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MVW Wrestling

EVENT AIRED: Feb 12, 2020

Lock and Loaded 2/12


Missouri Valley Wrestling Lock and Loaded
Wednesday February 12th, 2020
Matches Taped February 9th, 2020
MVW Television Studio
St. Louis, Missouri

Announcers: Thunderbolt Smith and ‘Long Haul’ Rick Hall
Backstage Interviewer: Kellie Burkowski
Ring Announcer: Kimber Marshall

(REPLAY: Monday Night’s Wrestling Night in the Heartland)

The SEC procession is about halfway to the ring.

After ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews passes by a row of seats – Bill Dickinson stands up – hops the barricade – and blasts him in the back with a lead pipe…

McMann turns and his face contorts when he sees Matthews falling to the floor with Bill Dickinson and the lead pipe standing over him.

Williams, Miller, and Butler jumps the SEC and there’s a big fight in the aisle.

McMann stands over the fallen Matthews as the SEC’s special medical crew sprints to the ring with a stretcher.


Matthews is loaded up into the stretcher and whisked away with Mr. McMann and Phil Finebaum following passing the MVW Security crew who are back up for a second time tonight to break up a fight between the SEC and the Southern Boys.


SEGMENT TWO- Thunderbolt and Hall Run Down the Attack Monday Night (Run Time: 3:15)
-Thunderbolt and Hall welcome the 300 people to the MVW TV studio for another edition of MVW’s sixty minute syndicated show- newly named MVW Lock and Loaded.

-They recap the end of Wrestling Night in the Heartland and ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson taking out the MVW Men’s Champion ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews with a lead pipe.

-Thunderbolt states that Matthews and the SEC had to know that the Southern Boys – and especially Bill Dickinson – would respond to Matthews’s attack with equal force.

-Hall concurs.

(REPLAY: MVW CEO Ray McAvay’s Response-Wrestling Night in the Heartland)

McAvay pauses as the din on the floor quiets down.

Ray McAvay: This is not how I want our title matches to go so this is what we’re going to do. In two weeks in Terre Haute, Indiana, we’re going to do this again. Men’s tag team title- the SEC will take on the Southern Boys. Men’s title- ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews will face ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson. The stipulation for the night will be no one will be allowed at ringside.   Anyone from any faction – the SEC or Southern Boys – who does will automatically disqualify their wrestler. Oh, one more thing – the title WILL change hands in the event of a DQ.


-Thunderbolt notes that McAvay is putting his foot down again. Hall agrees.

MATCH #1-Sports Entertainment Corporation: Victoria McGill and Poison Penny defeated Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald @ 2:30 (Total Run Time: 4:00)
Penny and McGill dominated the overmatched team of Laney Harrison and McLean Oswald to get the win. Poison Penny got the pinfall on Oswald after taking her down with the Poison Kiss.

SEGMENT THREE- The Champ Responds (Run Time: 2:00)
(VIDEO: ‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews after the attack)

Matthews pauses for a moment almost toppling over with Reese starting to hold him up.  Matthews recovers and rebounds, kneeling on the ground, riling in pain. Matthews’ tone changes to the innocent victim.

Darin Matthews:  Yet these companies still don’t treat me with any respect.  Look at what Ray did!!!!  Last Saturday, I became the victim.  I innocently stepped between those ropes to give the crowd what they demanded I give them.  I wanted to defend my MVW Men’s Heavyweight Championship in a quick, dominant match defeating “Redneck” Bill Dickinson in 2 minutes flat…singlehandedly beating my own record that I set to win this title to proudly represent the Missouri Valley as it’s Messiah.  To bring MVW back to its glory days.  I did nothing wrong to “Redneck” Bill Dickinson.  I simply made an impact to establish my dominance here in MVW.   Yet that stupid redneck throws away his championship match for no apparent reason.  Where I come from…when Dickinson does that…. he moves to the back of the line and doesn’t get gifted any more opportunities.

Mathews coughs a few times before Reese helps him stand to his own two feet.


