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EVENT AIRED: Feb 11, 2020

Ruckus 110



Ruckus Video Package Opener

[The cameras pan across the Melbourne Showgrounds to the amped up crowds before resting on the commentary table.]

BM: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome once again to Ruckus! I am “The Voice of In Your House” Brian Morris, alongside my broadcast partner Tats Richardson, and we here for the go home edition of Ruckus for Mind Your Own Fuckhole!

TR: We already have a bunch of awesome matches scheduled for the event, and we get to lock in a few more tonight!

BM: But just because the Supershow is next week it doesn’t mean that we don’t have one hell of a show in store for you all tonight! Without further ado lets get right to it!

[The camera cuts away.]

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[The cameras go backstage where veteran interviewer Stevie Trelain is standing by with Penelope Kaplan and Wyatt “Jet” Blanchard, the members of Jetpack smiling and by all looks are in good moods. Penny is holding a very expensive looking tablet and she smiles over at Stevie.]

ST: Go ahead, Penny.

[She beams a smile at Stevie and the camera and then turns the tablet’s screen toward the camera, revealing the smiling face of Shawn Fox, he’s grinning from ear to ear before he even starts to speak.]

SF: Hey, Shawn Fox here, your resident pain in the ass, I’m just wanting to take a moment to thank all of you lovely fans, the people I work with, you’re all aces. Thank you for sending in all the cards, flowers, and well wishes for my lovely wife Lark, and our newborn baby girl Paloma Carolanne Fox. It really means a lot to us, and I got a feeling that our little angel is going to have a great life, and it all started here.

[He winks and the feed goes dark as Penny beams a huge smile.]

JB: It’s a good day, at In Your House Wrestling Fed, y’all don’t even know.

ST: Care to elaborate, Jet?

JB: Sure do. Thing is, we’ve faced State of Anarchy many, many times in the past. We had one of the greatest set of matches against them last season, I’m here to tell you that you’re not going to find two better teams in this place than SoA and Jetpack - no matter what the rest of ‘em got to say. See, me and Penny, Sean and Max… see we got what they ain’t.

PK: Heart?

ST: What is that Jet?

[Jet winks.]

JB: We got consistency an’ stayin’ power. We been here, since the restart, we been here and we stayed here. Ain’t goin’ nowhere. We make appearances? We reppin’ here. Lots of other teams come in, want to bag on us. Seen ‘em do it to SoA too. But in the end, we win, the fans win.

PK: Because we’re still here. Tonight, we’re facing our friends once again, and I couldn’t be more excited. We make classics when we face off and it’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

JB: Good Lord Pen-pen.

PK: So let’s go! Let’s go tear it up and have a great time!

[The two storm off away from Stevie who is left blinking, until Penny pokes her head back in a second.]

PK: Thanks Stevie!

[And the cameras cut elsewhere.]

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Singles Match
Maggie D vs Grace Diablo


[Although both of these wrestlers are fairly new, there is a distinct difference in their training to get to an IYH ring that’s clear from the start of the match. Whilst Maggie D is quite flexible and has the grace of a dancer, Grace Diablo is possessed of the sort of brutal crispness with her moves that shows her heritage and drive and it’s that edge that puts her quickly in the driver’s seat early on in the match! Maggie tries to wrest it from Grace with a Leaping Complete Shot, but she miscalculates her distance and Grace is able to roll with the impact instead! She scrambles and stacks Maggie, gaining a two count on a near-fall!

Maggie kicks out of this predicament and both girls pop up to their feet, and finally Maggie gets her break, popping off with a fast and flexible Round T’Corner (Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Takedown)! Grace elbows free of any chance of a pin, popping up to her feet only to fall prey to a quick School Girl Roll-up but she breaks free just before two! The fans are eating this up as Maggie seems more confident now, stalking around Grace who blows out a breath, shakes her head and then explodes into motion!]

BM: Wow what a shot from Grace Diablo! As if that European Uppercut didn’t rock Maggie enough, she’s got her in the clinch now with those vicious knee strikes!

TR: She’s her Dad’s kid through and through! Love seeing the brutality, B-ry!

BM: There’s more to wrestling than brutality, Tats! There’s skill, training, countless hours in the gym, blood, sweat, and...

TR: Really, Brian? Really? You were bringing out that old chestnut? It’s 2020 get with the times!

BM: I really hate you sometimes Tats.

[The pair battle back and forth to the delight of the IYH fans, even Maggie gets some cheers, but unfortunately for her, they distract her at a crucial moment and her control of the match slips away as Grace sweeps her legs and then rolls to her feet, dropping back and then dashing in as Maggie sits up and smashing into her with the Santos Slicer (Sliding knee strike)! Maggie is definitely seeing stars at this point but evades a pin attempt with that freaky flexibility of hers! She battles back with a Sunset Flip that nets her a two count before Grace breaks loose, but her attempt at a Shining Wizard goes badly awry!

Grace evades the Shining Wizard and comes up under Maggie’s guard, yanking her up and flipping her over for a Fall from Grace (Brainbuster)! Maggie is stunned!]

BM: WOW again!

TR: I’m telling you, you can’t ever underestimate anyone in this place that walks around with the Diablo name!

[Grace floats over and pins Maggie down, hooking the legs as the referee slides in for the count, fans chanting along!]





TH: Here is your winner… GRACE DIABLO!!!!

[Don’t Stop The Devil by Dead Posey plays as Grace releases the pin, stepping back as Maggie sits up, the referee raising her hand in victory as the fans cheer the efforts of both of these young wrestlers here tonight.]

BM: Another exciting showing from Grace Diablo!

TR: Man am I the only one that was hoping she was going to kick Maggie in the chest or what.

[Grace requests a microphone from Tommy who happily obliges, she waits for her music to die down as she pants into the microphone, tired from her match.]

GD: GABE! GABE YOU OLD BOOMER FUCK! I did it. I won another match. I’m ready now. I’m ready for YOU. I’m ready to kick your ass back to the 1900s where you belong. I want you to accept a match against me at Mind Your Own Fuckhole. Tweet me your response, oh that’s if you can even find the tweet button you old shit.

[Grace hands the microphone back to Tommy before she exits the ring.]

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[Deep within the confines of the crate fortress in the back corner of the Melbourne Fairgrounds arena, Morganna: Mistress of Impending Doom is deep in the process ... something? She's got a black velvet sheet draped over a table, and all sorts of knick-knacks set up on it. A neon green plastic skull, a Ouija board, a magic 8 Ball and a bowl filled with what appears to be Oregano. The demon Dschura seems baffled, crinkling her face in confusion as she hovers a few inches off the ground.]

D: ... What are you doing? Or trying to do?

[The diminutive devil worshiper pokes her head up from her work, and responds with her usual passion and vigor.]

