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EVENT AIRED: Feb 11, 2020

Breakdown LIX


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Shortly before the latest Breakdown is set to go live, Jessica Jones can be seen standing outside of Keegan Ryan’s locker room.

Jessica Jones: Two weeks ago, I was here in support of Keegan Ryan. But tonight, I’ll be fighting by my man’s side. Oh the fun we are going to have destroying a couple of bitches!

JJ rolls her eyes.

Jessica Jones: I know, I know. Neither Velma nor Benoite sees that happening. They’re probably holding out hope that Keegan and I will end up fighting amongst ourselves after what happened. But Keegan doesn’t hold me responsible for that. However he’s still not in the greatest of moods after being cheated out of the Portlandia Championship by that slimeball. Meaning both of you are in a bad spot tonight. Across the ring from the two of us. Because you are about to have your asses beat like never before. Just something for the two of you to think about as you lace up boots tonight.

JJ smirks.

Jessica Jones: Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

JJ adds before entering the locker room to finish getting ready as we fade.
Tag Team Match
Benoite Crozier & Velma Jones vs. Keegan Ryan & Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones begins this match against Benoite Crozier, the two circling each other slowly in the center of the mat. Jessica Jones feints a punch, but Benoite doesn’t flinch. They smile at each other before tying up, Jessica taking the early advantage and twisting The North Star into a standing armbar and walking her over to the corner where she tags in Keegan Ryan. Keegan and Jessica hit a double DDT before Jessica steps out to the apron, and Keegan tags her right back in. Jessica climbs to the top rope as Keegan stands Benoite up, and Jessica hits a missile dropkick! Crozier flies halfway across the ring and Jessica quickly pounces on her for the cover, but The North Star kicks out at two! Benoite manages to roll out from underneath Jessica and back to her feet, hitting a shining wizard that drops Jones flat! Crozier dives across the ring and tags in Velma Jones, to the delight of the crowd!

Velma handles herself well over the next minute and a half, controlling Jessica Jones and hurling her around the ring with a variety of suplexes before Jessica is able to make a tag to Keegan Ryan. Keegan begins to stalk Velma around the ring, throwing heavy punches and kicks that Velma manages to dodge… but she soon finds herself trapped in the corner! Keegan bounces Velmas head off the turnbuckle, then swiftly DDT’s her and makes the cover but Benoite Crozier comes flying over the top rope and drops an elbow on Keegans spine to break up the count!

Keegan and Velma battle furiously over the next minute until Keegan turns and tags in Jessica. Jessica is through the ropes in a flash and winds up for a superkick, but Velma ducks… Jessica kicks the referee! The referee goes down and Velma and Jessica both freeze! Benoite Crozier drops down from the apron and grabs a steel chair from ringside and tosses it into the ring, shouting for Velma to use it. Velma stares at Benoite, then looks at the chair, then back to Benoite. She shakes her head, refusing to cheat. The Portland crowd loves it! Suddenly Jessica Jones scissor kicks Velma into oblivion as Keegan runs over to Benoite and tackles her! Jessica shakes the referee to wake him and covers Velma, and he groggily makes the three count!

WINNER: Keegan Ryan & Jessica Jones
VIA: The Facial

Nando Fresno: What was it… that they said on the last Breakdown, Jill?

Jillian Clay: Hm?

For now there’s just audio against a dark screen, though the voices of the PPW Tag Team Champions are immediately recognizable.

Nando Fresno: Keane and Gallagher. They said something about being--

Jillian Clay: Oh! Oh! Okay, yeah, I remember.

The cover is popped off the lens, giving us a full view of Jillian Clay, who sits in the passenger seat of a dark red Jeep in the brightly-lit parking deck. Clay smirks, leaning toward her partner, the current operator of the camera, repeating the words of Nightfall Rising.

Jillian Clay: They said they weren’t only the most dominant team in Portland-- but in the whole world.

Nando Fresno: A hell of a claim to make without these.

With the camera and the alien hunter, we move over to the backseat of the Jeep. Nando’s hand reaches out, tugs it open from the handle-- and focuses on the pair of Portland Pro Tag Team Championships stretched across the seat. This is our view for several seconds until Jill reaches between the seats from the front and pulls her belt into her arms.

Jillian Clay: And they talked about how they were the ooonly thing worth watching-- and I think I’ve heard it all before. They mocked everybody they could think of; the Warriors of Orient, the Rogues Gallery, Hot & Trashy… and then they lost.

Nando Fresno: And then… they lost.

Nando reaches into the backseat, retrieving his belt as well, slinging it onto his shoulder, out of frame before slamming the door shut. He moves over to the front of the Jeep, where Clay has exited and moved around to face him.

Nando Fresno: We don’t have the luxury that Gallagher and Keane do. We absolutely cannot afford to openly underestimate our competition time and time again like--

Nando turns the camera on himself, raising a brow.

Nando Fresno: --like you, Nightfall. And it’s truly amazing that you haven’t learned from your constant lack of preparation. You constantly fail to take your opposition seriously. You produce results, but they’re inconsistent. You’re always so naturally good but only great when you want. And you don't want it a lot. Still. Inconsistent or not, you could catch us at any moment. We always have that in mind. So we don’t plan on taking you lightly. It just… wouldn’t be logical.

A small breath.

Nando Fresno: As for the Shanes?

A small, short laugh under his breath. He looks away, shaking his head for a moment.

Nando Fresno: I should stop being surprised at what you’re capable of as a team. But a couple of weeks ago, you humiliated Nightfall Rising, you earned your spot in this triple threat match-- but what you did, how you did it; it completely sums up who you are as competitors. Where there’s two of you, there’s three... four of you, and nothing in the rules of a triple threat match prevents you from utilizing that. So we’ve studied. We’ve observed. We’ve prepared. And tonight, we execute.

He turns the camera away from himself, catching the gaze of Jillian Clay as she casts a quick look around at her surroundings.

Jillian Clay: Might not be over with them.

Nando Fresno: Well. We’ve played it as cautiously as we could. Even stayed clear of the arena unless we were asked to phyically be here. But if the Rogues decide that tonight’s the night, we have to accept that and react accordingly.

A distant smile is on Clay’s face as she looks elsewhere, the familiar far-away look behind her eyes as she swims in the possibilities.