MATCH #2-‘Charlie Wrestling’ Charlie Blackwell defeated ‘The Big Hungry’ Couch Potato @ 2:23 (Run Time: 4:00)
Couch Potato came out wearing a t-shirt that said ‘THE SPAM’ and snapped up as many of the Twinkies that he could gather up before the match. Blackwell wasted little time with CP. He submitted the big man with the Katahajime to win the match.




February 14th – Carson Center / Paducah, KY
#1 Contender’s Match/Women’s Heartland Title: Kirsten Canfield vs. Geena- The Warrior Princess
-#1 Contender’s Match/Heartland Title: ‘Cowboy’ Dan Butler (Southern Boys) vs. ‘The Most Uninteresting Man in the World’ Tom Smith
February 15th – Peoria Civic Center / Peoria, IL
February 16th – BMO Harris Bank Center / Rockford, IL

Women’s Heartland Title Match: Victoria McGill © vs. TBD
-Men’s Heartland Title Match: Ultratron-5.1 © vs. TBD

February 22nd – Hulman Center / Terre Haute, IN
-Men’s Tag Team Title Match-The Sports Entertainment Corporation: P.M.C. Banks and Kirk Walstreit © vs. The Southern Boys: ‘Dastardly’ Dave Miller and ‘Dangerous’ Dan Williams
-Men’s Title Match-‘Big Money’ Darin Matthews © vs. ‘Redneck’ Bill Dickinson

February 28th – Sanford Pentagon / Sioux Falls, SD
February 29th – Pershing Center / Lincoln, NE
March 1st – North Platte High School Gym / North Platte, NE
March 7th – Qwest Center Omaha / Omaha, NE
March 14th – Hale Arena / Mason City, IA
March 15th – Tyson Events Center / Sioux City, IA
March 16th – REC Coliseum / Fort Dodge, IA


SEGMENT FOUR-Kellie Burkowski Talks with ‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin (Run Time: 2:15)
-Dawn McGill is with her. Tess talks about the struggles she’s having trying to get back to a level where she can challenge once again for the women’s title. She tells Kellie she knows it’s going to be hard. Carrigan is tough. Barbosa-Stevens is tough. Christa Carmondy is tough. Shizuko Yamazaki is tough. The women’s division is stacked.

-Kellie asks Tess if she’s willing to drop to the Heartland division. Tess tells her the immediate answer is no but realistically she know they may be the best chance for her to get gold again. Dawn McGill adds moving down is a last resort. She’s working hard with Tess to get her back to where she was before- it’s going to take some time though.

-Kellie asks Tess if she has any regrets? Tess says no. She’s just going to keep plowing forward and hope that she can get back.

MATCH #3-‘Extreme Pizza Delivery Girl’ Tessa Martin defeated Natasha Littell @ 4:33 (Run Time: 5:45)
Tessa takes a while to get going but overcomes a slow start to hit the Pizza Cutter to take out Littell for the win.

SEGMENT FIVE-Kellie Burkowski Review’s Last Weekend’s House Show (Run Time: 2:00)
-Kellie checks out some of the other matches from this past weekend’s show.

From Enid, OK- Dark Overlords of Wrestling: ‘Not Just Unbearable…Not Just Intolerable…He is…’ Justin Sufferable and ‘The Raconteur of Road Rage’ Triple R defeated Rough Justice: D.B. Ruff and Connor Justice @ 15:14
–#3 vs. #4-Men’s Tag Team Division match. Sufferable and Triple R continue to work themselves back into ring shape. They pick up a big win over Rough Justice to hold on to the #3 spot. Triple R pinned Ruff after hitting the Road Rage Rampage

From Enid, OK- Sports Entertainment Corporation: Victoria McGill and Poison Penny defeated People’s Front of Berea (KY): Kellyanne Morris and Bailey Foster @ 5:01
–#3 vs. #4-Women’s Tag Team Division match. The PFB came out on fire in the first couple minutes of the match. But Poison Penny hit her Poison Kiss on Foster at the three minute mark and Bailey was barely able to tag out. From there, Tori McGill’s power provided the difference and she pinned Morris with the gutwrench facebuster to secure the win and keep the SEC at #3.