MMOID: Well, my demonic servant wench--

D: Can we not call me that, I'm trying to do you a solid here and the respect feels a bit like a one way street.

MMOID: -- tis very simple. I am preparing to cast a curse ahead of the Beat the Clock challenge tonight! The harlot known as Tiffany Zyron tries to tempt me with false praise, but I know better! A liar and a temptress she is-- which normally I could respect because that's pretty evil-- but not this time! Especially since her most glaring transgression!

[Her squeaky voice is really betraying the impending doom she's trying to convey right about now.]

MMOID: That's right, she ALSO called me "Morganna" instead of "Morganna: Mistress of Impending Doom!" It's like everyone around here is trying to bring the sword of Damocles down upon them to cleave them in twain!

[Satan's Onion begins to wildly gesticulate in an attempt to prove her point.]

MMOID: So I will cast a curse on her that ensures she does not break my time, and then she will know TRUE suffering just like the rest of the foolish mortals in this Haberdashery of Pain!

[She lets out her best maniacal laugh, interrupted by her demon friend.]

D: ... What if the other chick wins.

[The Mistress of Impending Doom pauses and blinks.]


D: You're only cursing one of them, what if the other human-- tree girl there-- wins? By only cursing Tiffany Zyron that'll probably just make it a lot easier for her, and could help her beat your time which seems like, y'know would play a bit of a spoiler for your whole plan of domination and all that.



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[The camera cuts back to the ring as “Deadweight” by I Prevail plays through the arena speakers. The fans boo as Gordon Fury makes his way through the curtain, not wasting any time as he makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans completely. He goes to a referee at ringside and says something to him, before taking a microphone and getting into the ring. The ref stands up and looks at Tommy in confusion, who just shrugs.]

GF: You know, I understand wanting to aim above your station. I get it. It's a human’s natural reaction to want to strike at those that are better than you to try and take some of their clout, reputation. Power. But then there are those who try to reach through the clouds and strike at god. Jet, last week I said that tackling me was the highlight of your career, because it was, but you couldn’t just leave it there could you? Of course not, because just like Shawn Fox deciding to name his kid after cheese, you have poor decision making skills. You wanna challenge me, you bandaid wearing fucktard? Normally I wouldn’t even give you the time of day, after all if you play with trash you might get a disease, but since your bud Shawn is off playing with his cheese child, I can once again make your career and make an exception. So come on tough guy, you put the challenge out right? I accept. Get your arse out here.

[The ref slowly climbs into the ring as the fans give a mixed reaction, booing at Gordon, but cheering at the prospect of Jet kicking his arse.]

TR: Wow I can’t believe this! Gordon taking the time to give Jet the biggest match of his career! He truly is the leader of the locker room!

BM: He’s an absolute snake, Tats. He knows Jet has an important match later tonight against State of Anarchy with championship stakes! He knows Jet won’t accept!

TR: Yeah, because he’s a puss boy coward. You can’t make a challenge and then not do it when they accept, Bry!

[After a minute or so of everyone waiting, the fans cheer as Jet walks out onto the stage, already dressed for his match later tonight, microphone in hand. He looks calm yet determined as he raises the mic.]

JB: Ya know Gordon, I had planned to just let you simmer out here and embarrass yourself even more… but there’s no way I’m passing up a chance to kick your ass!

[With that Jet drops the mic and charges down the ramp, Gordon readying himself before Jet slides in the ring, the two men immediately trading blows before the ref calls for the bell!

Singles Match
Gordon Fury vs Jet Blanchard


[Both men continue trading shots until Gordon evades Jet who backs away before springing back into another attempt. Once again Gordon blocks Jet’s arm and hooks it with his for a takedown. As Jet rolls back to his feet in the corner, Gordon impatiently goes for a Yakuza kick. But Jet dodges, leaving Gordon to land his foot on the top turnbuckle. Jet takes advantage of it by grabbing Gordon’s leg and dragging him out of there to the centre of the ring. There, Gordon counters with a hurricanrana. Holding the back of his head, Jet pushes himself up just in time to again dodge Gordon. Jet fights back with a kick to the gut before landing a suplex. Gordon rolls away to get some distance, holding his back. They have a quick staredown till Gordon charges at Jet with a loud battle cry. Jet redirects Gordon to the ropes and drops on his belly. Gordon leaps over Jet who quickly gets to his feet, only to get hit in the face with a running calf kick. Gordon immediately aims for a hard foot stomp but Jet rolls out of the way. Gordon tries again and this time, Jet rolls the other way between Gordon’s legs before throwing up a kick to his tailbone. Gordon staggers away, arching his back in agony. Jet waits for Gordon to return to him before going for a grapple. But Gordon kicks Jet’s hands away before striking him hard in the stomach. With the wind knocked out of him, Jet bends over and Gordon takes him down with a spinning back kick to his head and a swinging neckbreaker. The crowd gasps at Gordon’s increased aggression as he goes for the cover. But Jet kicks out at two. Gordon slaps the mat in frustration.]

BM: This isn’t just an impromptu match between Gordon Fury and Jet Blanchard, this is an all out dog fight!

TR: Gordon’s out for blood, you can see it in his eyes! Jet should be learning his lesson right now.

BM: Don’t discount Jet, Tats. You had to know that Jet was preparing for this fight at some point!

[Back on his feet, Gordon yanks Jet to his feet before throwing him hard to the corner. Gordon follows up with a fast flying elbow smash that leaves Jet bent over till he drops on his knees. Despite seeing Jet currently out of it, Gordon isn’t satisfied as he pulls Jet up again in the corner and starts scolding him again about the incident, promising more punishment. Gordon then gets some distance, looking for a second flying elbow smash. But this time Jet counters with a body toss. Gordon lands safely on the outside apron, only to get smashed in the face with a back elbow. Yet it doesn’t happen Gordon from retaliating with his own elbow strike before taking down Jet with a springboard implant DDT. Cries of horror and upset ring out through the arena as Jet’s head spikes the canvas, leaving him limp. Gordon rushes for the pin. But again somehow Jet kicks out in time and Gordon argues with the referee, accusing him of a slow count. Gordon then vents his frustrations on more foot stomps on Jet, earning more passionate jeers from the fans. That seems to be the last straw for Gordon as he yells at them to shut up. Jet now struggles to pull himself towards the corner so in a totally dickish move, Gordon steps on Jet’s back to get to the middle rope. More jeers can be heard as Gordon goes for another stomp on his back. After throwing one last insult, Gordon then leaps for his modified sunset flip powerbomb signature, Aussie Revolution, but Jet holds onto the ropes and Gordon flips on his back on the mat alone. As Gordon struggles to pull him down, Jet frees one leg to stomp down on him. The crowd cheers at the payback. Jet continues to stomp his way to freedom. Gordon rolls to his feet and charges at Jet who ducks and runs to the ropes before coming back with a spinning wheel kick of vengeance, which is also his signature. The fans come more alive with cheers for Jet as he takes his time to regain his bearings. Gordon struggles to his feet, holding his head. Stalking Gordon, Jet positions himself on the ring apron. As Gordon turns around, Jet takes him down with his springboard lariat finisher, Oh Good Lord. Jet quickly pins Gordon, the crowd rallied behind him.]