Jillian Clay: Don’t you feel that in the air?

Nando Fresno: What?

Jillian Clay: Something.

Nando looks toward his partner in silence for a moment. Slowly, he pans down toward the swaying Tag Team Championship in her hand.

Nando Fresno: Let’s go. Keep your eyes open.

With that, the pair pivot, marching toward the entrance of the Portland Expo Center. As they reach the doors, our scene abruptly cuts to black.
Singles Match
Devin Macey vs. Ryan Henderson, Jr.

Henderson is on fire in the opening of the match, keeping his offense relentless against Macey with a European uppercut, running dropkick, diving clothesline series. He doesn’t give Devin a moment to breathe before following up with a handful of forearm shots and a spinning back elbow, then quick standing moonsault! He hooks the leg after impact, but Devin kicks out before the three. Macey is rattled, but far from down and out, nailing Ryan with a spinning heel kick to give himself a few moments to breathe.

The middle of the match is back-and-forth, with Devin unloading a pair of rolling suplexes, and Henderson answering with a spinebuster and a roundhouse. They trade forearms and elbows blow for blow, then it’s Macey with a swinging neckbreaker. Then Henderson with a float over DDT and a kip up that gets a big pop from the crowd! As Macey gets to his feet Ryan looks for his Revelation, but Devin counters the jumping DDT with a jawbreaker that snaps Henderson’s head back and lays him out! Macey goes for the pin, but Ryan kicks out!

By the end of the match the lightning quick pace has begun to slow, but both men are still giving it their all. Henderson somersaults forward and pops up for a front dropkick that knocks Devin into the corner, leaving him open for a hanging soccer kick! Macey staggers out, but when Ryan pursues he’s surprised by a desperation backbreaker! Both men race to their feet, but it’s Devin there a moment sooner, just enough to let him hit the step up enziguri that clips Henderson right on the temple and allows Devin to make the pin!

WINNER: Devin Macey
VIA: Killshot

We cut backstage to find Alex Jones on a steel folding chair.His legs are crossed over, his arms over his chest and his eyes are closed. He seems to be...asleep?. The cameraman seems to get bored and look around before we hear a cough from behind the camera

Alex Jones: Hmm?...WHAT?...WHAT THE HELL MAN?

Alex pops up and wipes his eyes looking around confused. He shakes his head and frowns looking annoyed.

Alex Jones: What is wrong with you? Sneaking up on people......I was just resting my eyes. I was watching Maxine Murphy matches and promos. Doing research. I have a big match tonight. But then...I dunno. I started feeling..sleepy and next thing I know, you're there with your camera.

Alex scratches his chin and seems to go into a "thinking" pose.

Alex Jones: I guess unless she's doing a Jlo and swinging her ass from a pole Maxine Murphy just isn't entertaining huh?

He laughs to himself and stares at the camera

Alex Jones: Tonight you and I are stepping in the ring Maxine. You think you're some kind of amazing talent, a bretty blond bombshell. But come on. You're really not. You pop up on twitter now and again to post something to do with your paint eating boyfriend. You put up bland, uninteresting "trash" talk that is less "haha" and more "oh no". But, you do have a place in this helped my wife get our three year old son to sleep with your promo..."skills" thank you...but tonight, you'll be exhibiting the only other talent you have...the one Javen knows...when you lay on your back and look uninterested for 3 seconds....boom...

Alex laughs and pushes past the cameraman while whistling the theme song to jeepers creepers.
Singles Match
Dakota Lockard vs. Alex Pierce

Alex Pierce charges Dakota Lockard at the opening bell, trying to take the early momentum as the two lock up. Alex throws a few hard right hands at Lockard, but Dakota is able to counter and shoots Alex off of the far ropes and catches him on the rebound with a hip toss. Dakota hits a standing elbow drop, and then quickly hoists Alex back to his feet and drills him with several quick body shots and a powerful uppercut to the jaw! Family Legacy! Alex stumbles into the corner of the ring to try and recover but Lockard gives him no time to breathe and follows up with a flying knee that connects clean with Alex’s jaw and drops him to a knee! Lockard hooks Alex’s head and spikes him down with a swift DDT! Dakota looks for a cover but Alex manages to kick out right at two!

By the middle of the match Alex seems to have recovered and seized control of the fight, working over Dakota Lockard with several low kicks to the thigh and a spinning heel kick to the body that leaves Dakota clutching his liver and rolling in agony on the mat! The crowd explodes as they realize that this one could be over, and Alex Pierce dives on Dakotas legs and tries to lock in the Southern Cross Stretch! Dakota claws furiously at the canvas and manages to drag himself inch by inch to the ropes… and he manages to grab hold! The referee calls for Alex to release the submission attempt, and Alex obliges, but the moment he does Dakota rocks him with an up-kick and scrambles back up to his feet! Dakota charges at the dazed Alex Pierce… but gets caught with a spine buster! Dakota gets slammed hard and Alex hooks the leg, but Lockard kicks out just after two!

The two men continue to battle for the next few minutes as the Portland fans rise to their feet, sensing the fact that the action is about to boil over! Dakota swings wildly with an overhand right but Alex is able to sidestep and hit a bicycle kick that dots Dakota between the eyes! Lockard looks dazed as Pierce rolls back to his feet and poses confidently for the fans! He’s beaten Dakota twice, and he knows he’s about to make it three! He ties Dakota up for the ‘Hiken’, his rainmaker lariat… but Dakota spins away and ripcords Alex instead! Both men went for the same move, but Dakota managed to pull it off and Alex Pierce slumps motionless to the mat! Lockard rolls him over and picks up the three count!

WINNER: Dakota Lockard
VIA: #Concussion

As cameras cut to Maxine Murphy, she appears to be deep in thought.

Max Murphy: Alex Jones.

Max contemplates the name for a moment.

Max Murphy: Finally facing someone new and different.

Max pauses.

Max Murphy: This one is going to get interesting really quick.

Max nods as she collects her thoughts.

Max Murphy: So I hope Alex is ready for a fight. Because that’s exactly what he’s going to get when we step into the ring tonight. You see, beating Nixie yet again just didn’t do it for me. I want something bigger. Something better. Defeating a former Tag Team and Rogue Champion will give me exactly that. So while Alex may put up quite the challenge, I’m still going to take him to the MAX tonight.

