartan to go back to his corner, as Lucy drops for an early cover!


But only a one count as Damon Warrens kicks out and leaps back to his feet. Sixx isn’t done yet, though. She nails him with a big elbow then goes for a headscissors takedown that puts Warrens flat on the canvas again! Lucy with the cover!



Another kickout by Warrens! He’s up again in no time and right on the attack with a pele kick that leaves Sixx dazed as she staggers around the ring. She shakes it off, just in time to get wrapped up in a facelock and a devastating DDT from Damon Warrens! Warrens then grabs Lucy’s legs and starts pulling her into a figure four! He gets it locked in tight, in spite of her resistance, and she’s trapped in the middle of the ring!

Lucy strains for the ropes, but Warrens has her exactly where he wants her. The official leans down to check on Sixx, who refuses to tap. Out of nowhere, Spartan runs in and punts Warrens right in the head, nearly clocking the ref, too! Warrens is forced to release his hold on Lucy, who immediately slinks back toward her own corner. Spartan hurries to get there for the tag, but Damon Warrens has him by the ankle and isn’t about to let go. Spartan reacts immediately, raining fists down on Warrens -- prompting Lex Collins to get involved! Lex with a running knee and Spartan goes down! Collins checks on Warrens, helping his partner back to his feet. They turn around -- right into dual superkicks from Spartan and Sixx!

Warrens goes down, and Lucy capitalizes immediately with a standing moonsault while Spartan has Collins distracted. But Warrens rolls out of the way and Lucy eats canvas! Damon gets back to his feet and hauls Lucy up, while Collins and Spartan continue to fight in the ring. Spinebuster to Lucy Sixx! Warrens with the cover!



Only a two-count! Sixx with the shoulder up! Warrens isn’t about to let her get a second wind, and pulls her back to her feet. He whips Lucy Sixx into the corner! Warrens charges in with a big splash! He backs up -- and charges in again!

Meanwhile, the referee has sent Spartan and Collins back to their respective corners. Warrens going for a third corner splash -- but gets a big boot from Lucy Sixx instead! Sixx drops a few stomps on Warrens just for good measure, then makes a run to her corner and tags in Spartan!

Spartan sees Damon making his way toward his own corner. Fresher and faster, Spartan sprints ahead and knocks Lex Collins down with a shoulder block! Spartan grabs Warrens, spins him around, and plants him with a belly-to-back suplex! Spartan stays on him, pulling Warrens up again and sends him reeling back with a knee. Warrens comes right back with a knee of his own! Spartan goes down, but Damon knows it won’t be for long. He runs to his own corner, and slaps the outstretched hand of Lex Collins!
Collins the legal man, now, and he’s after Spartan in an instant! A drop toehold puts the big man down again! Spartan to his knees, and gets a knee to the face from Lex! At Damon’s urging, Collins half-lifts, half-drags Spartan over to the Architects corner, where the two men go to work on him. Warrens snakes his arms around Spartan’s biceps, using the ropes for added leverage to keep him in place, while Collins delivers fast kicks to the ribs of Spartan.

The official starts toward them, but Lucy Sixx dashes past, and nails Lex with a running enzuigiri that stops the assault cold! Spartan slumps against the turnbuckles as the ref comes over to intervene. Lucy ignores the official and hits the ropes, diving on Lex from above to give Spartan a chance to escape the Architects corner. Finally, the ref has had enough and lays down the law, telling Sixx to get out of the ring, or risk disqualification. Content with the damage done, she immediately slips to the outside and walks back to her corner.

Spartan, meanwhile, is making his way unsteadily across the ring. A dazed but recovering Lex Collins is back up and charging after him! He grabs Spartan and goes for a backspin DDT! Cover by Collins!




Spartan with a powerful kickout! He leaps back to his feet and whips Collins into a neutral corner! He follows up with a jumping knee! Spartan snags Collins by the arm and applies an elbow twist, then tosses him over his shoulder. With Collins down, Spartan ambles over to his corner and tags in Lucy Sixx, who climbs up the turnbuckles as he steps out, and waits for Collins to come back to a vertical base.

As soon as Lex is on his feet, Lucy divebombs him from above. She mounts him and starts raining down punches like a madwoman. Collins covers up and manages to shove her off, but he’s looking a little worse for the wear. Sixx knows this is her moment. She gets up, and before Collins can recover, she hits him with METAL INQUISITION! Sixx hooks the leg!


Damon Warrens starts into the ring to break up the pin.


From behind him at ringside, Spartan reaches up and pulls Warrens back out!



Jessica Kaine: The winners of this match, by pinfall -- LUCY SIXX and SPARTAN!!!

Sixx’s music hits, and the official hands her back her North American title, as Spartan rejoins her to celebrate in the ring. The show fades on this triumphant moment, to a black screen with the APW logo.


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