BM: What the!! Gordon just kicked out of the Oh Good Lord!!

TR: Of course he did, he’s a man possessed!! Jet needs to do an exorcism to win tonight!

BM: Jet needs to stay focused here! He’s got Gordon back into a corner but he needs to finish this!

[Jet, along with his fans, looks in disbelief as the match is set to continue. Holding his head, Jet takes his time to catch his breath before looking to end Gordon with his crucifix armbar with neckscissors finisher, Sweeter Than A Peach. But all Jet gets is Gordon’s arm as the Australian fights back to free it. When Jet still refuses to let go, Gordon punishes him with stiff forearm shots. Finally Jet releases Gordon, only to get thrown through the turnbuckles. Jet’s shoulder lands hard against the steel post and he immediately cries out in pain. Gripping the shoulder area, Jet slowly pulls himself out of there when Gordon stuns him with his reverse rana signature. The crowd cringes at the sight of Jet’s head crushing into the canvas. Jet holds his head as he lies there. The referee checks on Jet before allowing him to continue. But Jet is obviously in bad shape as he can barely lift up his head. Yet it’s enough for Gordon to strike him back down with his Boma Ye knee strike finisher, Destination Fucked. The crowd jeers as Jet goes sprawling on the mat and Gordon drops for the cover.]





TH: Here’s your winner… Gordon Fury!

[“Deadweight” by I Prevail blasts through the speakers, drawing more deafening jeers from the upset fans. Gordon slowly rolls away to sit on the canvas with a scowl on his face. Breathing hard, he gives Jet a dirty look then takes his time to stand before the referee raises his hand in victory but he pulls away, preferring to raise it himself.]

BM: Holy shit, that ending… Gordon got what he wanted and Jet isn’t looking too good. This is terrible because Jet has another match later tonight in the tag team tournament round. He needs to get checked.

TR: Gordon’s a fucking beast tonight. The guy used revenge as his fuel and it showed.

[While the referee attends to Jet, Gordon suddenly pushes him aside and starts stomping the shit out of Jet. The upset crowd roars in protest as Gordon picks up Jet roughly by the neck and tosses him over the ropes. The referee tries to stop Gordon but gets pushed away again. Gordon goes after Jet who’s struggling to get away but Gordon grabs him and throws him hard into the steel steps. Jet lands awkwardly, forcing him to grip his right knee in pain.]

BM: Oh come on!! Enough’s enough! The man’s still got another match to wrestle! You got what you wanted, Gordon. Just go!

TR: Gordon’s practically dismantling Jet!

[But Gordon isn’t done yet as he picks up Jet to drive his hurt knee down on the steel step, making him scream. Jet rolls around on the concrete floor, holding his knee. Gordon picks up the top step and goes to crush Jet’s leg between the top and bottom steps, but Penny sprints down the ramp like a woman possessed to save her partner, Gordon dropping the stairs and jumping the barricade, escaping through the crowd. A small medical crew rush out to help Jet as Penny checks on him, who’s now in even worse shape than before with his hurt neck/head area and knee.]

BM: Finally, thank god!! Get him out of here! I can’t believe this! Can Jet even stand now? Gordon may have just robbed him of his opportunity in the tag team tournament!

TR: Damn… I don’t think we’ve seen this side of Gordon before. And unfortunately Jet paid the price big time.

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[The visuals to start seem to indicate that this may not be something located inside of the Showgrounds. Panning around, it seems to be some sort of cave, maybe a basement area, what is for sure is the presence of walls of dirt and mud and some rock. There isn't much sound to start, but as the person behind the camera seems to move forward, one sound seems to start taking over, getting louder and louder.







Reaching the back of this room or cave, mounted onto the dirt wall by a looped string hanging on a stick, is a clock. Upon further inspection though, while there is no doubt the ticking is coming from it, nothing on the clock was moving. Every hand, from hour to minute to second, was frozen in place aside from the small jiggle of the second hand. There was something about it though that was eerily specific. It was close to 12 o'clock, according to the hands, but not quite. The hand placements showed a time of 11:52:26...]

WP: I see you found my motivator...

[The view jerks to the right, and standing there with her wolf pelt draped over her head is one of IYH's new talents, Winter Pine. She eases forward to the clock, pulling her hand up to it and rubbing it gently along its circumference. Her eyes were glued to it as she spoke on.]

WP: I will forgive this time about messing with my things, but you don't have many warning left. I'll be kind to a simple mind older version of me would have been much more willing to snap your neck at an instance. Restraint is a powerful tool though, a useful all comes around to patience.

[Winter turns her head to have her face in full view, and her other hand latches over the snout of her wolf and pulls it off of her head, now just latched into her raven hair. She gives a very subtle smirk, the right side of her lip curling ever so slightly.]

WP: Trust me, I've had to be very patient to finally understand what was important to me in life, both personally and professionally. I had to be patient to return to a place I cherished, that being the ring of combat. And of course, I've been forced into patience already here in IYH. I do find it a bit of a shame that this figurehead of "fun" and "excitement" and "advertiser friendly" has not allowed me the chance to showcase as much as I had anticipated. I don't much enjoy a month away from this when I fought so long physically and mentally to return to it during a longer time period. But, for me, as this week of preparation finally shined itself through, it became a much more understanding situation for me.

[That gave her the opportunity to turn back towards the clock, her finger still tracing around it, now on about lap number 6.]

WP: I have to appreciate the patience. I have to appreciate it because patience brought me my opportunity to get here, and patience will get me more and more. And even if it may not be something I want, it is more than something I need, that I really have no choice in the matter of. I still am only an unknown to this new realm, and Mr. Darren has to see my worth over time. While I know I provided plenty to evaluate in that lovely dance with the Miyamoto one, I also know I was not at my full abilities. I'm not even quite sure if I am quite yet, and perhaps tonight I get answers, perhaps I surprise myself. But what I am confident about, is even at half or less of my abilities...

[She darts her face back into full view and her eyes shimmer with a piercing gleam.]

WP: At even half my best, I am still one of the most calculating, efficient, and dangerous competitors in that battle arena. I've always been confident in that fact, and I showed that against Miyamoto...I made a statement, and clearly even in the days leading to my battle with her, Mr. Darren had that same idea when he saw me. And because of that...patience rewards me tonight...patience paved a path that said "WE ARE WORTHY!" Mr. Darren chose of IYH's new breeds 6 who had the fire, the Rapid Fire if you may, along with the patience and skill. So I waited...we waited...and now we are moments away from the midnight hour. At midnight, he will stand on the hill, and he will see us...he will remember...he always remembers. That's what she told me...that's what I said.