From Enid, OK- Average Joe (Truckin’ Average Company) defeated Jack Fraiser @ 8:31
–#3 vs. #4-Men’s Division match. This one started off fast and maintained the pace throughout. Fraiser took the early initiative but Average Joe rallied and then both men had their chances to put the other away. In the end, Average Joe got the Average Slam on Fraiser to get the pinfall.

From Enid, OK- Christa Carmondy (The SEC) defeated Shizuko Yamazaki @ 16:02
–#2 vs. #3-Women’s Division match. After finally getting past Lani Harlot, Christa Carmondy wastes little time getting herself in position for a number one contender’s match. Christa came out hot and had the youngster on the ropes early on. Yamazaki fought back and more than held her own for much of the middle part of the match. Carmondy closed her out late and finished Yamazaki with the Mean Girl Crush.

MATCH #4-/NON-TITLE-Men’s Heartland Champion ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ Ultratron-5.1 (The SEC) defeated Adam Ellis ‘The Exciter @ 3:27 (Run Time: 5:00)
-It took a while for ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ to get going in the match. Ellis tried but in the end fell to The Disintegrator to give the win to Ultratron-5.1.




Refueled 16
Saturday February 15th, 2020
Allstate Arena
Chicago, IL

The Lee Best Invitational continues with eight matches in all four groups:

Alex Redding vs. Steve Solex-Group A

Buck Yates vs. Brian Hollywood-Group A

Chris Kostoff vs. Teddy Palmer-Group B

Deacon vs. Black Mamba-Group B

LSD Championship Match
Max Kael vs. Joe Bergman-Group C

Austin Reeves vs. Warrick Hill-Group C

MJ Flair vs. Mike Best-Group D

ICON Championship Match
Dan Ryan vs. High Flyer-Group D


Frozen Over VIII
Tuesday February 11th, 2020
Colis’e Pepsi
Quebec City, Quebec

Most Known Unknowns(Nina & Omar Martinez) vs. Dauntless(Bryan & Ryan Reed) vs. PJ Blake and Autumn Raven

Jason Ryan vs. Konrad Rabb

Sean Fuller vs. Zolton

Johnny Graves © vs. Jeff Jackson

Silas Artoria © vs. Freddie Styles vs. Kyuseishu



SEGMENT SIX-Ultratron-5.1 Returns Backstage (Run Time: 2:00)
-The camera follows the Men’s Heartland Champion on the long walk back to his dressing room. Kellie Burkowski attempts to interview him but he breezes right by her. Once at his destination, Todd, his assistant, opens the door and Ultratron-5.1 dives into the pile of money on the floor. Ultratron-5.1 does ‘snow angels’ in the green cash on the ground.

Ultratron-5.1: More. We need more cash!

-Close up on Todd: he kind of misses the old ‘The New Age Cybertronic Criminally Insane Rogue Sentient Robot Wrestling Machine’ who’s goal was to take over Missouri Valley Wrestling.

Todd sighs.

Thunderbolt then introduces the main event- taped last Saturday night in Enid, Oklahoma.

MAIN EVENT-WOMEN’S TAG TEAM TITLE-The Missouri Valley Fight Club: Harley Davisson and Carrieanne McDermott © defeated Backman Taylor Powerdrive: Charlene Backman and Brianna Taylor @ 10:23 (Run Time: 13:00)
Backman and Taylor came in with a plan to battle the MVFC every inch of the way. And that’s what they do.

-Early on, it’s Davisson and Backman brawling their asses off. Then both women tired out and tagged in McDermott and Taylor. Taylor stunned everyone in the building by breaking out some actual wrestling scientific moves and matched McDermott move for move.

-Then the tag champs began to wear down BTP. McDermott cycled through her ground moves that left Taylor literally tied up in knots. Davisson then went ground and pound as Taylor desperately tried to make the hot tag to Backman. Finally, Taylor escaped and for a while Backman rallied against both women, hitting some big moves and nearly getting a pinfall.

-But in the end, Davisson and McDermott took turns grinding down Backman. Taylor tagged back in and again tried to get BTP back in the match to no avail. That being said, BTP probably wrestled their best match in MVW yet and still Davisson and McDermott shrugged them off and picked up the win. McDermott submitted Backman with the Indian Death Lock – the Missouri Valley Fight Club retain the title.


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