The Efed Podcast - Episode 1

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New Frontier Wrestling


EVENT AIRED: Feb 11, 2020

Collision #65


The shot opens up on the inside of the Nippon Gaishi Hall in Nagoya, Japan!! The seats are jam packed and the Japanese crowd shows their appreciation for the visiting promotion from the West as the camera sweeps over them in their t-shirts and their signs.


Nick Hanson: Hello and welcome back to NFW's Invasion Tour 2020! We're here in Nagoya, Japan! Beautiful Nippon Gaishi Hall!

Matt Salvatore: I've been in this arena quite a few times Nick! Nagoya loves professional wrestling. Hell, all of Japan does!

Nick Hanson: Well they're gonna get plenty of it here, Matt! We're nearing our February, joint brand pay-per-view, INVASION. All titles will be on the line but let's focus on tonight. We've got the NFW debut of Moe Renhuan coming up but for our main event!

Matt Salvatore: Eavan Maloney will take on General Manager Luthor Callaway in a No Disqualification match, Nick.

Nick Hanson: If she wins, she gets to challenge for a singles title of her choice.

Matt Salvatore: BUT if she loses, she has to sit out INVASION.

Nick Hanson: However, if she wins tonight, she's got a match for Invasion, Matt. A Last Woman Standing, explosive barbwire DEATHMATCH! Her opponent? Morgan Payne of The Kingdom.

Matt Salvatore: Morgan always says how she hates the idea of doing a deathmatch but she seems almost set on having this one, Nick. She's changed and I can tell.

Nick Hanson: Well, you've known her the longest out of anyone here. You would know.

Matt Salvatore: I'm part worried, part intrigued on how Payne's gonna go about this.

Nick Hanson: Well, we'll find out tonight if it's even gonna happen. Let's get the show underway, folks! NFW's Japan Invasion Tour continues, NOW!

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Match #1. Singles
Moe Renhuan v. StuFish.pif

Yuusuke Takeda: Tsugi no kontesuto wa 1tsu no aki ni yotei sa rete imasu.


The arena goes dark as heavy strobe lights begin to flash with the tempo of the music.

Yuusuke Takeda: Kurīburando, Ohaio, Taipei, Taiwan o keiyu shite ringu e to mukau...

Moe comes out, standing on the stage and rave dancing as the strobe lights flash, her lower faced covered by a Tokyo Ghoul - inspired mask. She runs down to the ring, sliding inside before sprinting into the corner, climbing the turnbuckle and executing a backflip, landing in the middle of the ring before striking a martial arts pose.

Yuusuke Takeda: Kanojo wa anime-ka...RENNNNHUANNN, MOOOOOOEEEEEEEE!!!

Moe pumps her fist into the air three time before pointing down to her brother Thomas, who is sitting in a ringside seat in the audience. She tears off the mask, and throws it out of the ring.

The sight of a pixelated bomb fills the video wall, as a high pitched buzz fades in and out four times. There's a fifth fade, which is accompanied with 8-bit ticks, simulating a hi-hat before the chiptune kicks in proper.

Yuusuke Takeda: ... 215-Pondo no omo-sa no NFW no hādodoraibu kara... the Cyber Pariah, STUFISH... P! I! F!

The crowd boos, finally remembering whose entrance this is. Out comes the hacker, spreading his arms out to greet the negative crowd. He walks down to the ring in time to "TOM/JONES" before stopping at ringside. As a shot to his former nemesis, he slides into the ring on his side before jumping up and giving the crowd a thumbs up before reaching a neutral corner.


With the bell ringing, both Moe and Stu stared one another down before moving in for the lock up, yet Stu surprised Moe early with a go-behind and a waistlock takedown attempt, and Moe was able to avoid it via breaking Stu's hands apart and delivering a modified arm drag, quickly following up with a leg drop yet Stu dodged and rolled out of the way, Moe's face turning to a grimace as she landed hard on her tailbone. Stu was able to capitalise, bringing Moe back to her feet, paintbrushing Moe with some Muay Thai elbow strikes before sending her ropeward.

Nick Hanson: Decent back and forth between Fish and Moe here.

Matt Salvatore: This is only Moe’s second match as a pro, and she seems to know what she’s doing!

Moe hit the ropes, on the rebound Stu was looking for a jumping buzzsaw kick yet Moe excited the fans with a last-second evasive dive, kipping back up to her feet and nailing Stu with a hard missile dropkick before landing a picture perfect standing shooting star press! Cover!



Nick Hanson: Moe could cause an upset right here!

StuFish_pif got the shoulder up! Moe wasted no time trying to drag Stu back to a vertical base, yet the sneaky hacker guy somehow scooped Moe into a tight inside cradle!



The fans BOO Stu and the referee spots it as he tries to grab a handful of tights to secure the win, but Moe wasn't going to have it anyway! The fans got behind Moe as she quickly mounted and delivered a fast, clean series of elbows before successfully dragging the groggy Stu to his feet. Moe went for a forearm smash yet Stu caught her with an ugly looking headbutt, staggering her. He hooked Moe up, tilt-a-whirl DD...NO! Wow! Moe telegraphed and responded with a jawbreaker so sudden that Stu sprung back up to his feet involuntarily before falling face down. Moe scrambled over for the cover!

Matt Salvatore: Chinned the shit outta Fish dot pif on that one!

Nick Hanson: Can she get it?!




Stu got the shoulder up, and the fans loudly voiced just how heartbreakingly close that was! With Stu in a daze, Moe was easily able to whip him. On the rebound, Stu regained his senses and returned with a lariat attempt, Moe surprisingly rolling out of the way and spingboarding backward. SPRINGBOARD FRANKENSTEINER ON ST..wait! StuFish caught her in mid air and slammed her down HARD with a modified powerbomb before he held on, rolled Moe over and cinched in his submission - BLUESCREEN LOCKED ON! Stu cranked the heck out of this hold and while Moe struggled valiantly, eventually, she was forced to tap out and live to fight another day.


Yuusuke Takeda: Kore ga anata no shōshadesu...STU FISH!! PEE...AYE...EFF!!