[Those last few words came with an aggressive twitch in Winter's eye, but she shook off this strange pattern of speech, throwing her head about for a moment, then returned her gaze back to the clock very slowly.]

WP: I see a very worthy feast...but the feast bites back...she looks promising. The souls know her accomplishments very well, after all she fought before them before this current age, she is accomplished, she is a victor. They call her Tiffany Zyron...I like her energy, and yet I also worry. She is at home here compared to us, and she will have the souls behind her. But will she have enough in her if she needs to scrape for those last few seconds? We worry about how far she would go to slay us, yet pressure pushes her to great things. I must admit, she is such a hard one to read, but I admire that.

[Winter grasps right to the clock now with both hands and tugs it off the stick it was hanging on, looking at it as she holds it under her chin.]

WP: I will have that hunger, and she knows that. She will have that hunger, and I know that. She will see me, and she will see us, and she will see the seconds tick away. My goal will be simple...I must be the bomb at the end of this timer...7 minutes and 34 seconds until decimation for Zyron's dreams. I will have the hope that our dreams do not meet that similar fate, but I am confident that will not be the case. I am patient, and I will earn the rights bestowed upon the victor. It will come. It has to for now, let time no longer stand still, because it's time to let the games begin.

[She tosses the clock hard onto the ground, grasping then quickly to the head of her pelt, and tugs it back over her head and walking away hastily off to the left. Looking down at the clock, still ticking loudly despite the hard contact, zooming in shows a small difference. The second hand, once just shaking in position, now moves forward. And with time now moving forward, the scene fades.]

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Singles Match
Marcus Black vs Minka Carter


[Minka Carter is in fine form tonight, showing not an ounce of fear as she faces off against the enormous former Bad Omen Marcus Black! He towers over her at the bell and she gamely comes at him, a hard spinning heel kick rocking the big man but he keeps his cool and fends off her high energy volley of follow up attacks, absorbing the hits, elbows and kicks until he finally gets his mitts on her and yanks her up for a big Spinebuster! This stalls out Minka’s offense quite neatly for the moment as it would anyone on the receiving end but Minka isn’t done by a longshot! She rallies and rolls to avoid a stomp and comes up under his guard to hit a big Shining Wizard!

It has some effect on him of course but as Minka comes in for a Double knee armbreaker he just holds on and doesn’t drop, thrashing his arm until he gets loose and then pulls her up for a huge Fade to Black (Modified lifting reverse STO)! This nets him a two but Minka throws up a shoulder much to the delight of the fans who are really getting into this competition, enjoying a straight up wrestling match here tonight!

Minka is up before Marcus and as close to the ropes as they are, she’s able to get up and strike the big man with a huge Flipping Seated Senton! Now she gets that Double knee armbreaker in, clearly she’s working to try and isolate that arm, working on it, to take some of his power away, looking to avoid that likely Release the Kraken later on in the match!]

BM: A rousing match so far from Marcus and Minka! She’s on point tonight and taking advantage of any opening Marcus leaves her!

TR: Which is a skill, it’s a talent Minka has, but Marcus is sharp, I’m not seeing much more that Minka could have gotten him with, and with a competitor like her? That’s some praise.

BM: Are ...are you feeling alright tonight, Tats?

TR: Look, you consistently underestimate me Brian and if we were wrestlers? That’d get your ass kicked.

BM: ...and perhaps rightfully so. OH! That’s looking bad for Minka Carter though!

[Looking bad indeed as after a Spinning belly-to-back suplex Marcus is only able to net a one as Minka throws the shoulder up again! He keeps his cool and gets to his feet, ripping her up off the mat and hitting her with a huge Running powerbomb into the far turnbuckle! Oh it’s looking bad, Minka slides down the turnbuckles to a seated position on the mat, her arms draping over the second ropes!

But when Marcus moves to yank her out of the corner her boot lashes out and hits him in the inner thigh, knotting up that muscle as Marcus swears, hobbling back to massage some feeling back into it and Minka pops up, sweeps his leg and drops him! He’s up fast however despite the leg and she hits him with a Cobra clutch bulldog!

But they are too near the ropes, she torques and works on him but he gets his hand on them and the referee orders the break - which Minka readily complies with, but it costs her as she waits for him to get on his hands and knees, looking for her Holy Clutch (Cobra Clutch w/ bodyscissors) but as she scrambles to get him into the hold, Marcus comes alive and gets up under her, elbowing her in the face and then standing up with Minka on his shoulders, a wild look of determination on his face!!]

BM: Oh No! Marcus has Minka up for The Blackhammer! This is over!

TR: Holy SHIT not so fast Brian! Look at MINKA GOOOO!

[From that position of precariousness on Marcus’ broad shoulders Minka wiggles free and slides behind him, her arm around his neck as the toe of her boot hits hard in the back of his knee! As he goes down she gets both knees up into his upper back and as they land turns that into a lungblower like no other!

As he arches on the mat Minka gets out from under and pops up, striking him with the Demon Stake (Jumping corkscrew roundhouse kick) and down he goes again, Minka scrambling to cover, hooking the leg and putting her back against his chest, planting her feet and managing to hold on to the bell rung Marcus just barely long enough for three!]





TH: Here is your winner… MINKA CARTER!!!!

[The Resistance by Skillet plays as Minka yells from the effort she’s expended, coming up to her feet and celebrating her victory over the massive Kraken! As he gets up she shows him a healthy amount of respect, nodding even as the referee raises her hand in victory, pointing at him and encouraging the fans to give up some love his way!]

BM: That was one incredible match, I would have seriously bet Minka wouldn’t have been able to take out the Kraken, you more than most know what a man like him is capable of!

TR: Eh. Much like my beloved Stella, Marcus lost a lot of his edge after pulling a Carol Anne.

BM: A what now? He did what now?


user posted image

[We now cut to a shot of former Proving Grounds champion HENNY, appearing via satellite, stood presumably in his backyard. He looks annoyed more than anything, presumably at the loss of his championship last week just a mere defence away from obtaining the Golden Briefcase. He paces for a short few seconds, glancing up at the sky.]

H: Do you think lightning strikes twice, Chris Night?

[He pauses, eyes returning to the camera.]

H: Because I know it doesn’t. You beat me. Well done, congratulations. You overcame insurmountable odds and managed to pin my shoulders to the mat for three seconds. I don’t even think you understand what’s going on here, but I was this close...THIS close to that briefcase and you screwed EVERYTHING up. You idiot. You happy-go-lucky buffoon. I don’t give a fuck about your fucking career resurgance, fuckhead. This is supposed to be my time, and you ruined it.