Her tone is confident in that.

Max Murphy: That’s how this one ends. Because the Luckiest Woman in PPW is about to take a stand. Before we’re through people will be reminded that I’m a force to be reckoned with!

With that, the scene fades away from a very determined looking Maxine Murphy.
Singles Match
Maxine Murphy vs. Alex Jones

To no one’s surprise, Alex starts off the match by refusing a handshake from his opponent and, nearly before the bell can ring, he grabs the outstretched hand and uses it to pull Max into a short-arm clothesline! The crowd gives him a thorough booing for the unsportsmanlike conduct, but there are no penalties here, and Jones is happy to taunt them in return! Murphy is back on her feet, however, and catches Jones mid-showboating with a running bulldog! Max goes right for a pin, but Alex is out before the two and practically looks insulted that she would try!

Jones takes control and maintains it well past the half-way point in the match. He’s not above using the ropes or a handful of tights for leverage, and he almost puts Murphy away a few times using the underhanded tactics. Max is looking frustrated, but after pointing it out to the official a few times, the ref becomes much more scrutinizing of Alex’s actions. Max looks for a diving clothesline, but Jones counters into a hammerlock before spinning it out with a clothesline of his own! No sooner has Murphy made it to her feet than Jones catches her with a spinning neckbreaker. He hooks the leg but this time the referee catches the handful of tights and refuses to count!

By the end of the match Max has begun to stall Alex’s momentum, and it’s Jones who’s getting frustrated. He almost sees a victory after an AJ-Guri, but Max gets the shoulder up in time! They two scramble to a vertical base and Max is just a hair faster, blasting Jones with a Murphy’s Law heel kick that drops him to a knee. She looks for a quick roll up pin, but Alex kicks out before the three! He doesn’t get to his feet in time, however, and Murphy hits him with another heel kick! He’s seeing stars and can’t step out of the way fast enough to avoid the reverse front facelock cutter, giving Murphy the victory!

WINNER: Max Murphy
VIA: To the MAX

Carnivore wears a grey Californian hoodie and interestingly, the old yellow smiley mask with the old scratches on it, inside the Portland Expo Center backstage area. Carnivore strums the yellow guitar that Kenzie Rydell gifted him.

Carnivore: If you’ve been following my career these past few weeks, you’d know they have been horrible to me as my career has been on a temporary downward spiral. Yet, I don’t quit. I train, I improve. You know why? I want to continue climbing my mountain until the people of Portland all hail me as king of it. I know some people want me to slip from my mountain. Love me or hate me. You can't deny the success that I have in terms of longevity and accomplishments. I’ve been through a lot since I joined PPW, I have quite the resume. I was The Portland Tag Team Champion with Cal Compton. I was Portlandia Champion twice and my reign was so hot it evaporated.

Carnivore dryly chuckles.

Carnivore: I had been drowned, beaten down by Hammerstein as he took PPW by storm. It doesn't matter if it's rain, there are puddles forming, it’s storming, or it’s just Redd Thunder. I’ve weathered the storm and will keep weathering the storm. For nearly two years, I have never given up. Rain or shine, win or lose, I never gave up. I might be a middle aged dad but I keep myself in my physical prime and mentally ready for a fight. That’s why as the industry is flooded with new talent, I’m still here. I’m here to stay whether it’s here in PPW, IBW, Action Wrestling, or even in Japan.

Carnivore waves.

Carnivore: HI KIRA!

Carnivore stops waving.

Carnivore: This temporary downward spiral is just that...temporary. I’m the best. I’m the best in the universe. I want to wash the doubt that I’m the best, even if I have to wash away that doubt in the storm Redd Thunder is going to bring.

Carnivore strums his gifted guitar.

Carnivore: So, Redd Thunder...BRING IT!

The scene fades to black.
Singles Match
Carnivore vs. Redd Thunder

It’s hard not to see anyone stepping into the ring with Redd as the underdog in the match, but it’s clear that Carnivore has come with a strategy. While Thunder looks to use brute force from the start, Carnivore uses his speed and agility to evade the bigger man, ducking in and out for precise strikes. Hit-and-run style shoot kicks keep Redd on the defensive for a while, but Carnivore makes the mistake of going for a headbutt, leaving Thunder laughing before he tosses Carnivore across the ring with a high angle overhead belly-to-belly suplex! It’s still strange to hear anyone cheering for Carnivore, but the masked man has a contingent of fans urging him to get back on his feet and keep going!

Redd maintains control through the middle of the match with a Samoan drop and running Senton splash, among many other powerful maneuvers. Carnivore is able to shake himself out in between, continuing those guerilla tactics and wearing at the legs of the big man as much as possible. A chop block from behind brings Redd down and allows Carnivore to lock in his sharpshooter for a few moments, but Thunder powers his way out rather than attempting to get to the ropes! Carnivore is frustrated, but it’s clear that some damage was done as Redd slows a bit. Carnivore goes high risk, heading to the top rope for a diving hurricanrana, but Thunder counters it into a sitout powerbomb and nearly gets the victory!

Carnivore is incensed by the near loss, renewing his speedy attacks to continue wearing at Redd, and another chop block, running knee lift, hurricanrana combo almost sees him get the pinfall, but Redd kicks out just in time. With the crowd cheering him on, Carnivore falls into a striking contest with Thunder, which ultimately proves to be a mistake. Though he gives as good as he gets for a few minutes, two good shots from Thunder finally leave him seeing stars. Carnivore throws a wild clothesline and Redd catches the arm, twisting him into a hammerlock position for the ripcord knee strike before making the pin! The crowd boos, but Redd pays them no mind as he basks in his victory.

WINNER: Redd Thunder
VIA: Giga Impact

The camera focuses on the Breakdown LIX poster before pulling back to show the interview set, a coffee table, and three chairs, one on one side of the table and two on the other. On the one side sits PPW interviewer Crispin Anders. Across the table sit the PPW Portlandia Champion, Jacob Hammerstein and his manager, Reese Kennedy. Anders looks into the camera, a serious look on his face.

Crispin Anders: In just a few days, the landscape of Portland pro wrestling will change When the PPW Champion, Carina McLellan faces to Portlandia Champion, American Monster Jacob Hammerstein, in a winner-take-all showdown with both titles on the line. I'm here today to speak with the Portlandia champion and his manager, restore dirty. Gentlemen thank you for joining me today.