Nick Hanson: Not the way Moe Renhuan wanted to have her New Frontier debut play out but she put on one hell of a show and these people wanted to see her win!

Matt Salvatore: Live to fight another day, though! She’ll have plenty more opportunities if she keeps performing like that!

Winner: StuFish_pif
Result: Submission

As Collision #65 returns from commercial, the fans in attendance and the viewers watching at home find themselves watching Danielle Anderson on-camera, but she’s not alone! To the surprise of many, her eight-year-old daughter Leina Rael-Anderson is with her. Both of them are wearing cute Japanese kimonos; Danielle’s is pink and white, while Leina’s is red and yellow. It’s fairly early in the show, so the Sweetheart Esper has time to change into her ring attire. The two of them walk alongside one another, even going so far as twirling in their outfits.

Danni Anderson (◠‿◠✿)
“I love my kimono! It’s so cute and PINK!”

Her mother’s happiness makes her smile. Leina spins around in her kimono and bounces a little. There’s high energy in this one.

Leina Rael-Anderson (◕‿◕♥)
“And mine is so RED! I love it! Thank you, mom!”

Danni Anderson (◠‿◠✿)
“You’re welcome, sweetie! After the show ends, we’ll go find a dessert café that serves dango.”

The second-grader blinks and tilts her head in confusion.

Leina Rael-Anderson (◕.◕♥)
“What’s dango?”

Danielle glances over at Leina and offers her a sweet smile.

Danni Anderson (◕‿◕✿)
“It’s like a sweet Japanese dumpling made with rice flour. I heard it was really good!”

Leina Rael-Anderson (=◕ω◕=♥)
“A dessert dumpling? Okay, I’m game!”

Excitedly, Leina jumps up and down, her kimono flowing with her every move. Seeing this makes Danni bounce, her own kimono flowing around with her. Soon, the two of them start an impromptu dance that has no coordination whatsoever, but they’re happy. Their positive energy seems to level with the fans in attendance, who are on their feet and mimicking what the Anderson’s are doing. The fun little visual of their dancing slowly fades as the camera changes perspective.

Match #2. Singles
Tren Descarrilado v. Darius Crowley

Yuusuke Takeda: Tsugi no kontesuto wa 1tsu no aki ni yotei sa rete imasu.

Tren steps out onto the stage, Lola in hand, as the music hits, stopping at the top of the ramp. Sparks fire up from both sides, showering the clown faced maniac. When the music breaks, he steps forward with loud maniacal laughter. He ignores the reaction of the audience or anyone reaching out to touch him as he walks down to the ring. Stopping to kneel at the steps and crossing himself before shooting the double bird straight up at the ceiling. Once in the ring, he makes his way to the corner, taking a few practice swings with Lola before crouching in the corner, staring down the ramp and waiting for his opponent.

Yuusuke Takeda: Saisho ni shōkai suru no wa, Mekishiko no chiwawa-shū fuaresu karadesu. Kare no taijū wa 244-pondodesu. Ressha no nanbasen.... TREN DESCAAAAARRILADOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

The lights slowly dimmed as the opening riff to Behemoth's "Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel" began. The entire arena was shrouded in darkness as the video wall flashed with depictions of heretical symbols. Not just the typical ones like inverted crosses or pentagrams. Ancient pagan symbols hinting at black magic and dark rituals from before the time of Christ, himself. On the screen, a wave of smoke arose from the bottom as the stage alone illuminates with a single light, revealing that the stage, too, had been coated in a thick layer of mist. On the screen, the wave of digital smoke passed, revealing the words FILIUS DAMNATI in old English. The letters warped into ancient pagan symbols before shifting back into readable letters again. This time they said, DARIUS CROWLEY.

1:06 into the music, Darius Crowley literally seemed to rise out of the mist on the stage from a crouched position. His head is bowed. He brought his hands together in a prayer motion and the camera panned in on his face as he opened his eyes and lifted his gaze to the ring with the coldest, intense sense of controlled hatred that one has ever seen.

As he was officially announced, Darius Crowley lowered his hands to his sides and calmly started making his way to the ring. The lighting from the spotlight on the stage left him as just an ominous silhouette moving through the darkness until he stepped into the dim lighting over the ring and paused before climbing the steps and entering the ring. He brought his hands up into a prayer position again before literally dropping to the mat into a meditative stance. Darius lowered his hands down and rested them onto his knees, lifting his head and turning it towards the stage with that same, unchanged expression of hard focus.

Yuusuke Takeda: Kare no taisen aite… taijū wa 215-pondodeshita. Kare wa karera ga firiusu damunati to yobu hitodesu... Damudo no musuko...DARIUUUUS...CROWLEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!

Tren stormed in and almost decapitated Darius Crowley with an ugly looking lariat before the bell had even rung, and as Tren wasted zero time in putting the boots to Crowley on the mat, the referee had no choice but to call for it.


With the match officially underway, Tren delivered a short and sharp thrust kick to the side of the head of Darius before he roughly dragged him to a vertical base. Darius' head jerked back with the force of a boxing style jab from Tren, who reared back and lined up for another. This time, the crowd volume picked up dramatically as Crowley caught Tren's wild swinging fist and twisted it downward before booting him in the gut and *SMACK!* sending Tren staggering back with a jumping european uppercut! Darius quickly hooked up a fisherman suplex, the big man landing HARD. Crowley clung to the suplex position, dragging Tren up to his feet and attempting to sync it with another, yet Tren's series of hard knees to the stomach and sternum allowed him to break free and weave under. Being close to the ropes, Tren let out a sarcastic laugh as he set up for a Northern lights suplex and used the top rope for a devastating slingshot effect! Cover by the train wreck!

Nick Hanson: Tren’s putting the hurt on Darius, Matt! Look at them!

Matt Salvatore: No kidding! Goddamn! C’mon D!