[Despite the jaw-dropping vista behind ‘Heartache’, the Swede can’t help but clench his teeth in rage as he attempts to compose himself.]

H: You don’t have to give me a rematch, I’m not contractually obligated to receive one...but you’re going to give me a rematch anyway. The people do know what they saw, no matter how happy it made them. They’ll ignore it. They’ll ignore the fact you fluked your away into winning my belt, but you won’t, will you Chris? You know and I know that you didn’t put me down, and you did absolutely nothing to disprove the truth you refuse to acknowledge - I’m better than you. Prove me wrong. Put me down for more than three seconds. I don’t--- ...I don’t care, I just want my rematch. I want my belt. I want that fucking briefcase.

[HENNY pauses again, a fist clenched as the calm ocean water behind him shimmers in the California sun. As clear a juxtaposition as any.]

H: I don’t...need an answer, and I’m not going to wait on you for one either. You accept. I hope those three seconds were worth it. See you soon, Night Night.

[With a horribly dirty look, HENNY disappears out of shot, prompting the satellite feed to end as we cut elsewhere.]

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Tag Team Tournament Round Two
Tag Team Match
Jetpack vs State of Anarchy


[The bell rings and there is a look of respect between the two teams with Penny and Thunder starting while Jet is having issues turning his head from his previous encounter with Gordon. There is a quick handshake between the two teams showing the respect they do have. Penny and Thunder launch into a fast display of lucha inspired wrestling with Penny bouncing off the ropes to do an armdrag, and Max Thunder responds with a tilt-a-whirl headscissors. This fast paced match continues with Thunder tagging out and Hazard coming in. The two showcase a double team with Thunder hitting a neckbreaker and Hazard coming off the top with a corkscrew 450 splash. There is a cover and Jet grits his teeth and breaks up the pinfall on Penny.]

BM: These two teams know each other so damn well considering the best of series they had last season.

TR: I’d bet Jet is regretting his previous match. It might jeopardize his tournament.

BM: Gordon annihilated his knee and even worse his head and neck. He hasn’t really even been able to turn his head.

[Jet hobbles over to his corner still favoring his neck. Hazard looks to set up Penny for something fast looking for a sunset flip bomb but Penny sits down while he flips to turn it into a roll up. It’s a two count, but it’s enough to give her an opening to charge at Hazard and monkey flip him over to the Jetpack corner. A quick tag and the Jetpack duo and it is the tried and true combination of the Shine on(double kick to the stomach) followed by the Doublemint DDT(Double DDT) and Jet wisely lets Penny go to her corner, tags her back in and lets her climb the top rope to get a fresh five seconds and she flies off the top with a beautiful leg drop as Jet exits the ring. Penny makes the cover but Thunder breaks up that pinfall.]

TR: Is Jet really cleared to wrestle?

BM: Barely, I’d say. It’s hard enough facing a world class tag team. It’s even harder when your labored like that.

[Penny ends up delivering her usual spinning elbow drop as Jet is holding his neck and shouting encouragement. There’s another cover and this time Hazard kicks out normally. Penny sees a chance to end it as Hazard is getting up looking for her Penelope’s Code(running corkscrew neckbreaker) but Hazard catches her coming in with a big dropkick. He tags his partner in and waits for Penny to get up before diving with a no hands somersault senton! The fans roar at the athletic ability as Max Thunder is getting to the top rope as Hazard throws Penny in. The moonsault double stomp follows in a breathtaking aerial combination by the duo but Penny shows great heart by kicking out.]

BM: Penny is giving one hell of an effort.

TR: This is a handicap match. If only her partner wasn’t selfish and went after Gordon…

BM: Will you stop!?

[Thunder looks down with great respect knowing Penny kicked out of a great pair of moves. This time he’s looking for his biggest go to move as a singles, the Thundershock. He lifts her up for the suplex portion but Penny is able to sneak in behind Max. Max turns around and sees Penny moving toward a neutral corner and pursues but Penny springs off the middle and cracks him in the jaw with the flying knee and he almost flips from impact. Jet’s wanting the tag and Penny does give him a look to not hurt himself further but she tags Jet in and Jet grits his teeth coming in and catches Max with a huge shining wizard as he’s getting up. He rubs his neck as he makes the cover but Max kicks out.]

BM: I don’t envy Jetpack here. Penny wrestled the entire match to this point knowing Jet’s condition and now she does need that breather.

TR: Egos man!

BM: You’re accusing one of the least selfish wrestlers in the locker room of having an ego problem…

TR: YES! Because this is his own fault! This is a tag team tournament in the second round! There are HUGE stakes!

[Jet is letting the cheering crowd and adrenaline help his knee even if his neck is bothering him greatly as he picks Max up and goes to irish whip him. The irish whip is reversed but Jet scores a leaping clothesline before doubling over favoring his knee slightly on the landing. That wince is enough for Max to tag Sean back in. Hazard runs over looking for his Lightning strike Yakuza kick but Jet catches it (rather than ducking) and then spins Sean around before dropping him with a jaw breaker and Sean keeps spinning on impact for a moment. The jawbreaker doesn’t help Jet’s neck though as he winces yet again holding it but Penny is pulling herself up from the corner encouraging her partner more.]

BM: These two teams know each other almost as well as they know themselves. It’s impressive what they do against one another every single time!

TR: Grrr…

[Hazard is staggering and Jet looks to push it that one last gear wanting to finish things off. He springs off looking for his trademark lariat(Oh good lord) but he’s that step slow and as he springs off, Sean Hazard scores huge with that Lightning Strike(Yakuza Kick) and Jet falls limp favoring his head and neck. Sean nods before tagging in Max and the duo score with Pandemonium (Sean does a Canadian destroyer, followed by Max grabbing opponent as they land to hit a bridging tiger suplex) Penny looks remorseful and Sean stays in to prevent Penny from potentially intervening but more so there’s some concern as Max covers Jet.





TH: Here are your winners and advancing to the pay per view...State of Anarchy!

[“Behind Closed Doors” by Rise Against is what plays as Hazard and Thunder get their hands raised but that’s not their main concern at the moment. Both they and Penny are checking on Jet, who probably shouldn’t have competed in this second match, and Jet is mouthing about being alright enough. The three friends end up helping Jet as he rolls to the apron and rather than do a celebration, they assist their friend going up the ramp to get checked out.]

BM: States of Anarchy were as good as ever...but I do wonder what would’ve been had Jet not dealt with Gordon’s barbaric assaults.

TR: Barbaric!? How can you call it that? Jet started all of that by putting his hands on Gordon and then it’s what cost him this match.