Hammerstein and Kennedy just nod, barely acknowledging Anders.

Crispin Anders: I'd like to cover several subjects, not limited to the upcoming match. You both agreed beforehand that no subject is off-limits. Ready to get started?

Both men just nod.

Crispin Anders: Okay, let's start with the obvious question. Why winner-take-all?

Hammerstein smiles and shakes his head.

Jacob Hammerstein: Why not? Boss is winner-take-all. In life, you put it all on the line every day, whether you're a pro wrestler, a first responder, I just for the nine-to-five working-class schlups that cheer the Carina MacLellan's of the world. Every match is all or nothing for me, whether titles on the line or not. It's all about confidence. It's all or nothing for me. I win, I've got the two top titles in this company. I lose? I walk away with nothing. But you know what? I'm not going to leave empty handed. I have supreme confidence in myself and my skills. I will walk out as both Portlandia Champion and Portland Pro Champion.

Crispin Anders: You're nothing if not confident, but do you think that's going to be an easy not for you? You've mentioned steamrolling over the champion. Do you think that's really going to be the case?

Jacob Hammerstein: Like I said before, I know I'm not leaving this match unscathed. It's going to be a fight. She's not going to relinquish that title willingly. I'm going to have to take it from her oh, and to do that oh, I'm going to have to start the high holy hell out of her. You know what? I'm more than ready, I'm more than willing, and I'm more than able, to do that.

Crispin Anders: Recently you said that you would make the PPW Title "mean something." The Portland Pro Championship is the most prestigious wrestling title in the Pacific Northwest, and one of the most prestigious titles in the United States. What will you do, that Carina McClellan hasn't, to make it mean more than it does now?

Jacob Hammerstein: Look, you are exactly right. That title is the most prestigious regional title in the Pacific Northwest, and it's one of the most prestigious titles in this country. And I give the champ props for that. She's busted her ass, to win the title and to defend the title, and she has successfully defended that title for nearly a year. So she deserves a lot of credit for that and I do respect the hell outta her for that. But this title could mean a lot more. Now, if the powers-that-be want to keep this title a regional title then there's no reason for me to fight for it. But, with me as Portland Pro Champion, I can do what she can't, and that's make this a world title. I can make this title mean something on a global scale. Don't believe me? look back to another Pacific Northwest regional promotion called Seattle Pro Wrestling. I won their regional Heavyweight Championship, and before my reign was over it was a World Heavyweight Championship. Seattle Pro is now known as Mainstream Pro Wrestling, and is one of the biggest promotions on the planet. That's what I mean when I say that I can make this title mean something.

Reese Kennedy nods his head in agreement. Anders raises his eyebrows before moving on to his next question.

Crispin Anders: It's interesting that you bring up Seattle Pro, because there's something that's been on the minds of a lot of fans for the past few months. That being, how did you reunite with Reese Kennedy as your manager? Let's go back to your time in Seattle Pro. You were their World Heavyweight Champion, and in the midst of your reign, Kennedy, who was your manager at the time, turned on you, viciously. He allowed your biggest enemy at the time access to your home. He set you up to make it look like you were having illicit affairs with multiple women around the world, while your wife, Holly, was at home with your infant child. He nearly ruined your career, he nearly ruined your marriage, he nearly ruined your life. How, can you justify, how can you rationalize taking him back as your manager?

Both manager and client look more than a little uncomfortable

Jacob Hammerstein: I don't think that's a question that is relevant to…

Crispin Anders: We agreed that no question would be off limits.

The Portlandia Champion looks agitated, but Kennedy smiles humbly and pats his client on the forearm.

Reese Kennedy: It's okay, Champ. I got this.

The manager loosens his ties a bit and rubs his eyes with his right thumb and index finger.

Reese Kennedy: I was brought on as Hammerstein's Professional Representative while he was in the early stages of his Championship reign in Seattle. I was hired on to handle his day to day business, as well as merchandising, investments etc. Hammerstein handled business in the ring, I handled business outside the ring.

But, before and during it all, I harbored a secret. I was…

The manager pauses a moment to gather his thoughts, perhaps even his courage, before continuing.

Reese Kennedy: I was addicted to drugs, prescription drugs, to be exact. The life of a professional wrestler, or manager, is like that if any other performer. The high gained from being in front of a screaming crowd is like no other feeling in the world. After the crowd has gone home and the silence is all you have, it gets very hard to deal with. Hammerstein had his family to help him through. I, through nobody's fault by mine, didn't have that. And when you don't have a healthy coping mechanism, you'll take any one you can get.

The American Monster rubs his eyes, then pats his manager on the shoulder. Kennedy looks at him, nodding.

Reese Kennedy: Hammerstein has racked up multiple injuries throughout his career, and with those injuries come multiple prescriptions for pain relieving medications. He didn't want to take them, relying more on strong drink to ease his pain. So I went and had them filled "for" him. As time went on, and my addiction grew stronger, I began lobbying the doctors to write stronger, longer term prescriptions for him. After a while, Jacob found a full pill bottle in the dressing room and asked me about it. I played it off as I got it "just in case he needed them," which he believed, but gave them to the head trainer to dispose of. That was the last refill, and there would be no more after that. I had lost my supply line. That led me to find less than scrupulous means to get my fix. My supplier, who was close to the wrestling business, knew the kind of money I was making, and charged me accordingly. It was quickly draining my finances. This led to a growing pile of debt.. I had to find some way to both finance my addiction and pay my debts. So I devised the plan that started out as a simple blackmail plan from an anonymous source. Then my greed and ego got involved, and I thought it would make for "good TV," which would result in higher buyrates, bigger crowds, and more money for me to fuel my addiction. Unfortunately, the plan went sideways, and played out in one of the lowest points in the history of that company. It led to the near personal and professional destruction of this man, who treated me better than family. It also led to my termination from the company.

Crispin Anders: It also led to your disappearance for months. You pretty much fell off the face of the Earth. What happened?

Kennedy smiles, but clearly looks to be starting to get emotional. The American Monster nudges him with his elbow.

Jacob Hammerstein: I'll take it from here, Reese.

The Portlandia Champion brushes his hair out of his eyes and strokes his chin.