Crowley with a shoulder up, Tren with an evil grin. Tren paintbrushed the sides of Darius' face and taunted him with annoying thrust kicks to the head and ribs, annoying Crowley so much that he let out a roar as he got into position and with a show of amazing strength, spear tackled Tren into the corner HARD. Darius followed up by using the corner to his advantage, delivering shoulder block after shoulder block until Tren slumped down to a seated position. Darius stepped back just slightly before running in for a corner lariat, yet Tren showed great ring awareness by sliding to the outside, earning himself a BOOOO as he powdered out, although Darius had been left suspended in the corner. Tren grinned evilly once more, netting himself another round of heckling with a front suplex across the top rope followed by a stiff kick to the crotch, Crowley sprawling back and clutching his pelvic area in agony. Slingshot elbow drop to the inside by Tren! NO! Darius rolled out of the way and the clown ate nothing but canvas! Darius took another moment to steel himself before dragging Tren up and sending him for an irish whip, yet Tren reversed and Darius was sent ropeward in the other direction!

Matt Salvatore: Tren reverses again!

Nick Hanson: Now we just saw a low blow! I think Tren oughta be disqualified!

Matt Salvatore: I don’t think the ref saw it, Nick.

Nick Hanson: Oh c’mon Matt! That’s your godson in there!

Matt Salvatore: What! I’m not defending Tren at all, but the ref didn’t see it! And yes, that is my godson, so he knows what he’s doing. Darius! Take him!

With Crowley hitting the ropes, Tren tried for a pop up powerbomb variation, yet Darius popped the crowd by transitioning into a hurricanrana with a bridging pin!




Two and 9/10! Tren just managed to break free! Darius wasn't taking any chances, there was a mixed reaction as Crowley delivered a fast barrage of knees to stun TD before dragging him to his feet again. Irish whip again, Tren comes back with a devastating looking clothesline yet Darius evaded and hit the ropes, SPRINGBOARD SOMERSAULT DD...NO! Tren caught Darius in mid flight! He swung Darius around - BRUTAL rendition of END OF THE LINE! Darius' head spiked into the mat!





Yuusuke Takeda: Kore ga anata no shōshadesu! TREN DESCAAAARRILADOOOOOOO!!!!!!

Nick Hanson: This match should have ended with that low blow but I guess your winner here is the Train Wreck, folks and a train wreck he is indeed.

Matt Salvatore: Hey, again. I’m not defending him for what he did but it was a risky move and it ain’t like Darius didn’t come back from it. He still brought the fight.

Nick Hanson: Sure….

Winner: Tren Descarrilado
Result: Pinfall

Match #3. Singles
Danni Anderson v. Lluvia Cane

Yuusuke Takeda: Go resseki no minasama,-ji no kontesuto wa 1tsu no aki ni yotei sa rete imasu!

"Lucifer's Angel" hits and “The Cherokee Princess” Lluvia Cane steps out onto the stage in her ring gear. She does a little shimmy then seductively sways her hips as she does a slow 360, showing off her body as she does so. Lluvia then heads down to the ring and slides in under the third rope, doing another little sashay once she stands up. She holds a smirk on her face as she waits for things to get going.

Yuusuke Takeda: Saisho ni shōkai suru no wa, Tekisasu-shū raredo kara ōkoku o daihyō shite! Kanojo no taijū wa 133-pondodesu! “The Princess Cherokee” LLLLLLLLLLLLUVIA CAAAAAAAAAANE!

The lights dim until they’re off and the kick-start introduction of “Overtime” by Cash Cash begins to resonate from the PA system. Pink lights begin to flash to the beat of the music


Suddenly, a spotlight shines on the entrance. Through the curtains, Danni Anderson cartwheels and lands in a cool crouching tiger-esque pose on the entrance. The fans cheer for the Pink Sugarplum Fairy and even move to her music.


Danni hops up, bounces from foot to foot, and claps along with the beat of the music. This builds the energy of the fans and she smiles brightly.

“Come on, come on, move!
Get down! Get up again!
Work it, do it overtime!”

She dances along the ramp, tags a few fans, spins around, and hops up and down.

“Get down! Get up again!
Come on, come on, right! to! down!”

Right on cue, Danni flips into a low dance-like pose and the fans cheer her on. She then hops onto the ring apron, turns with her back towards the ropes, places her hands along the top rope, and she backflips into the ring with style. There’s an extra burst of cheers and applause from the fans as she claps her hands for everyone in attendance and bounces with excitement.

“Get up again! Work it, do it overtime!”

She does a cute little dance in the ring, spins around, and she blows kisses for the fans. She throws peace signs with both hands before she hops back to her corner and embraces the fans’ approval. The lights come back on and the music fades.

Yuusuke Takeda: Soshite, kanojo no taisen aite, Kariforunia-shū santamonika kara! Kanojo no taijū wa 113-pondodesu! “The Pink Sugarplum Fairy” DANNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ANDERSON!

Before the referee signals for the bell, Danni extends her right hand towards Lluvia. She looks at her hand, smiles, and accepts the respectful handshake.

Matt Salvatore: I always like to see good sportsmanship in this business. Honor and respect are few and far between nowadays.

Nick Hanson: That’s true. Lucky for us, Danni is friends with the Kingdom. I’m sure Lluvia will be honorable and respectful.

The ring announcer smiles and takes his leave, while the referee looks to the timekeeper.


Once the bell rings, Lluvia and Danni tango with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. This time around, Danni is able to actually display some of her physical strength when she starts to overpower Lluvia. She’s not as big as Timothy Hunt, after all! Of course, Lluvia doesn’t allow Danni to take control for long, powering right back and forcing her into a side headlock. She attempts to pull off a bulldog, but Danni slips away and counters with a quick single-leg dropkick on Lluvia’s lower back. Lluvia grimaces a little and turns towards Danni, who meets her with a series of rabbit punches. The Cherokee Princess blocks a few of the strikes and retaliates with a short-arm clothesline that floors Danni. However, Danni’s quick to recover and come back with a shotei to Lluvia’s upper chest and send her backward. She follows through with a shotgun dropkick that sends Lluvia through the ropes and out of the ring.

Nick Hanson: Look at the quickness of Danni Anderson! She is fired up tonight.

Matt Salvatore: Absolutely, Nick. I believe this is her first time wrestling in Japan, so she’s excited.