BM: Gordon’s ego is completely wounded and it’s his own fault. Let’s not use him to tarnish the fact that State of Anarchy are working their way to earn one more shot to potentially surpass their good friends in Jetpack and be the first team to win the IYH Tag titles for that record breaking fourth time.

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[Backstage, Tiffany Zyron is seen warming up in her full ring attire. Stevie Trelain catches up to her with a microphone in hand and a friendly smile on her face.]

ST: Hey Tiffany, can I get a quick word before your match later?

[Tiffany nods.]

TZ: Sure, Stevie.

ST: So, tonight is the final Beat the Clock challenge match and it’s you versus Winter Pine. As you know, the match between Gabe Santos and Metta World Hate didn’t qualify as the clock expired so now you or Winter just have to beat Morganna’s timing of 7 minutes and 34 seconds. Last week, you mentioned something about ‘no more waiting’ and ‘instant killshot’. Could you elaborate on that? And is that your strategy?

TZ: After watching Gabe and Metta go at it till the timer runs out, I realise how difficult it actually is to beat your opponent within a time limit. I’ve always prided myself on being able to survive big matches but this Beat the Clock challenge is a whole different ball game. And it’s the perfect way to test our mettle before challenging the Rapid Fire champion. Morganna has set a good timing and that’s made my preparation even harder. So I’ve been watching Winter’s matches and promo videos to educate myself. From what I’ve seen, she seems to like using mind games in order to gain an advantage over her opponents. Well, that’s good news for me. People like her tend to be more methodical in their approach, you know, like a huntress. That’s why I called her that last week. They’ve got a particular system of breaking down their opponents first. While that can be impressive, it may not always work in a match like ours tonight. You’ve gotta be fast and precise. So she’s got her work cut out for her there. As for me, I gotta tweak my approach too. Good thing though, I’ve always been very focused on making impacts right from the opening bell. So for this match, I already know where to hit even before stepping through those ropes. I’m not looking to wear her down, I’m going straight for the killshot.

ST: Interesting. Thanks for your time, Tiffany.

TZ: Thanks, Stevie.

[With a nod, Tiffany makes her exit.]

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[A massive banner that reads Zero/FOUR Dojo: Las Vegas hangs on the wall. It’s the first thing the camera picks up. The camera’s focus then shifts downward towards an occupied ring. A couple of Japanese women are engaged in a bit of chain-wrestling. The camera then cuts to an older woman standing outside the ring. From time to time, she tosses out an instruction in Japanese. But for the most part, she simply observes. A nifty reversal sequence makes her smile. Afterwards, she walks away and takes a seat in a nearby chair.]

NA: My name is Natsuko Aimi. Long time wrestler; long time trainer.

[Her English is crisp and clear as she leans back in her chair.]

NA: I’ve had a hand in forging some of the best Joshi in the world. Merlot Ayano. STRiFE. And while she didn’t begin her wrestling journey under my teachings, Midori Miyamoto often credits me with helping revitalize her career.

[There’s a small pause.]

NA: Truthfully, I always felt as if I didn’t do very much. Midori had amazing fundamentals and instincts when she came to my gym. I taught her some new skills. I taught her new ways to think about her matches and the sport as a whole. Nonetheless, a great deal of Midori’s success has rested in her own hands.

[Natsuko nods her head.]

NA: There are a couple of things that make Midori stand out from my previous students. The first would be her work ethic. And that’s not to say that my other students didn’t work hard. Merlot and STRiFE are two of the hardest working people I know. But Midori? Well, what you’ve got to realize is that Midori wasn’t much of an athlete growing up, nor was she a wrestling fan. She didn’t discover wrestling until she was in university. It was her passion and her willingness to work that got her to where she is now. The second thing would be Midori’s courageous spirit. Wrestlers are hesitant by nature, but Midori isn’t. She’ll try out new things in the ring. She’ll test herself and go to new promotions. And if something is on her mind, she’s not afraid to speak up. Those are rare qualities these days.

[She pauses as the cameraman asks her a question. Natsuko folds her arms over her chest.]

NA: I’ve certainly been keeping an eye on what’s happened to her since she’s joined In Your House. It’s frustrating seeing someone you care about go through such things. But Midori? She’s strong, mentally and physically. She’ll overcome it; she always does.

[There’s a small pause.]

NA: And if I were Mr. Tolly? I’d be very cautious. It’s one thing to have confidence in yourself, but you should never underestimate an opponent. That’s what he’s is doing. That’s how you end up crying to yourself on the plane ride home.

[Afterwards, Natsuko stands up. The cameraman says something else to her.]

NA: Thank you for reaching out. It’s been an honor.

[The camera fades out.]

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Beat The Clock Challenge
Singles Match
Tiffany Zyron vs Winter Pine

BM: Well, before we begin the match it seems we have a guest color commentator.

TR: Yeah, the Rapid Fire Champion has decided to join us! Welcome Seth.

SI: I thought I’d get a better look at who might get that brush with greatness in person. They’ve earned over seven minutes of my time here at commentary. Let’s see if they can beat the clock and surpass Morganna as the woman who earns ten minutes of my time on pay per view.


[Winter and Tiffany shoot one glance at Seth on the announce desk but the champion isn’t moving from his spot as the gold is over the table. The two women then forgo the lock up with both of them launching into one another with fast paced strikes. A spinning backfist by Winter is ducked by Tiffany who then tries to roll her up fast for a two. Winter then grabs hold of Tiffany’s arm looking to lock her into one of her many torturous holds but after being wrestled to the ground, Tiffany rolls out of the way before Winter can lock the hand and then when the Minnesota native gets to her feet, Tiffany had gotten to her feet even faster and drops her foe with a leaping Bionic Elbow forcing her to roll out of the ring to recalibrates. Tiffany does get to the middle rope and contemplates a dive but Winter adds a little distance and the former IYH Champion decides to think better of it.]

BM: Neither woman is going at a slow pace knowing the clock.

SI: That slightest tenth of a second. To the untrained eye, they don't think about it. To someone like me, they’re both still working out ring rust.

TR: You’re telling me they’re going to both be better and faster when it’s all worked out?

SI: Not a doubt in my mind on that one.

[Winter rolls back into the ring and the two again go back into high speed grappling and wrestling with Winter stealthily sneaking an elbow shot to the side of the head of Tiffany before finally wrestling her back down and going with a bow and arrow lock variation. Tiffany fights to her feet and frees her right hand before being able to spin with a russian leg sweep. Winter goes to the corner and gets a double face wash and then the double knees. A quick cover by the IYH champion but a quick kick out. Tiffany pauses a tenth of a second thinking of the time and drags Winter to her feet throwing a couple of knees before suplexing Winter onto the ropes and then delivering that swinging neckbreaker with force! Another cover but another two count.]

TR: Jesus! The aggression.

BM: All this to try to earn one opportunity against the champion!