Jacob Hammerstein: After all the shit went down, and he got terminated from Seattle Pro, I made it my mission in life to hunt Reese down. I actually tracked him down to one of those seedy hourly rate motels in LA. I bust the door open, and I go in there, ready to kill, and I really mean kill, the guy. I yell out his name and I hear him, in a weak little voice, call my name from the bathroom. So I storm back there and that's when I see him.

Hammerstein stops, looking up to the ceiling and wiping his eyes. He sighs heavily. Kennedy's expression is one of remorse as he pats and rubs Hammerstein's shoulder.

Jacob Hammerstein: I see this guy, sitting on the floor of the shower. He's just sitting there, and he's wrecked. I mean, he just looks like he's ready to die. Right then and there, I didn't see Reese Kennedy, the guy who tried to ruin my life. I saw my friend, whose demons pushed him into doing something he would never have thought of doing otherwise. I saw a man who was at the end of himself, and I remembered what my uncle had told me years before. He told me that if I ever saw someone truly in need, it was my duty as a human being to help them, and one day that could be me.

Anders looks on, enthralled in the story. Kennedy picks up where Hammerstein left off.

Reese Kennedy: So, when Hammerstein found me, I thought it was the end for me. But something strange happened. He squatted down in front of me and looked me right in the eye. I tried to look away, because I was ashamed of what I had done. He wouldn’t let me. He grabbed me by the sides of my head, and forced me to look him in the eyes. He told me that while he wasn’t ready to forgive me, he wasn’t ready to cut me loose. He picked me up, helped me to his truck and took me to a rehab center in Riverside, California called Ten Acre Ranch. He set it all up. He paid for it all, every penny. He told them that if I needed anything, to just do it, and send him the bill. He told me that he’d visit me whenever he could. Every time there was a visitor’s day, he was there. When he brought Holly and Zoey, it was like I finally had a family, like they had adopted me. I completed the program, and I haven’t touched a pill, a drink, anything, and by God’s grace and the support of my adopted family, I never will.

Kennedy begins to get a bit choked up, then collects himself.

Reese Kennedy: I owe everything to this man right here. My life, my sobriety, my career...everything. He’s the best friend I’ve ever had.

Even Anders has to wipe his eyes a bit. He chuckles a bit.

Crispin Anders: Well, that wasn’t the answer I expected.

That gets a chuckle from both Hammerstein and Kennedy.

Jacob Hammerstein: Reese got the chance to repay me when I relapsed with my alcoholism. He became my accountability partner and helped me complete an outpatient program at the same Ten Acre Ranch. He told me he had nothing else to do, and I had the idea to take him on the road with me as both my accountability partner and my manager again. It was the best decision I’ve ever made professionally. Lots of people doubted my decision, and my sanity. Now, with the truth out there, maybe they’ll understand. Maybe they won’t. I honestly don’t give a damn.

The Portlandia Champion casts a somewhat halfheartedly angry glance at Anders.

Jacob Hammerstein: Okay, Oprah, can we get back to talking about the Winner Takes All match at Breakdown LIX now?

Anders looks a little taken aback at Hammerstein’s sudden shift back to hostility.

Crispin Anders: Okay. Do you, or Reese, have any parting words for the PPW Champion, Carina MacLellan ahead of this Tuesday’s match?

Reese Kennedy: I want to make it clear that we think Ms. MacLellan has been a fine Champion. We also want to make it clear that her time is up, and that at Breakdown, her historic title reign will be nothing but history. You’ve made it clear that you’re willing to fight tooth and nail to keep that title, Ms. MacLellan. Well, that won’t be enough against The American Monster, YOUR Portlandia Champion. All good things must come to an end, Ms. MacLelland, and your PPW Title reign will come to a brutal and cataclysmic end. Do you have anything to add, Champ?

Jacob Hammerstein: Carina MacLellan, you think you’re gonna celebrate a year as champion by beating me, don’t you? I’m gonna ruin your party plans, Carina, when I rip that PPW championship from around your waist, and there ain’t thing one you can do about it. See you Tuesday. C'mon, Reese.

With that, The Portlandia Champion, and his manager get up and leave the set and Crispin Anders.
Singles Match
Nixie Caine vs. Kenzie Rydell

Kenzie starts off strong (and underhanded), raking Nixie’s eyes at the opening bell to leave her wide open for the assault that follows. Rydell hits a barrage of open palm strikes, some backhand chops, and a leg lariat all in close succession. Nixie is finally able to shake herself out, however, and stalls Kenzie in her tracks with a leg feed enziguri! No sooner has Kenzie made it back to her feet than she’s met with a sitout hip toss! The fans are cheering for Nixie, but Rydell pays them no mind, landing a rolling wheel kick after the two trade a few strikes! She goes for the pin but Nixie is out at two to keep the match going.

Kenzie seizes the momentum in the middle of the match after a fake out leads to a missed drop toe hold by Nixie. Rydell hits a rolling snapmare immediately followed by a standing moonsault knee drop that leaves Caine gasping for air. As Nixie pulls herself up using the ropes, Kenzie brings the neat with her Shadow Press, using the ropes for those repeated slingshot knee drops and choking Caine against the bottom rope until the official threatens a DQ! Poor Nixie holds her throat as she still fights for air, but as Kenzie races in for what looks like a massive running knee, Caine counters with a drop toe hold that doesn’t miss this time, leaving Kenzie to crash right across the ropes herself!

The end of the match is a back-and-forth flurry between the two, trading nearfalls like cards. A Radiant Splash from Kenzie almost seals the deal, but Nixie kicks out at the last moment, and a few minutes later Caine hits her Total Mayhem and makes the pin, only for Rydell to get the shoulder up just in time! Kenzie throws everything she has at Nixie, with a running one-handed bulldog, a single leg Boston crab that Nixie just gets to the ropes to break, and another series of open palm strikes! Nixie never loses focus, however, and when Rydell misses with her Undying Light tornado kick, Caine is ready with her modified lifting reverse STO for the win!

WINNER: Nixie Caine
VIA: P!nk Wasteland Slam

The familiar entrance theme of Hot and Trashy plays as Carolina and Indiana lead Montana and Dakota to the ring all four ladies enter the ring.