The Nagoya wrestling fans applaud Danni’s agility. Lluvia is able to land on her feet when she’s flung to the outside. She shakes off the small cobwebs forming from the quick attacks of the Sweetheart Esper. Anderson’s already on the move as she runs back against the ropes, bounces off of them, and looks for a slingshot crossbody. However, Cane is able to catch her in midair and immediately counter with an Alabama Slam! The fans are wowed by this counter and they offer a round of applause. Anderson crumbles under the pressure of the slam and whimpers. Cane drags the red-haired woman to her feet and rolls her back into the ring before the referee can consider an official count. Making sure Anderson is away from the ropes, Cane goes for the pin attempt and hooks the leg.




Nick Hanson: It was a beautiful midair counter, but Lluvia needs more than that to keep Danni down.

Matt Salvatore: Hmmm, I think Miss Cane realizes that she’ll need to use her power instead of her speed. It’s a good strategy.

The fans look on with eagerness for what’s next. Cane pulls Anderson up to her feet and sends her towards the ropes with an Irish whip. When she bounces back, Cane nails her with a shotgun clothesline and forces her onto the mat with a THUD. Awed by the maneuver, the fans applaud as Cane is already on the move, ascending one of the corners of the ring. With Anderson still on her back, Cane leaps off and lands “Truth and Grief” (Swanton Bomb)! This receives another round of applause before Cane goes for another cover and hooks the leg.




Matt Salvatore: Talk about a close call! Miss Lluvia’s Truth and Grief is nothing to play with.

Nick Hanson: You’re right, Matt. Even though she kicked out, Danni’s still in trouble.

With a smile, Lluvia picks up Danni and starts to work on weakening her defenses. With a variant of chops across her chest, Lluvia doesn’t miss her mark. Danni lets out a cry after the last knife-edge chop makes an impact, lurching forward with a grimace. She’s quickly pulled by Lluvia and sent towards one of the corners with an Irish whip. To everyone’s surprise, however, Danni LEAPS up onto the top turnbuckle, bounces twice, and takes off with “Flower Hurricane” (Double Jump Springboard Hurricanrana)! Lluvia is caught off guard by the high-risk maneuver and she’s toppled onto the mat. The fans are amazed by the change of the advantage and they show their appreciation with cheers and applause.

Nick Hanson: Holy cow! Where did that Flower Hurricane come from?!

Matt Salvatore: Nowhere, Nick! That’s what’s up. Miss Anderson is not going down without a fight!

Naturally, Danni transitions the hurricanrana into a pin attempt, hooking Lluvia’s legs.




Anderson’s not discouraged in the slightest, looking to build on her momentum as she quick jabs Cane. She connects with a European uppercut that knocks Cane onto the floor, then follows up with a double footstomp. Despite the pain inflicted, Cane manages to find a way to grapple Anderson while they’re both on the floor. Anderson wiggles around, knowing she’s not knowledgable with submission moves. Unfortunately for her, Cane’s able to seize her in the “Torch of Pain” (Triangle Choke)!

The fans look on in shock and awe, applauding the turnaround as Cane locks it in. Anderson is still fighting, trying her best to wiggle her way out. She’s rapidly kicking down at the mat, but suddenly she realizes that this is only taking her precious oxygen away. Cane tightens the chokehold, trying to keep Anderson grounded and overpower her. The Pink Sugarplum Fairy tries to calm herself down, take in as much oxygen as she can in this precarious position, and looks for a way out…

Then it hits her! Or rather, it hits Lluvia! With her free arm, Danni elbow strikes Lluvia wherever she can. One particular strike to the temple forces the High Princess of the Kingdom to release the chokehold. Danni coughs a bit, trying to recover her breath before she gets up. In somewhat desperation, the second Lluvia follows suit, Danni takes her down with “Stars-a-Dancing” (Sitout Facebuster)! The fans are starting to rally behind the Semper Fairy as she ascends the top rope. With Lluvia still down, Danni takes off and lands “A.D.H.D.” (Double Rotation Moonsault)!

Nick Hanson: Altitude Drop Heaven’s Dream!

Matt Salvatore: Miss Cane is down and Miss Anderson is going for the cover! Hook the leg!






Yuusuke Takeda: Minasama! Pinfōru de kono shiai no shōsha… “The Pink Sugarplum Fairy” DANNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ANDERSON!

Matt Salvatore: Now that was one HELL of a match, Nick! Congratulations to Miss Danni Anderson. She fought hard and earned the victory.

Nick Hanson: Absolutely, but let’s give credit where credit is due. Lluvia Cane fought just as hard as Danni did. It was a close call!

“Overtime” by Cash Cash resonates from the PA system and the fans cheer and applaud for both Danni and Lluvia. Even when the referee raises her hand in victory, Danni is focused on helping Lluvia to her feet. She offers the Motherly Royal a sweet smile and gives her a hug. Lluvia can’t help but smile as she returns the embrace to the delight of the live audience.



The scene cuts backstage to a blonde-haired woman standing with her back to the camera in a dark room. The light from the camera casting the only light in the room.

Woman: “Dare demo senshi ni naru koto ga dekiru to iwa rete imasu.”
(It’s been said that anyone can be a warrior.)

A hand reaches up and grabs the blonde hair and pulls on it revealing it to be a wig, the hair on the woman now pink.

Woman: “Tokidoki, senshi wa karera no mokuhyō o tassei suru tame ni hokori ni omotte inai nanika o shinakereba narimasen.”
(Sometimes warriors have to do things they are not proud of to achieve their goals.)

The opposite hand now reaches up and pulls off the pink wig before the woman turns, revealing herself to be Eavan Maloney. Her red hair braided and tied back, with white war paint across her face.

Eavan Maloney: “Tonight, the war has begun. The Kingdom made it personal, I will make them pay. They could not leave things be. I walked away to avoid this, to spare them. I heard all the voices in my head, all of them wanting nothing less than bloodshed and charred remains. I tried to warn them, but their egos wouldn’t allow this to pass. Instead, they goaded me back. They used my own partners against me. They have stayed one step ahead until now. This, me, this is their creation, and it will be what destroys them. Callaway, you are but a pawn. A demonstration. WHEN I beat you tonight, you will fall in line and things will be done by MY terms...”