SI: I wonder who rushes first thinking of that clock…

[Tiffany continues to press her attack further by dragging Winter to her feet. She looks to pop her up for that european uppercut, but Winter ends up using that opportunity to dropkick her right in the mush and send her toward the corner down on a knee. Winter comes in like a bat out of hell and delivers the vicious double knees to the face of Tiffany almost seeing red. The swinging neckbreaker follows when Tiffany staggers out of the corner and when she recoils up, a running meteora follows from Winter! She finally tries a cover but the former champion kicks out at two.]

SI: I’ve seen this a time or two. She’s seeing red.

TR: She’s becoming utterly ruthless! I kind of like this...

BM: Her anger is fueling her.

SI: Yes, sir. It can be her greatest weapon. And we’ll see if Tiffany can figure out the solution to what was presented to her.

[Winter’s eyes are indeed seeing red as she gets to her feet yet again looking to follow things up. She’s going for the arms this time and it looks like she really wants to lock in the brutal Lotus Lock submission hold to inflict some real punishment and pain. Tiffany ends up rolling over top of Winter before she can go for the move, hooks Winter’s arm and now she’s trying for the Muta lock! But Winter jams Tiffany’s fingers backward in this mat exchange. Tiffany shakes her hand as she pulls herself up and she’s met in the face with an Icicle Spike(Rolling Koppu Kick) that seemingly knocks her out! Winter makes the cover but it’s Tiffany who puts her bottom foot on the rope. And now Winter’s patience might be gone as she eyeballs the time ticking down. There isn’t much time left at all. In fact, we are approaching seven minutes.]

BM: Time is ticking…

TR: No kidding!

SI: Looks like we got the answer to my question.

[Winter franticly ties up Tiffany’s legs and is looking to put on the dreaded Wolf’s Den(Hangman’s clutch) by dragging her opponent to her feet. She’s crossing the face before the feet but Tiffany before it’s fully applied ends up ducking and judo throwing her foe off of her. Winter’s to her feet fast and charges at Tiffany at full force in her anger but she’s flung up into the air and clobbered with the Down Under Uppercut(popup uppercut) and Winter’s arms slump down as she drops to her knees though quickly staggering to her feet. Her arms still down. Tiffany follows this up with a swift The Ballard of Ruby 13(Cutter) before hooking the leg.]





TH: Here is your winner at the time of 7 minutes and twenty-seven seconds and advancing to a Rapid Fire Title match... Tiffany Zyron!

[Tiffany gets her hand raised and she does hold that smile of satisfaction knowing she did everything she accomplished in that moment. Meanwhile Winter’s lights were dimmed from two successive blows to the skull as she rolls out of the ring on autopilot, her eyes still seething. Tiffany then goes to the corner and eyeballs both Seth Iser on the commentary booth and the Rapid Fire Title draped over the desk.]

BM: The former IYH Champion has come in and earned herself a Rapid Fire Title opportunity by beating the clock!

TR: But Bri...she’s gotta deal with the person sitting beside us.

SI: She’s earned her ten minutes. Now I need to show her the gap between what she currently is...and where I’m at for the pay per view.

[Tiffany mouths something toward Seth at the desk but the champion is just returning the eye contact and not really engaging in the verbal conversation before we fade from this.]

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[Backstage Kelly Fury is dressed for the main event match and is making her way towards the entrance of the ring until she spots the tag team champions and opponents the IICONIC Babes, Phoebe Sparks and Martina Shimmer, down the hallway from her. Kelly tries to walk on by but of course the babes weren’t going to miss a golden opportunity to try and get into an opponent's head.]

PS: Aww look at her Marti, she’s so cute trying to pretend that she’s got it all together right now. Acting like she isn’t even phased that she has no friends here. Well, besides Penny and that weird crush thing they have.

MS: Who even knows when the last time she conditioned that frizzy hair of hers. Like, how do people go out in public like that?

PS: I’m sure it just devastates her that I have the hot one of State of Anarchy while she’s stuck with stinky old Steve.

[This makes Kelly stop, putting her hands on her hips and shaking her head before turning back to the girls.]

KF: Ladies, don’t do that.

PS: Do what?

[They smile sweetly at Kelly acting innocent.]

KF: The things you do, just don’t. And his name is Sean, not Steve. It was funny at first but it’s just overplayed your championship run!

[Kelly starts to turn away but the babes took offense to what Kelly just said to them.]



PS: HOW VERY DARE! We oughta kick your ass right here.


[Kelly spins back around and gets right up in their face with an almost crazy look in her eyes.]

KF: Go on then. Try it. See what happens.

MS: Whoa turn down the crazy, crazy pants.

PS: Yeah just you keep walking Kelly. We’ll see you in the ring.

[Rolling her eyes Kelly starts to walk away.]

KF: Yeah, that’s what I thought.

[Once Kelly has disappeared down the hallway the Babes look at each other wide eyed.]

PS: Marti, I seriously thought she was going to mess up my makeup. I was concerned.

MS: It’s ok, I wont let crazy pants hurt you.

[They share a hug as the scene fades.]

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Recorded Earlier Following Ruckus 109

[It's an ugly scene back in Metta World Hate's locker room, following her draw with Gabe Santos. This might surprise you all, but she's a bit of a sore loser. Yes, she didn't technically "lose" but by getting eliminated from the challenge, she might as well have. She's kicking benches over, throwing trash cans arounds, you name it. Feathers are damn well near flying as Fauntleroy tries to talk some sense into her.]

FF: CAW! CAW! (Damn gurl! Calm yo fine ass down whitey! You acting crazy! Be calm like the zombie toned bitch you is!)

[This doesn't seem to be helping, but when she's finally run out of nearby objects to kick over or throw, she eventually settles into some deep breaths and sharp exhales, Fauntleroy perching on her shoulder as she turns to face the camera. She doesn't say anything for several moments, before finally breaking her-- well verbal at least-- silence.]

MWH: This ain't over.

[She runs a hand throw her hair, and starts pacing.]

MWH: Maybe Metta World Hate slept on his hands, maybe he was a tougher motherfucker than we thought. Don't really know right now, head's kinda spinning. palms sweaty moms spaghetti, all we know is Metta World Hate's PISSED.

FF: CAAAW! (Come on bitch this is a all-ages show, 8 Mile came out before some these kids watching was born! Update them references!)