Montana Shane: Tonight is the night Portland, tonight is the night that the Portland Pro Wrestling Tag team titles return to their rightful owners, Team Hot and Trashy.

Dakota Shane: For months now we’ve been stating the obvious that we are the rightful and deserving tag team champions, we’ve beaten every tag in this company, except one and tonight we add them to the list

Montana Shane: but to do that we have to also beat two losers who decided to stick their noses in our business, Nightfall Rising

Dakota Shane: Donovan, Jay, do you actually think you have a chance here tonight, well you don’t, you're just taking up space, tonight Nightfall Rising once again fail in their attempt to try to be as great as Team Hot and Trashy, but that’s a level Nightfall Rising will never reach, not tonight not ever.

Montana Shane: Nando, Jillian, first off we would like to commend you for being the champions of our division, and you’ve had a decent reign, and we thank you for keeping our tag team titles nice and warm, and after tonight you can both hold your heads high, losing the titles to the best team in Portland Pro Wrestling isn’t something to be ashamed off, just like Nightfall Rising your simply not at our level, sorry but it true.

Team Hot and Trashy leave the ring to a mixed reaction
Singles Match
Hannah Hartman vs. Marilyn Lee Cross

The opening minutes of the match are all Hannah as Hartman looks to overpower cross early on and keep the punishment coming. From repeated Judo-style throws that toss Marilyn from ringpost to ringpost, to repeated knees that look to keep Cross seeing stars, Hannah is relentless. MLC lands several strikes of her own, looking to stall Hartman’s offense, but Hannah almost shrugs them off, looking like a woman possessed. The first near fall of the match comes around the five minute mark after Hartman nails a Frost Warning and makes the cover, but Cross kicks out with a moment to spare.

MLC battles back throughout the middle of the match, creating some space with a shining wizard and then staying on Hartman with a relentless onslaught of palm strikes. She nails her Mary Go Round but can’t attempt a pin afterward because Hannah rolls out under the bottom rope to regroup! Just as it seems Cross is about to go for a suicide dive, Hannah slides back in and Marilyn stops short, allowing her to hit a poisonrana as soon as Hartman is on her feet! She hooks the leg as quickly as she can, but Hannah gets the shoulder up before the three!

It breaks down into a near brawl toward the end of the match, the two women trading vicious forearms, elbows, and haymakers until the official can finally get things back under control. A 4th and Goal spear from Hartman nearly puts Cross away, but MLC just refuses to stay down! A stiff wheel kick from Hartman drops her to a knee, but when Hannah looks for the V-Trigger, MLC evades and brings her down with a drop toe hold! Cross pops to her feet with lightning speed, getting there before Hartman to hit the running yakuza kick from behind! She makes the cover and gets one… two… three!

WINNER: Marilyn Lee Cross
VIA: John Wilkes Boot

Charlie Jones has her hands clasped together as a graphic at the bottom reads "Dallas Texas, last week". Her long dark hair is tied up and back as she is dressed in street clothes. A pair of jeans and a shirt, with a leather jacket.

Charlie Jones: You ever get the feeling that...I dunno...this is it? That you have a ceiling above you? And you don't have the power to break through?

She smiles weakly and pushes up to her feet, it seems to be a beautiful day in an urban setting. Where Charlie and Alex grew up.

Charlie Jones: I have earned chances before. And each time I have choked. I have let a championship slip through my fingers. And I have this nagging feeling that my own emotions are going to work against me. See Megan Rydell is someone who seems to never lack confidence. And while I try and try and try to keep my own confidence up, the last few months I've just felt my heart break over and over...

Charlie walks around, her hands in her pockets as she looks around at the families all enjoying themselves.

Charlie Jones: This one, this one is big. I expect Megan Rydell, I respect what she's done, I respect what she can do. But at Breakdown LIX I'm not just putting my body into this. I'm putting my heart and soul into it. And Megan better realise she needs to bring her all because this is a war. And I'm coming for the Rogue Championship to finally realise that dream… to be a champion...

Tag Team Championships
Tag Team Triple Threat Tornado Match
Team Hot & Trashy vs. Nightfall Rising vs. The Saturnian Connection ©

The Champions and the referee all have their work cut out for them from the beginning as Nightfall Rising and Hot & Trashy seem to be out for one another’s blood. Nando and Jill play it smart in the beginning, allowing Jay and Dakota to slug things out and wear one another down. A roundhouse kick followed by a sitout facebuster see Shane with the upper hand first, but Gallagher comes back in short order, hitting a snap suplex and somersault senton moments later! Fresno chooses the moment to make his move, wiping them both out with a springboard flying crossbody! He attempts to pin them both, but only gets two before they throw him off.

Dakota and Montana team up in the middle of the match, catching Jillian with a double flapjack for a pin attempt of their own, but Donovan quickly breaks it up. Minutes later the tables have turned and Donnie and Jay catch Montana with a wicked leg drop and body splash combo from the turnbuckles. Keane makes the cover, but Nando dives into the pair to stop the count. The Champions take it to both Jay and Dakota with a huge Meteorregen, but when Jill goes for the pin it’s no surprise that Donovan and Montana are both there to save the match. All three teams are left wondering just how they’re supposed to overcome the other two, but none of the six competitors is about to give up.

Late in the match Hot & Trashy switches tactics, staying out of the ring and letting Nightfall Rising and SatCon battle it out. That is, until Dakota yanks Jill off of the apron and whips her into the barricade while Montana is there to blast Fresno with a knee drop when he’s thrown out by Keane. Dakota dives into the ring and takes down Gallagher with a diving clothesline! She hits the ropes looking for a pointed elbow drop on the way out but gets clubbed across the back of the neck with a forearm from Donnie! Montana races around to engage Keane and keep him from interfering, but he sidesteps and lets her hit the ring stairs instead! Dakota is in trouble as Jay makes the tag and Nightfall Rising teams up. Keane hits a reverse STO to which Gallagher adds a jumping enziguri! Donovan makes the pin as Jay throws himself over the top rope with a desperation crossbody that stops Nando and Jill from breaking it up! We have new Tag Team Champions!

WINNER: Nightfall Rising
VIA: Nightshot

In a brief intermission, the camera cuts to the production area where it seems the conversation in progress isn’t meant to be overheard. PPW Owner and General Manager Erik Hawke is there with Crispin Anders and even Violett Prescott and Dresden Allen, who have gotten up to stretch their legs and get a fresh bottle of water between matches.