Eavan holds up the two wigs as the camera pans out.

Eavan Maloney: “...and theirs. Luthor, are you ready? Because WE are.”

Cut to ringside.

Match #4. Singles
Lara Bratton v. Dona Rotten

Yuusuke Takeda: Go resseki no minasama,-ji no kontesuto wa 1tsu no aki ni yotei sa rete imasu!

♫♫♫ I've got a plan. I know the game. I cross the line and things will never be the same
♫♫♫ It's gotta be right, it's gotta be clean. I gotta cover all the spaces in between
♫♫♫ Because I want to be someone (someone you want to be like)
♫♫♫ One of a kind (just do it if it feels right)
♫♫♫ F***ing contagious (living in the limelight)
♫♫♫ Out of my mind'..

As the chorus of “Straightjacket Supermodel” begins to play across the arena as the lights turn down and a light show of skulls begin to dance across the ring and into the crowd. Then a spotlight shines on the stage as “The Arcane” Lara Bratton basks in the glow for a moment. She stands in a long black robe and black crown as she leans forward on a cane. She leans back and spins the cane around as she begins to make her way down towards the ring as the spotlight follows. She reaches down and grabs a couple of bottles of what looks like beer and makes her way down the ramp.

♫♫♫ Cuz I am the all original, so hated that it's criminal
♫♫♫ My fame is on the throttle, straitjacket supermodel
♫♫♫ Sideways on the level, tap dancing with the devil
♫♫♫ I'm bringing down the gospel, straitjacket supermodel

She ignores the crowd for the most part as she reaches the ring. She throws her arms out to her side very dramatically and then lowers them allowing the robe to fall from her shoulders and pool at her feet on the floor. Underneath that robe she wears a black top, which black boy shorts and black boots with white trim. On the backside of her shorts are emblazoned with her initials LB. She reaches up and grabs her crown from her head, tosses it up into the air and catches it perfectly on the end of her cane as she takes that and leans it up against the corner.

She climbs each step up to the ring very slowly and then leaps up and perches herself on the top, then slowly looks from one side to the next with her long black hair hanging down over her face before she springs into the air and lands in the center of the ring with a big grin as her music slowly fades.

Dona comes out from behind the curtain, holding a case of beer under each arm. Dona slowly walks toward the ring, her focus squarely in front of her. She tunes out the fans, her mind lingering on the match at hand. A wry grin creeps across her painted face, as she climbs up onto the apron. Dona steps through the ropes, making her way to midring. The Toxic Knockout finally let's her eyes pan across the ringside area, before spitting a thick green mist skyward. Rotten cackles maniacally, and goes to her corner, to await the matches start.

The two women are in the ring, Dona holding a case of beer in each hand as Lara has a bottle in each. They set their drinks down as the bell sounds. Dona looks at Lara and holds up a finger. She slides out of the ring and looks under the ring, finding a table and sliding it in. When she does, Lara takes it and begins to set it up. Donna continues her search as she brings out three chairs and also slides them into the ring. She rolls back into the ring, helping Lara set them up, at the head of the table they both motion for the referee to have a seat. He looks at them confused before Lara just pushes him into the chair and they push him into the table. The two women then take their seats at the table as Dona grabs one of the cases of beer and puts it up onto the table.

Nick Hanson: What in the world are we seeing here right now?

Matt Salvatore: It looks like we’re possibly getting an old fashioned drinking contest right now instead of a match.

Nick Hanson: These two women are strange.

Dona opens up the case and pulls out a can of beer as Lara pops off the cap to her bottle. The two look at each other, they both look serious right now as they begin to chug. Dona is first to end hers, followed shortly by Lara. They grab another and they both begin to chug once again as the ref just has a puzzled look on his face as he watches on. Again, Dona is first to finish, shortly followed by Lara. They toss the empty containers to the side as they both reach into the case and pop open another can of beer.

Matt Salvatore: I wonder which one is going to end up passing out first?

Nick Hanson: I have no clue how to even call this. This isn’t a match.

They once again, just stare at each other, as serious as they can possibly be right now before bringing the cans up to their mouths and once again chugging the contents. This whole ordeal continues through the first case of beer, the two of them completely emptying the contents. The alcohol seems to finally be hitting Lara a little bit as there starts to be a far off stare in her eyes and she begins to wobble a little bit in her seat. Dona is faring a little bit better as she just laughs and reaches down, missing the second case a few times before finally being able to grab it and set it down onto the table.

Matt Salvatore: Looks like Lara is starting to fade now.

Nick Hanson: Of course she is. Both of these women polished off an entire case of beer. I’m surprised either one of them are still conscious at this point.

Dona opens up the case of beer and tosses one to Lara that completely goes over her head as she misses trying to even catch it. This gets a bit of a laugh from the crowd as Lara just reaches over and grabs a can herself. She opens it up and goes to bring it to her mouth, almost missing her mouth completely, but spilling just a little bit before finding her mouth and drinking the beer. Meanwhile, Dona has chugged one and is onto another. Lara finishes her can and goes to stand up, but when she does, she almost falls over, but somehow manages to stay upright. Dona stands up after her, definitely showing signs of being drunk herself. Lara grabs another can, opening it up and taking her time to find her mouth. As she begins to drink though, you can see the look in her eyes. She drinks some before the rest spills over her and she slumps down to the mat. Dona looks at Lara and shakes her head before carefully making her way around the table and dropping down on top of Lara. The referee finally gets up out of his chair and gets into position to make the three count.




Yuusuke Takeda: Shiai no shōsha, Dona Rotten!

Nick Hanson: I guess Dona won because Lara ended up passing out.

Matt Salvatore: What an impressive showing by both women in this contest, Nick.

Winner: Dona Rotten
Result: Held her booze better?

We cut backstage to a hallway outside the locker rooms, where the camera focuses on a partially opened door. From inside, three separate voices can be heard, speaking in hushed tones. Two of those voices are easily recognizable as those belonging to Ian Dickenson and Ebony Arceri, but the third – a woman – is not.

Ian: So, you really think we should go through with it?

Woman: I don’t think so, I KNOW so. I’ve seen the way you two are... this is something that would be perfect for you.