MWH: That, and that we doing this again because Metta World Hate ain't stopping till he gets this work.

user posted image

Tag Team Match (non title) [SIZE]
[SIZE=5]Katie Hanley © & Kelly Fury vs IICONIC Babes ©


[As usual, the IICONIC Babes would not shut up about how Katie and Kelly won’t be able to work together no matter how hard they try because they’re the superior team of this match and the IYH Tag Team Champions. This infuriates Katie and Phoebe continues to push her buttons. As Katie verbally retaliates to Phoebe, Martina blindsides her, knocking her down on the mat. Immediately jeers can be heard. Phoebe laughs and resumes to mock Katie while Martina stays on the attack with forearm shots to the head, drawing whistles undoubtedly from the male fans. Katie struggles as Martina grabs her to smash her face into the nearest turnbuckle. But Katie blocks with her foot which she then uses to kick Martina in the face. Martina staggers backwards and Katie drags her back face first into the turnbuckle. Now it’s Martina’s turn to struggle as Katie takes her down with a German suplex. Martina holds the back of her head in pain from the impact. Katie pulls her up, only to whip her to the opposite corner. Then Katie charges at Martina for a high knee but Phoebe is quick to pull Martina out of the way. The crowd starts to jeer as Katie crashes hard into the turnbuckles while the referee warns Phoebe who backs away, hands up in surrender. Kelly calls for a tag but Katie just looks at her and says nothing before turning her focus away, gripping her chest.]

TR: Wow! Did Katie just ignore Kelly??

BM: I don’t know but she’s in pain. Or maybe she’s okay and still wants to punish the Babes for what they just did to her.

[That’s when Martina capitalises with a half nelson choke. As Katie struggles, Phoebe claps for her bestie and shouts her a compliment while Martina shouts back with thanks. But Katie is able to escape the hold and with a couple more elbow shots to the ribs, Martina releases her. Katie then throws her over with a northern lights suplex. But Martina kicks out at two and quickly rolls away to tag in Phoebe. Katie looks to tag in Kelly but Phoebe pulls her away by the arm and tosses her to Martina who strikes her down with a spinning heel kick. The crowd jeers as the IICONIC Babes keeps control of the match with their running and handstand double knee drops on Katie. As Martina exits to the outside corner, Phoebe hooks the IYH champ’s leg for the pin but Katie kicks out at two.]

BM: Nice double team there by the tag team champions, the IICONIC Babes. They’re quickly gaining control of this match.

TR: That was a work of art, Bry, and you know it. Katie may be the IYH champ but you can’t single-handedly beat a well-working duo like Phoebe and Martina in a tag team match. This is their realm here.

[Phoebe drags Katie to the Babes corner and punishes her with a foot choke while shouting at Katie that she’s finished before turning around to Kelly and yelling that she can’t do anything about it. The crowd jeers though Martina of course claps, nodding her head, while Kelly gives her a look, shaking her head. Kelly calls for a tag but Phoebe tags in Martina and carries Katie for a delayed vertical suplex, showing off her impressive yet often underestimated strength. While Phoebe circles the ring, Martina makes mocking faces at Kelly and laughs. When Phoebe finally takes down Katie, Martina follows it up with her split-legged leg drop for their double team combo, landing it with a cover. This time, Kelly rushes in to make the save and Phoebe makes a big showing of loud protests at that, shooing her back to her corner. As Kelly reluctantly retreats, Martina tags in Phoebe who climbs up to the top rope. Katie struggles to her feet, staggering around, when Phoebe flies off the top for a crossbody. But Katie dives out of the way and Martina screams. Phoebe crushes on the mat and Katie knocks down Martina off the apron with a stiff forearm shot, earning delighted cheers from the crowd. As Phoebe returns to vertical base, she charges at Katie who counters with a well-timed armdrag. After another armdrag, Katie connects fast with a fujiwara armbar on the landing. Phoebe struggles in the hold under Katie’s body weight until Katie picks her up to toss her in the corner. Katie charges at Phoebe who dives out of the way. As Katie turns around, Phoebe crushes her face with a big boot. Katie staggers out of the corner and Phoebe looks for her roaring fist signature, Sparkle Punch. But Katie ducks and counters with her switchblade kick signature, Off with Her Head.]

BM: Katie with Off with Her Head!! What a great counter!

TR: Poor Phoebe! That’s gotta slow her down some!

BM: But that’s Katie’s opening right here, and now comes Kelly Fury!!

TR: About time! Is Katie trying so hard to prove that she can handle the match herself?

BM: Hey, you can’t exactly blame her. It’s not like she had that many chances with the way Phoebe and Martina have been working so far with their quick tags.

[An exhausted Katie drags Phoebe to finally tag in Kelly who comes in with a beautiful 450 splash, drawing excited cheers around the arena. Kelly floats for the cover but Martina has returned to save her partner. Martina starts attacking Kelly and Katie takes Martina away with a sleeper hold, Martina waving her hands frantically about. The crowd is going crazy as Katie tosses Martina out of the ring and Kelly picks up Phoebe, looking for a backslide driver. But Phoebe fights back and counters with a DDT that stops Kelly dead in her tracks. Taking her time, Phoebe struggles to her feet and looks for Martina but Kelly grabs Phoebe’s legs from the ground. Phoebe tries to free herself but only one leg escapes while Kelly hangs onto the other one tighter. Phoebe stomps on Kelly while screaming for her to let go. Kelly gets to her feet and Phoebe jumps up for an enzuigiri but Kelly dodges it. As Phoebe pulls herself up, Kelly whips her to the ropes. On the rebound, Martina taps Phoebe’s back for the tag which only the referee sees and Kelly strikes Phoebe down with a spinning heel kick. Kelly pulls Phoebe closer to the corner and climbs the ropes, but that’s when Martina knocks her down from there. The crowd cringes at the nasty fall. Katie comes rushing in but Martina redirects her out of the ring and the fans are livid. Martina helps Phoebe to her feet and together, they finish Kelly with their running facebuster on the knee finisher, Kneed to Know Basis. Martina goes for the pin.]





TH: Here are your winners… The IICONIC Babes!

[“Hot as Ice” by Britney Spears starts to play on the sound system, drawing jeers from the upset crowd. The referee returns the Babes their tag team championships before raising their hands in victory. The two best friends hug each other in celebration before exiting the ring with proud smiles. Meanwhile, the referee checks on Kelly who’s slowly sitting up and Katie looking disappointed on the outside floor.]

BM: That was a great main event minus the shenanigans by the IICONIC Babes..

TR: Oh you gotta admit, that was a smart play by the tag champs. Katie and Kelly are great individually but once you add in the tag team element, you can’t beat an actual team. Kelly may have experience in that area but she and Katie don’t have the chemistry with each other like Phoebe and Martina do.

BM: Even so, you can’t downplay the magnitude of this win. If they can carry this through to Mind Your Own Fuckhole-

TR: -Beephole.

[Brian ignores him and continues.]

BM: Then they are well on their way to retaining those championships. Well that is all the time we have for tonight ladies and gentlemen, make sure to join us next week as everything comes to a head as we present Mind Your Own Fuckhole!

TR: Beephole.

[With that the camera cuts to the IYHWF logo before fading to black.

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