Violett Prescott: What do you mean?!

Violet looks and sounds more than a little worried as she stares at Mr. Hawke, who holds up a hand to try and keep them all calm.

Erik Hawke: It’s true, but let’s not start panicking just yet.

Crispin Anders: But I thought Oxford was only an investor, the one that’s been around backstage a few times?

Erik nods.

Erik Hawke: He invested a rather considerable sum. More than had been discussed, but I made the mistake of telling the lawyers that everything was in order without being present myself.

Dresden frowns deeply.

Dresden Allen: And now he’s got a controlling share of PPW. He owns the place.

Erik shakes his head and holds up his index finger.

Erik Hawke: No, he does not own PPW, not by a long shot. But he does have control I never intended for him to have.

Violet, her pretty brow creased with worry, sighs.

Violett Prescott: What does that mean?

It’s Erik’s turn to frown now.

Erik Hawke: For the moment, it looks like it means that we will have to stall any further PPW shows. I don’t know for how long, but I have no intention of letting him pull the company out from under me. It will take however long it takes, but PPW will be back to normal once I get this under control.

The production area has taken on a melancholy tone, but they all straighten as one, professional ‘til the end.

Dresden Allen: Well, we’ve got a show to finish, don’t we? And without Oxford at that.

Violet looks to her commentary partner and nods resolutely.

Violett Prescott: Let’s show him and everyone else that PPW is ours, and the fans, and that there’s no changing what it is at its heart.

Erik looks proud of his team, and gives a nod to send them back to their duties. When they’ve departed he looks worried, and frustrated, but the determination to wrest control of PPW back from this mysterious investor, Mr. Oxford, is plain on his face.

Rogue Championship
Singles Match
Charlie Jones vs. Megan Rydell ©

There’s a lot of trash talking once the bell has run, Megan right up in Charlie’s face talking about how she’ll never hold the Rogue Championship or any other title in PPW, because she hasn’t got what it takes. Jones doesn’t talk back, instead she just nails Rydell with a short-arm lariat! Megan is left shaking herself out as she scrambles to her feet and the fight is on. A crescent kick, discus elbow smash, sitout jawbreaker series from Megan rocks Charlie, but Jones keeps her head and narrowly avoids a Mega Kick. Unfortunately, she doesn’t evade the GamenGirl that comes her way immediately after! Rydell makes the pin with a quickness, but Jones kicks out just in time! Meg is left arguing with the official, but he stands firm.

Charlie controls the next several minutes, systematically working at Meg with strikes where she can but focusing mainly on defending against Rydell’s own maneuvers as she attempts to let Megan wear herself out. Rydell has plenty in the tank, however, unleashing a slingblade and a quick roll up pin attempt. Jones is out before the two and makes a run of her own, nailing a belly to belly slam before hooking the leg! She gets two and a half but Rydell still kicks out in time, leaving Jones frustrated even as the crowd chants her names and jeers Meg.

By the end of the match it’s still either woman’s fight. Meg got herself a near fall after a Fly-Dell while Jones almost picked up the victory after a big roaring elbow. A superkick from Megan shifts the momentum suddenly, putting Charlie on the canvas. Megan looks smug, stalking around her opponent and stomping at her as she tries to get up while shouting all manner of unpleasant things. She toys too long, however, and it proves to be her undoing as Jones trips her up and is able to lock in a rear naked choke! She grapevines her legs around Rydell’s body and Megan can’t attempt to get to the ropes! It takes half a minute for Rydell’s body to go slack, but the official watches her hand drop three times and PPW has a NNNEEEEEWWW Rogue Champion!!!

WINNER: Charlie Jones
VIA: Rear Naked Choke

The lights dim and then drop as a spotlight lights up the stage in front of the heavy curtains to the backstage area. Mayhem by Halestorm plays and the fans whistle and cheer a bit as their Portland Pro Champion Carina MacLellan comes through the curtain, clearly in her ring gear and ready for her match, save she’s not wearing her black leather ring jacket tonight - just a black Pure Power hoodie instead. Around her waist is the gleaming championship belt, and she pats that as the music gets the fans hype to see her.

A little mayhem never hurt anyone
When am I gonna get some
A little bedlam ‘til I’m coming undone
Where am I gonna get some
A little mayhem never hurt anyone

She stands in the spotlight a moment to take it all in before she heads to the ring, the lights coming up as she makes a lap around it slapping a few hands and even posing for a couple of selfies before sliding in under the bottom rope. She pops to her feet and as the music drops she takes a microphone out of the kangaroo pocket of the hoodie and twirls it in her fingers. As they quiet down when the music fades, she brings it up to her lips.

Carina MacLellan: February 5th, 2019 - tomorrow that’ll be one full year since I defeated Marilyn Lee Cross to become the Cascade Champion… and I have vigorously defended it ever since. The Management, and Mr. Erik Hawke chose to rename this beauty...

Here she undoes the catch on the championship title belt she has snuggly around her waist, holding it up in the as the fans cheer, turning it this way and that.

Carina MacLellan: The Portland Pro Wrestling Championship. In our hearts it may yet be the Cascade, but to the world it is the PPW Championship and I’m the Champion and for the longest time, that’s just that. Fourteen defenses against Sixteen competitors and every time I never promised you all that I’d walk in Champion and walk out Champion, but that’s exactly what I did, against the most hungry competition possible. Every time I would ask… are they the One? The One that’s going to beat me when my initial missteps and falling on my face is clearly in my rearview?

Carina solemnly purses her lips, but then she shakes her head and goes to the ropes, looking out over all the fans.

Carina MacLellan: Maxine Murphy, twice. Hannah Hartman, three times. Charlie Jones, twice. Dakota Lockhard, twice. Warren Corbett, Jan van der Roost, Megan Rydell, Jessica Jones, and Alex Jones… Xavier Ada & Montana Shane for spice.

There was cheering after all of the names, some of course louder than others, and Carina tucks the microphone under her arm before she applauds too. Taking a moment as excitement seems to build, and then she retrieves it and speaks again.

Carina MacLellan: And you were all there to watch. These weren’t unmotivated people! They wanted this...