Ebony: But let’s not forget about that other thing we discussed...

Woman: I know... if you two play your cards right, you can still do both. I’ve had some protégés that have done the same.

Through the gap in the door, the camera catches sight of Ian as he paces across the room, albeit only a quick glimpse.

Ian: You’re certain about this?

Woman: Affirmative. I wouldn’t even suggest it otherwise.

Ebony: Well, if you really think-

As Ebony is talking, the cameraman shifts slightly to allow one of the backstage crew to pass, but in doing so, the camera accidentally makes contact with the door.

Woman: Shhh... sounds like we’ve got company.

Footsteps can be heard approaching the door as the cameraman takes a step back. The door then swings open, and the camera catches sight of a mature, beautiful woman with long brown hair glaring daggers into the lens.

Woman: This is a private conversation... you need to fuck off somewhere else.

The woman quickly slams the door shut as the scene cuts away.

Match #5. Singles
Lilith Meadows v. Lash Donohue

Yuusuke Takeda: Tsugi no kontesuto wa 1tsu no aki ni yotei sa rete imasu.

The arena plunges into darkness apart from a shimmering red strobe on the stage which moves in tune to the beat of Seventeen girls in a row and the lights come back on as there is a sudden explosion of fiery pyro and Lash gets a warm reaction as he leaps out from the backstage area at the same time..

Lash Donohue, adorned in his usual furry hat and coat, strides down the ramp confidently, his arms stretched out, slapping the hands which reach out
The fans get a lot more enthusiastic as Lash leaps up onto the barricade and shows off his agility by casually making his way down it.

Lash reaches the end of the barricade wall and looks around, giving a somewhat cocky smirk as several flashbulbs go off while he leaps from the Wall to the ring apron, strikes his trademark pose and 'skins the cat'. Lash Donohue ascends to the top rope and gestures for the crowd to get louder before jumping down and awaiting his opponent.

Yuusuke Takeda: Kariforunia-shū karabasasu kara saisho ni shōkai shimasu. Kare no taijū wa 205-pondodesu. The Diamond...LAAASSSHHH...DONOHUUUUUUUUUUUUUE!!!!!

“Witch Image” can be heard starting as the arena goes dark.

You have never stood this close to where you want to be
You have always waded in the shallows between me and the deep blue sea
You'd never want me to appear
You never want this to be over
You never want it to reach out to the edge of time

Once the chorus hits, a spotlight is seen at the top of the ramp and we see Lilith Meadows standing there in a black dress with a silver crown on her head. She looks off into the distance.

I (I...)
Have always kept you closer than you've known
I (I...)
I am riding in the shadows
Behind you on a pale white horse

Christina is now seen standing behind her as Lilith slowly makes her way down the ramp, still focused as the spotlight follows her. She climbs up the ring steps and gets in. At the guitar solo, the spotlight goes out again and when the final chorus hits, the lights come on and Lilith is seen in just her ring gear standing in the middle of the ring.

Yuusuke Takeda: Nōsukaroraina-shū ashubiru kara. Kanojo no taijū wa 135-pondo de, ōkoku o daihyō shite imasu. Dākufearī.... LILIIIIIIITH MEEAAADOOOOOOOOWS!!!!


The bell rings, and Lash and Lilith meet in the middle of the ring. Lash does have a size advantage over Lilith, though the Dark Faerie does not seem daunted by this. She grabs Donohue by the wrist, turning it up and ducking through into a wristlock. Lash responds with a counter, tucking and rolling underneath to come back up behind Lilith with the same grapple! The crowd claps in appreciation of the back and forth before Lash tosses Lilith toward the rope. The Faerie hits the rebound, coming back towards Donohue who looks ready to deliver a European Uppercut but Meadows slides underneath, catching his ankle and tripping him down to the mat.

Nick Hanson: Hey-oh!! Meadows shoots in with an Ankle Pick!

Matt Salvatore: Nick, this girl is so quiet and I daresay, puts off such an innocent vibe about her, you often forget one very important thing.

Nick Hanson: Which is?

Matt Salvatore: She can pinpoint a part of your body and fuck it up beyond all functionality. She’s sweet and sadistic at the same time.

Nick Hanson: That might be the best breakdown of Lilith Meadows I’ve ever heard, Matt.

Lash let’s out a surprised “Oh fuck” as he falls to the mat, which the crowd laughs at. Lash kips up to his feet as Lilith rises to hers, Donohue playing to the crowd the whole time. Lilith comes in again, ducking a right from Lash and dropping him with a drop toe hold. She rolls over, and grabs his ankle, locking in a heel hook! Lash curses again, biting his lip as he pulls himself to the nearby rope and grabs the bottom, forcing a break. Lilith releases the hold but doesn’t back down, pulling Donohue to his feet and hitting him with a series of kicks to the leg she’d applied the heel hook to. Lash checks the third kick with his calf before surging forward, bowling Lilith over and rolling her up with a La Magistral cradle. Meadows is out at just one, rolling away from Lash after the kick out.



Nick Hanson: Aw, now you’re not gonna get Lilith Meadows in a rollup like that, Lash.

Matt Salvatore: I’ll give him an A for effort and an F for success.

Donohue and Meadows back to their feet now. Lilith is looking to use her technical prowess against Lash, but he’s got her scouted as she shoots in, catching her with a hard right to the jaw which dazes the Faerie. He shoots in now, double leg takedown dropping the Dark Faerie to the mat before he hits her with a flurry of forearm strikes. Lilith cries out something in her native tongue, striking out with a fist of her own that catches Lash right in the eye. Surprised more than hurt, Lash pauses long enough for Lilith to wriggle free. He stands, spinning to keep his opponent in view only for Lilith to give him a hard boot to the gut! Donohue doubles over with a moan of questionable origins before Lilith wraps up his head and executes her signature implant DDT! Meadows with the cover! Donohue just gets a shoulder up before the referee can count three.




Nick Hanson: NO!! Not quite!!!!

Matt Salvatore: How the hell’d he even kick out of that? That DDT was perfection!

Lilith is back on her feet and she’s got Lash by the hair, pulling him to his feet as the referee calls for her to release him. She does, sending him into the ropes! Lash comes back, and Lilith looks for a forearm, but Lash leapfrogs his smaller opponent, hitting the ropes on the other side and comes back with a springboard crossbody, leveling the Dark Faerie! He’s up again, adrenaline pumping as he pulls her to her feet. He grabs Lilith and pulls her in, hooking both arms. He spins up under her but Lilith counters by rolling through and backing up a step, but Donohue keeps a hold of her, pulling her back in and BURY-GO-ROUND! Donohue dives in for the cover, rolling Meadows up!





Yuusuke Takeda: Kore ga anata no shōshadesu! The Diamond...LAAASSHH...DONOHUUUUUUUE!!!

“17 Girls In A Row” plays as Lash jumps up in celebration of his victory. While Lilith sits up, looking a little down, Lash offers a hand and helps her to her feet. The microphone doesn’t pick up his words of re-encouragement but he pats Lilith’s back and gives her a friendly rustle of the hair before yelling for Nagoya to give it up for his opponent.

Nick Hanson: Great victory for Lash Donohue!

Matt Salvatore: I’ll say. Lilith Meadows really brought it. She may not have gotten the win but she’s getting better in singles action, Nick!

Nick Hanson: She is!

Winner: Lash Donohue
Result: Pinfall

Eavan Maloney v. Luthor Callaway

Yuusuke Takeda: Tsugi no kontesuto wa anata no mein ibentodeari, shikkaku nashi no shiaidesu!

Faith No More’s “Epic” rocks the arena. There’s a mixed reaction from the audience as the curtain parts and Collision General Manager, Luthor Callaway comes walking through the curtain. For the match, he’s dressed down a bit from his usual casual-formal wear. Tonight, it’s a pair of worn jeans - less neat than he usually wears on the show - Doc Martin boots and a sleeveless black t-shirt with his hands taped up like a boxer. With his arms exposed, we’re surprised to see a bit of actual definition in the older man as he casually approaches the ring. He makes no flashy pose or pandering to the crowd at all. At the most, the stone faced GM shakes his hands down at his sides as he reaches the ring and climbs the steps. To his credit, he wipes his feet on the apron before stepping into the ring under the top rope where he immediately moves to a corner and starts doing some stretching.

Yuusuke Takeda: Mishigan-shū Detoroito kara saisho ni shōkai shimasu! Jūryō wa 215-pondodesu. Kare wa korijon burando no zenerarumanējādesu. LUTHOOOOOOOR...CALLAWAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!

Nick Hanson: You know, Matt? I’m a little surprised! Luthor Callaway looks like he’s in pretty good shape!

Matt Salvatore: The man ain’t a wrestler, Nick, but he ain’t a slouch, either. I’m telling you.

The ramp and stage fill up with fog as red strobe lights flicker through the fog for about fifteen seconds as the opening of "Warrior" by Disturbed plays. Eavan Maloney walks out in a long leather duster and steampunk goggles on her head, her hand above her eyes to look out at everyone. As she walks down the ramp, she continues scouring the crowd, stoic, before sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. She removes her duster and goggles and hands them to the referee before pulling on the ropes as she prepares to face off against her opponent.

Yuusuke Takeda: Kare no taisen aite! Nyūjājī-shū ōshanshiti kara, taijū wa 105-pondo. Krigare...EAVAAAAAAAAAAN...MALONEEEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!

Matt Salvatore: I have to wonder how this is gonna play out, Nick.

Nick Hanson: You really expect it to last? What is it about Callaway you know what we don’t? Because I’ve known who he is since No Limits Wrestling.

Matt Salvatore: How well did you get to know the man?

Nick Hanson: Well….

Matt Salvatore: Exactly.


As the bell rang, Eavan Maloney came out of the corner, smirk on her face, sizing the taller General Manager up. Luthor Callaway strolled out into the middle of the ring, hands on his hips as he looked down at the Purge member. While they couldn’t be heard over the camera mics, they were starting to talk back and forth; Luthor nodding and jawjacking back at her until things looked to be getting a little heated to the point that Luthor leaned in to say something right in Eavan’s face where she flat out slapped him across his. Luthor brought the hand on the opposite side to his jaw and smirked. Miffed at his taunting, Eavan Maloney glared up at him and goaded the man to come and get him some.

Matt Salvatore: Eavan wants a piece of the boss man, Nick!

Nick Hanson: Well, she asked for this match and I think that’s what Luthor’s trying to tell her!

Matt Salvatore: She did and she’s gonna get it!

Luthor finally brought his hands up, motioning for Eavan to come on and bring it. The two started looking like they were shooting in for a lockup but instead, Luthor suddenly sidestepped, making Eavan go past him. As soon as she started turning around, Luthor stepped in and shocked the viewers with hammering blows to the midsection of Eavan. Not just wild blows but precise, aimed shots to the ribs. Legit boxing technique being shown in every movement the General Manager made as he backed Eavan Maloney into the nearest corner. Callaway continued to hammer Eavan’s ribs with rights and lefts until she began to slump and he let her fall to the mat, struggling for breath.

Nick Hanson: Is this what you were talking about, Matt?!

Matt Salvatore: Sure is!

Nick Hanson: Is Callaway a boxer?!

Matt Salvatore: Regionals champion in college!

As Eavan held her ribs, Callaway rolled her down onto her back and went for the cover, laying back and bringing up the leg.



Eavan Maloney still had it in her to kick out despite the punishment she had taken early on. Luthor sat up with a chuckle on his face, nodding then as he grabbed a handful of Eavan’s hair and pulled her up to her feet, mouthing to her ‘thought this was gonna be easy, didn’t ya?’ As Eavan was back up on her feet, though, she fought through the pain in her ribs and swatted Luthor’s arm away, clocking him with a forearm right to the jaw. This one hit harder than the slap and the man actually stumbled as the crowd gave a pop. Eavan stepped in, turning him back towards her and hit him with another forearm, then a right hand, and another right hand, and another right hand! Eavan Maloney, 4’11.5, sending Luthor Callaway, 6’0, back across the ring, stumbling into the ropes as Nagoya let out a roar of approval for the Krigare.