She lifts the belt again to a rowdier level of cheers, before securely draping it over her shoulder, patting it with a fond expression on her face.

Carina MacLellan: ...more than anything, they wanted this. Every one of them was hungry! Every one of them brought me the best match they had in them in those moments, on those nights. And no matter what some of them say, we did it for all of you!

There is a bigger wave of cheering then, even a small nostalgic Cas-Cade-Car-ina! chant, and she points and waves to someone out in the crowd then.

Carina MacLellan: I see you all out there.

There’s some laughter then from her and the fans before she takes on a most serious expression.

Carina MacLellan: Tonight you get to bear witness, one more time. Tonight, I’m facing our Portlandia Champion, Jacob Hammerstein. Winner. Take. All.

A decisive nod, as Carina paces at the ropes.

Carina MacLellan: I’m either leaving here as both your PPW Champion and your Portlandia Champion - a title I’ve never as yet held, by the by… or I leave here without either belt.

She smiles, an odd combination of angelic and predatory as she runs her hand through her short blond locks.

Carina MacLellan: The thing is, even if that’s the case? I’m still going to be a Champion. This title, as much as I’ve proudly defended it time after time after time… isn’t what makes me a Champion.

She shifts her grip on the microphone and taps it against her chest, mouthing to the fans. This Is. With that she tosses the microphone to the ring announcer and turns to hand off her title to the referee.

PPW & Portlandia Championships
Winner Take All Match
Jacob Hammerstein © vs. Carina MacLellan ©

While no one would ever go so far as to call Hammerstein “cautious,” we see a different tactic from Jacob in the opening moments against the PPW Champion, picking and choosing his attacks rather than throwing himself into the fray in the usual American Monster style. Whatever words Kennedy and Hammerstein have thrown about in previous weeks, they know they’ve got an uphill battle in front of them. And so does the PPW Champion. MacLellan is no fool, and she knows that she doesn’t have the strength advantage over Hammerstein, instead letting his momentum do much of the work for her and attacking when he charges.

The “feeling out period” lasts several minutes before the action kicks up a notch. Hammerstein catches Carina with a spinebuster that leaves her open for several wild right hand punches that slowly drive her back toward the corner. Jacob hauls back and looks for the nasty overhand right, but there’s no one home as he goes to deliver, Carina having ducked out of the way at the last moment! She pops up to catch him with a dropkick square between the shoulderblades, crushing him into the turnbuckles and then sending him flying with the assisted German suplex! Jacob rolls to his feet and comes back to meet Carina in the middle of the ring, returning the favor with a massive overhead belly-to-belly!

The middle of the match is intense, with the crowd on the edge of their seats throughout. A handstand frankensteiner from Carina catches Hammerstein off guard, and being caught off guard leaves him frustrated, charging MacLellan with a full head of steam. Carina ducks low and somehow, some way pops her much larger opponent high up into the air with a flapjack maneuver, nailing him with the liver punch on the way down! The crowd gives a huge pop and she goes for the pin getting one… two… thre—No! Hammerstein kicks out at the last second, and Carina stares for just a moment as the official confirms it was only two. The crowd is as shocked as MacLellan and for a moment the Hall is silent.

The cheers and jeers resume quickly, though, as does the pitched battle between the two. With Jacob still slowed after the Golden State Punch, Carina tosses him back and forth across the ring several time with Japanese arm drags, but when she looks for the shotgun dropkick to finish it off, Hammerstein as brought himself up short with the ropes! Carina hits the mat and Jacob hits a cannonball senton that shifts the momentum! MacLellan is on the backfoot, trying to create space for herself but Hammerstein is relentless with Hammerplexes, right hand punches, and finally rapid-fire armtrap head butts before he looks to put an end to it. With Carina swaying on her feet, he lifts her up into the vertical suplex position and finishes off the piledriver to fold forward for the pin! The crowd is silent for the count of one… two… thre—only two! Carina kicks out! Hammerstein and Kennedy are beside themselves!

The match passes the twenty-five minute mark and there’s blood in the water, literally. A huge three-point stance clothesline from Carina late in the match sends Hammerstein into the turnbuckles, his head colliding with the ringpost and busting open. The more the mat stains red, the more it looks like Kennedy is considering throwing in the towel so his client can fight on another day. MacLellan attempts another pin after a diving leg drop bulldog, looking exhausted as Hammerstein gets the shoulder up in time. A desperation cross-face forearm blow from Hammerstein as he gets to his knees rocks MacLellan, leaving her trying to shake out the cobwebs as they both get to their feet. She ducks under another attempt at that nasty overhand right, but gets caught in the back of the head with a back elbow as she does! Hammerstein whips around, struggling to get the hold and once more lift her up into the vertical position. He slips the first time, but then finds his footing and hits the sitout piledriver a second time for one… two… three!!!

WINNER: Jacob Hammerstein
VIA: Hammersteiner

There’s nothing but the peal of the bell lingering in the air once it’s been rung. The crowd is in shock, staring as if they’re waiting for the announcement that the timekeeper rang it too soon. But no. The official, himself looking drawn and weary from the match, gives the decision to Althea. Van Doren’s voice wavers as she tells the PPW crowd that Hammerstein is the winner and therefore STILL the Portland Pro Wrestling Portlandia Champion, as well as the NNNEEEWWW PPW Champion.

Even Reese Kennedy himself stands at the apron, mouth hanging open in shock. It takes several moments before he can shake himself out and quickly climb into the ring. He doesn’t even try to get Hammerstein to stand, instead raising his hand from where he’s sat back on his heels, still bloody and bleeding from the battle. Both championships are handed up from ringside and Kennedy presents them to Jacob one at a time.

The crowd begins to boo, but silences as Carina rolls out of the ring, holding the back of her head, and turns to face Hammerstein. After a moment she raises both hands, and begins to clap. It’s the only sound in the hall for a moment, then it’s joined by a second, and a third. Though not a soul in the Hall cheers for him, the crowd gives a somber round of applause for what Hammerstein just accomplished.

Carina turns after a few more moments, heading up the ramp. Fans clap her on the back as she goes, but back in the ring an almost emotional Hammerstein finally gets to his feet. Breakdown LIX fades on the image of Jacob holding up the PPW Championship in one hand, and the Portlandia Champion in the other while Reese Kennedy stands at his side.

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