Nick Hanson: And here’s Eavan Maloney!! Fighting back against the boss!

As Eavan got Luthor back against the ropes, she went for an Irish whip on the man but he used his size advantage to reverse it and send her into the ropes instead. Eavan crossed the ring, came off the ropes and ducked a haymaker from Luthor. She came off the original side of the ropes again, springboarding back and hit a kick right across the side of Luthor’s head, knocking him for a loop. So much so that he actually hit the mat face down in a rather theatrical and entertaining manner to the crowd. Eavan played to the Nagoya crowd, yelling “who’s the fuckin’ boss now, huh?!” before dropping down and rolling Luthor over for a pinfall.




Smirking, Eavan rolled out of the ring and began digging underneath the ring for something until she drew out a weapon that garnered a pop from her Japanese fans as she held up...Barbie!!!! Her barbwire baseball bat! Callaway was completely unaware as he picked himself up onto his hands and knees. Twirling the bat in her hand, Eavan raised it up over Callaway and brought it down across his back. The barbwire biting into his flesh caused the General Manager to hit the mat again and thrash in pain as he tried to roll away from the angry Shieldmaiden prospect. Eavan stepped in and swung down for another strike with Barbie, causing Callaway to thrash around in pain again, this time rolling and falling out of the ring where he immediately looked to be crawling under in an attempt to get away from her.

Nick Hanson: Luthor Callaway might be on the run from Eavan Maloney! You think he regrets accepting this challenge, Matt?

Matt Salvatore: Who knows? He might, Nick!

As Luthor continued to scrounge under the ring, clearly looking for his own weapon now rather than trying to escape, Eavan hopped out and stood there in amusement, just watching him. When he re-emerged, the man had a steel chair in his hand that he held up as a shield when Eavan came in for another swing with Barbie. The sound of barbed wire wrapped wood on steel made a dull metal thwack. Eavan’s bat bounced off and Luthor used the opportunity to get to his feet and back up a little before Eavan came in again, coaxing him to try and hit her with the chair. Luthor wasn’t having it, though as he kept the chair ready. Eavan swung again and once more, Luthor blocked it. Barely. Eavan’s bat bounced back again and Luthor used this opportunity to throw the chair in the ring and scramble in, under the bottom rope. Maloney, however, was right on his tail, coming in with Barbie still in tow.

Nick Hanson: Eavan Maloney’s got Luthor Callaway on the run now!

Matt Salvatore: Wait a sec, Nick! Maybe not! OH!

Matt exclaimed as, when Eavan started getting up to her feet, Luthor ran in with his chair and whacked it across her back, dropping her to the mat. The crowd booed as he stood over Eavan, pointing to himself and shouting how this was his show and he ran shit. He rained down a few more shots across her body with the chair, causing Eavan to cover up as best as she could. Luthor threw the chair down behind him and picked up Barbie; the man looked the barbed wire bat over with a twisted grin on his face. He used the bat to gesture down at Eavan as she reeled on the mat, glaring up at him; Luthor going on about how he was going to beat the unholy hell out of her with her own toy. It was here that the crowd let out a mixture of cheers and boos.

Nick Hanson: What the hell’s he doing?! He’s not gonna….

Matt Salvatore: I think he might, Nick!

Nick Hanson: Wait a minute!

A mixed reaction flowed from the Nagoya fans as MORGAN PAYNE came sprinting out of the crowd, hopped the barricade and slid into the ring. As Luthor raised the bat up over his head, Morgan ran up, grabbing part of the unwrapped portion and yanked it from his hands, tossing it across the mat. Luthor spun around in alarm!! Kick to the midsection from Payne!! Luthor doubled over and Payne pulled him forward, head between her legs as she stood over the chair he’d beaten Eavan with. Morgan hooks the arms and grabs him behind the legs. She hoists him up!! DRILLS him onto his head!!!!




As Eavan Maloney pulled herself up to her feet on the ropes, Morgan stood over the prone General Manager and pushed her hair out of her head, standing there in her black boots, bdu pants and tank top. She slowly lifted her head to Eavan and motioned a hand to the unconscious man at her feet. ‘Pin him.’ Eavan just...shakes her head and starts to walk towards the ropes, waving dismissively at Morgan. She’s not doing it like this. Morgan watches her go with a growing look of crazed rage. The fans start to yell for Eavan to turn around but are too late as Morgan grabs Eavan and spins her around. Kick to the midsection! STUNNER!!!!

Matt Salvatore: ART OF RUIN TO MALONEY!!!!!


Morgan drags Eavan by the arm, throwing her over Luthor Callaway. She then turns to the ref, grabs him and throws him to the mat, yelling at him to make the count!





Yuusuke Takeda: Kore ga anata no shōshadesu! EAVAAAAAAAN...MALONEEEEEEEEEY!!!!

Disturbed’s “Warrior” boomed through the arena as Morgan Payne stood over the dazed bodies of Eavan Maloney and Luthor Callaway for but a moment before she dropped down and rolled out of the ring, back pedaling up the ramp; a wild look in her heterochromic eyes as she retreated towards the back. Eavan had technically won her match. She now had the right to a title match or her choice; but she was now also booked to face Morgan at the pay-per-view.

Nick Hanson: Interesting turn of events, to say the least!

Matt Salvatore: Some might say Morgan helped Eavan but I think we both know why she did it, Nick! These two got a date with death on February 25th, now!

Nick Hanson: Invasion: Japan! Two weeks away, at the Tokyo Dome but that’s our show for tonight folks! We’ll see you next week as we move the tour to Osaka-jo Hall! For Matt Salvatore, I’m Nick Hanson! So long everyone!

Winner: Eavan Maloney
Result: Pinfall
#1. StuFish_pif def. Moe Renhuan via Submission
#2. Tren Descarrilado def. Darius Crowley via Pinfall
#3. Danni Anderson def. Lluvia Cane via Pinfall
#4. Dona Rotten def. Lara Bratton via Pinfall*
#5. Lash Donohue def. Lilith Meadows via Pinfall
#6. Eavan Maloney def. Luthor Callaway via Pinfall*

NFW Owner
Danni | Marcello

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